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Explore a massive world

Toril is set in the legendary Forgotten Realms D&D campaign setting and features over 325 unique zones to explore. Journey from the elven isle of Evermeet to the bustling metropolis of Baldur's Gate and up the Sword Coast to Waterdeep and Silverymoon.

Conquer the vilest foes

Group up with other players to take down the most nefarious fiends in the Forgotten Realms. Raid the frost giant kingdom of Jotunheim, take down a Dracolich in Myth Drannor, and confront the Cult of the Dragon in their subterranean lair. For an epic challenge, group with up to 30 other players to launch an assault on Tiamat, the five-headed queen of dragons, in her lair located ont he first layer of Hell.

Experience exotic player races

There are fifteen player races to choose from on Toril, from common humans to hulking Trolls. Play as a wild barbarian of the north, a surly dwarf from Mithril Hall or a reclusive Moon Elf. For a more evil experience, try the cunning drow elves of Menzoberranzen or the fearsome mind flayers of the Underdark.

Play a diverse set of classes

Toril features seventeen player classes drawing from classic D&D archetypes. Blast your enemies as a powerful Invoker, or deceive them as a cunning Illusionist. Assassinate your foes as a Rogue, or come at them directly as a sturdy Warrior. Fight for good as a holy Paladin, or champion the forces of evil as a vile Blackguard.

25 years (and counting)

Toril started in 1993 as the original Sojourn MUD and has experienced continual development ever since. A rich, immersive gameplay experience awaits you.

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