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Postby Abbayarra » Sun Nov 10, 2002 5:04 am

Hello all,
It was way back in the day, I was in college, met a friend at the school store I worked at. I played several other muds, about 5 or 6. He introduced me to Sojourn, although it was know as torilmud back then. I played on it off and on. I was major hooked on another mud, I was at 49(out of 50) when they did a pwipe. Then Torilmud went down.

I then quit mudding when money became tight and I needed to finish my college classes. I got involved in real life and before I know it like 4 or 5 years had passed. I finally had money(no more school loan), a home, bought myself a computer. Then I started to look to see about muds. I found another mud, played for a few weeks, looked up Sojourn. I found it back up. I called all my friends here in San Diego who used to play Sojourn and had introduced me to this place. That was about 1 year ago. Now I'm back and I might finally make 50!
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Postby Grungar » Sun Nov 10, 2002 5:12 am

Blame Pril and Moritheil for inflicting my presence upon you all. Muahahahahahaaa!

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Postby Iktar » Sun Nov 10, 2002 5:24 am

well, started on early toril with my friend as Iksar/Fobble...then toril died =(

and second semester of college started :P
saw my gpa!! dropped gaming period and went on with college life...

after graduationg and started working.
friend who i got hooked on toril told me toril is alive and kicking as soj3...

gave me ip...and here i am back agian... :P
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Postby Elseenas » Sun Nov 10, 2002 5:45 am

I stumbled across it :-)

Quite literally.

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Postby Grungar » Sun Nov 10, 2002 6:54 am

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR><font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Elseenas:
<B>I stumbled across it :-)

Quite literally.</B></font><HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

You tripped over the box?

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Postby Guest » Sun Nov 10, 2002 1:15 pm

You guys totally peaked my interest with this!. Image I have this odd need to go through the history too, mostly because I have been meaning to do it and have never had the time. Well I'm up way early, totally chilled, and someone else started the thread! Mine will be long as hell, so mug-up on your coffee!

It has been so long from the very beginning, but I still remember the first day I saw mudding like it was last week. From the very beginning then:

Joe Meyer and I (my first best friend) first got our copy of Zork in the mid 1980s. (84 or 85 I believe) I recall loving it because Zelda had sucked so badly, but the very idea of playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons on a computer was fascinating to us. The text world is like candy to an active imagination, and we were instantly hooked. We spent an entire summer playing it. Once the game thoroughly kicked our asses (we never got all the way to the end), we moved on to other things - but the mystery and elegance of the text-based AD&D game never left my mind.

In the years that followed through the mid-80s, I met Tim Devlin (a.k.a Cython) - one of the four original Sojourn 1 Forgers, and later the owner of Duris 1, but who has now left the mudding world for MMORPGs). Back then though we didn't know about muds at all, and we played massive AD&D games with different people in the local area. We also ran BBSs, both ran Nodes of the Lansing Area Commodor Club and really got into computers and 300-baud networking. I coded my own BBS (the very first coding I did), and ran that for about 3 years on a Commodore 64. Image

Then it was in the fall of 1988, my friend Joe had just moved to Ann Arbor to goto UofM. On one of my first trips down there. By then Tim and I had gone our separate ways and had not talked in months, but Joe still did. Joe had found UMCC - The University of Michigan Computer Club DikuMUD. It was a basic Diku with Midgaard, Arachnos, and the Sewers. Joe showed it to Tim, and when I arrived he showed Tim and he playing on it. I was insntantly (and it seems permanently) hooked.

We played UMCC for awhile, but soon found Sequent - one of the original Big muds, located on the west coast and run by Duke. Sequent had 200+ players in it's day, all university kids. We also found Epic, which was the first PKill mud we played, and we played the shit out of both Epic and Sequent until Sequent went down and Epic had fallen to shit politically - much worse than Torils ending.

Then we found Copper II, a Pkill mud in Denver run by Dbra, and never looked back. We played that for 2.5 years, my prime days as a player. Tim (Cython) and I had become roomates at this time and we played Copper day and night, we raised many 50th levels chars and hunted player killers endlessly. I can still remember many of them. It was players like Grape, Russ, Grimtooth, and Wallflower that taught Cython and I REALLY how to mud. I had just about the best mudding (playing) experiences of my life there, met many friends there, and eventually rose into godhood. By the time Copper II shutdown permanently due to loss of site in 1992, I had risen to be Dbra's right-hand man as leader of the Council of Seven gods. As such, I was the one given the code and areas for Copper 2.

Around then Tim had a friend at Michigan State University who we called Gumby. He was an IT guy who also had 'briefly' been into mudding, but with one key exception: He had a Linux Unix machine in his collection of IT shit that he wanted to get rid of, so I baught it from him and put it in my own Organic Chemistry lab at MSU (where I went), and began learning Linux - this was in 1991.

By this time I had become a Linux GURU, spending 2 years learning it enough to compile kernels and write some basic C. When Dbra shut down our lifeblood (same impact as when Sojourn was shut down on You guys), we were devistated - homeless - as I'm sure you all know. We felt the loss keenly, and were determined not to loose the world we had spent so much of our lives in.

We lived on Black-Knights awhile as an interim where we came together and decided what we wanted to do. I met Mystra (my wife) on Black Knights - she was the admin god there. My first experience with her was that she deleted me for cheating. Image (Hows that for irony?) Of course I deserved it: I had gotten angry at the gods, charmed the baby dragons in Dragonnia, brought them up to Midgaard, and attacked them without weapons so they would shout for bigger cousins. By the time my friends and I were done, there were 8 elder dragons in town and about a hundred newbie corpses. Needless to say she transed me, asked me Why? When I responded that Zigg (the owner of Black Knights) had pissed me off for the last time, she deleted me. Image

I now had the source code, a Linux machine, and a site (MSU's chem lab: The four of us, Grimtooth, Proteus, Cython, and I (as Lloth) with Mystra as my (then) girlfriend and the first Admin Coordinator. We later added Gond (a new hire coder from Epic) when Proteus flaked-out during pre-alpha. We officially started in 1994 with a Sequent base (which had the superior code) and Copper-2 areas (which had the better world). Later when Gond joined, he brought with him Epic source - which gave us our memorization-based spell system (as opposed to the old mana-based way). Those were the three initial ingredients, and from there the source molded and changed into Sojourn 1.

And there, the Journey began..


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Postby Zellin » Sun Nov 10, 2002 6:41 pm

Sszantiel got me into it. We used to play Perilous Realms together, and then when he heard about Sojourn, we moved over here and I haven't touched another mud since.

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Postby Mplor » Sun Nov 10, 2002 7:38 pm

I had some experience logging into BBSs at 300 baud from my Apple IIe around 1988-89 in Houston, and I remember wishing for more online time so I could play the text-based adventure games I found.

Zoom to 1995. I was in the dorms at BYU and my brand new Pentium had a direct connection to the campus Vax. I'd just broken up with a gf, and had lots of free time. My best friend's roommate (later known as Slif) started talking about this MUD he'd found doing a search for AD&D on a search engine. His addiction spread in that apartment to another roommate (later aka Lnarb). I would literally sit and watch Lnarb mud for great stretches of time.

My friend made a merecenary, whom he soon abandoned. In the meantime I learned how to telnet from the Vax into the MUD (I had no functional backspace for the first 6 months I mudded!), and I took over that mercenary.

I rolled a storage char for that merc who turned out to be a monk named Mplor - the name was inspired by all the consonants in 'Lnarb', and who cares what you name your storage char anyway, right? I later made friends with Kloin, and saw how powerful Odem and Cerze were, and decided to try out monk-hood on my storage char. I fell in love and haven't looked back.

I count finding Sojourn among one of the luckier breaks in my life. Whether I'm actively playing or not, this place has always been a touchstone in my life.


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Postby Tempus » Sun Nov 10, 2002 9:00 pm

Can't for the life of me remember the name of the crappy mud I was playing when someone mentioned a new mud called Sojourn. I checked it out, and at the time, it had a very collegial atmosphere that was more like a testmud. The gods were extremely active, and quite benevolent, the way it always is in the beginning. Most of the names I have forgotten, but I do recall that getting invited along on a Wug adventure always led to a memorable experience. Ditto for Gond's paladin who's name escapes me (started with an A I think...). From Pez to Pizza, and even the original Tempus (Shadowy I think), everyone was fun. I stuck with Sojourn because it really seemed to have a group of owners that cared deeply about the development of the game, and the site seemed really stable. The pinnacle of my playing career was probably when I founded Mystra's guild, Seventh Star. I led the guild until I disappeared from the game and Dracor took over. He was a far better guild leader than I ever was! At some point, Malar (different than current one) asked for some zone ideas and after responding with some half-baked idea about a castle high on a snow covered cliff, he convinced me to write it. It eventually became Icecrag Castle. Before I started, Miax asked me to write a small 10 room zone for practice, and I wrote the little area with the Tanner that at one time sat below Waterdeep. At around the same time, Talos was writing Jotunheim. We were constantly exchanging ideas and methods for building. There were a lot of new tools that were just becoming available to builders back then, and we started to explore the possibilities. From these experimentations came the concept of the rare load mob, in-zone random distribution systems for mobiles, and the notion that every mobile in a non-agg zone should have some interactive qualities. He eventually finished Jot and was halfway through the world file of Greycloak before I finished IC. Good times indeed.

I've left the mud for extended periods on several occasions, and every time I want to come back I've always been welcomed without question, even when I left on bad terms (only once!). My wishes concerning unfinished zones that I left on the testmud have always been respected. I suspect that if a 95% complete IC2 were left on the testmud of any other game on the net for years on end, it would have been finished by someone else and loaded up.

In short, there's no other mud on the planet that I would consider writing for. Or playing for that matter, should I ever do that again.

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Postby Jenera » Sun Nov 10, 2002 9:44 pm

Heh, I still remember clearly all those times I would go over Jaeron's house (we lived in the same apartment building for years) and watching him stare at a computer screen with text flying by. I remember his machine then (oy it was bad) but so kick ass 10 years ago. He got my 9 year old little brother into mudding and the two of them would sit in Jaeron's room just staring and typing on his little green screen machine. I was either 13 or 14 when we got our own computer (god that thing sucked) and at the same time, My brother was always on the computer, typing away. A few months after that, he insisted that I play and that I would love it. He was right, I haven't looked back since. Because of Sojourn, I learned how to type on home row at 70wpm with 98% accuracy, am now actively pursuing a career in writing fantasy novels, and have made so many close friends. Who says games are bad for you? Image

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Postby Jenera » Sun Nov 10, 2002 9:47 pm


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Postby Jenera » Sun Nov 10, 2002 9:48 pm

Haven't slept, keep screwing up posts

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Postby thruar » Mon Nov 11, 2002 5:31 pm

Nice to see a thread that sparks everyone's interest. I'll join in!

It was my old High School friend Averyn that showed me Sojourn. He was already mudding years before I started. Sometime in his HS years he was chatting about music on the BBS at the time he wrote music on his PC. One day a buddy on the BBS told him about Sojourn and he started playing I think far back as 91-92 as Arjin who was a ranger, the MUD was in pre-alpha stage I think and used the AD&D 1-18 system determine stats and the mana system. Later he met deidrit and saw how badass druids were, and he became a druid for life.

There were countless times where I would go over to his house to see him Mudding and I was like how the hell you read so fast. It was fascinating to see someone who would spend 12+ hrs a day staring at some scrolling text. So one day I asked him to help me get an ISP account and he did back in July of 95 or so. I logged on as my first character Kessler the halfling thief (the worst possible choice for a newbi). 8 month later our other HS friend Tarrok joined us.

I would eventually be so hooked on the MUD, I played for minimum of 8 hrs a day, to about 15 hrs a day. I played a lot of PC games, but nothing as addicting as this. I had my fond memories playing here, seeing 400+ people on who list was just incredible. Even though I don't MUD much anymore, this is the first place I would recommend anyone to play.

The nice thing about this MUD is how much people like Miax and the other gods care. Sojourn will probably live on forever, as long as Miax lives, even then it will be passed down to someone trustworthy. I am sure 20 years from now, we still see each other logged on if not to play then just to chat. Till then be nice to each other, the chances are alot of you guys are here for a good part of your life.
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Postby Nokie » Mon Nov 11, 2002 6:52 pm

In 1994 when I was a senior in High School, a friend of mine sine junior-high named Jordan Jethwa showed me a newspaper clipping during our advanced computer science class. The article talked about these addicting online text-based games called MUDS (Multi-User Dungeons). He told me that it was like playing AD&D online with many other people live at the same time on this 'new' thing called the internet. Before this moment, my exposure to online games was through BBS 'door games'. At this point in time, some of the BBS's were 'multi-node' in which you could have around a dozen or so people online at the same time, and there were in effect multiplayer games, but nothing of the scope and magnitude of these 'MUDS'.

I didn't really think much more about this until November of 1994 when I moved with my parents from San Antonio, TX to Atlanta, GA. In Atlanta, I subscribed to a Unix-based ISP (back then, that's pretty much the only way you could get internet access). I picked up a couple of Unix books from a computer store in Town Center mall and taught myself the basics of Unix. Because I was in a new place with no friends, I had a great deal of free time on my hands and I put most of it to learning this wonderful world of Unix. After a few weeks when I became pretty comfortable with Unix, My learning gravitated towards 'games' on the internet. At this time, I remember my friend Jordan telling me about these MUDS. In no time, I found some resources (through Gopher - I don't think there was much of a world-wide-web at this point) for MUDS and tried out a few. One of the ones I logged into (Sojourn MUD) really caught my eye for the very simple reason that it was the only one that had a colorized ansi login screen. None of the others had this.

I bumbled around Sojourn (back when it was on a .edu box IIRC) through raw telnet learning my way around. It was an incredible time as the whole experience was overwhelming. I can compare it to the first time I discovered BBS's in that it opened up a completely different world to me that had almost unlimited possibilities. Eventually, someone told me to get tintin++ (a unix mud client). This made things much easier.

Around this time (I think it was December) I moved back to Texas to live with my best friend (Craig Bedwell) to finish out my senior year of high school with all my friends. Back in San Antonio, I played Sojourn off and on a little. They had a big pwipe around January of 1995 and I rolled up a human sorcerer named 'Noc' which is based off of my BBS 'alias' of NO CARRIER. I think I eventually got up to level 21 or so before deciding that being a sorcerer wasn't for me.

Instead, I picked a class that no one else was really playing: A half-elf bard named 'Noke' (again, an offshoot of 'Noc'). I played him on and off through high school and when I moved into the dorms at the University of Texas for college, I decided that I wasn't going to waste so much time playing the MUD. Indeed, I went a couple of months not playing at all but I found myself with a lot of free time, so I gave it another shot.

So that's how I ended up finding Sojourn for the first time.

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Postby Zanvazez » Mon Nov 11, 2002 7:40 pm

nera the end of sojourn2, from Zazyg: that magnificent bastard!! i was zanvazez: the assassin, now i'm zanvazez: the rogue. i used to be able to throw darts... now i actually manage to hit stuff though, so it's all for the best.

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Postby Laxlez » Mon Nov 11, 2002 8:24 pm

My story is not unlike the majority of the stories here. Back when I was in 7th or 8th grade (around 1993), I bought a computer magazine (might have been Computer Shopper) with a listing of BBSs in the back. I just lucked across one in my county of about 10,000 people that I could dial as a local call. I had a 2400 baud modem and had a jolly ol' time playing BBS doors such as Tradewars, Barren Realms Elite, Legend of the Red Dragon, Usurper, and Cripple Smash. I showed it to my friend John and he got hooked too. From that moment on, we spent most of our time on the computer.
Eventually, through newsgroups and whatnot, we found out about 1-800# BBSs.. We'd chat with the other random people who had happened across such places, and eventually came across one with an Internet connection. They had a door that basically ran Lynx to browse the web. I spent many an hour downloading pictures from to the BBS, then downloading them from the BBS to my computer.

(It was through BBSs that I also got into a wide variety of other games, such as Wolfenstein 3D.. pretty much before anyone else I knew had heard of them).

So then on to sometime in 1994/95, we finally get a local ISP and John and I are pretty much the first ones to sign up... And from that point, it was only a matter of time until we started mudding. We both were experienced with online, multi-player, text-based games, and he had a cousin (who had gotten him into computers a few years earlier) who RP'd on some anime mucks/moos. I really have no clue how John found Sojourn, but he did and we started playing.

So he and I and another friend rolled up ogres (my first real character was Lierthor, an ogre warrior I think).. Finally, we settled on trolls.. I had my troll shaman Fierthor.. John had his troll warrior Ragnarook (who he eventually had to change to Kreb), and Mike had a troll named either Hagbor or Borhag.

We all played in John's bedroom most of the time.. He had a linux box set up with 2 8088 dumb terminals hooked up. It was a jolly old time. Mike was the first one to stop playing.. Then John stopped.. I finally slowed down playing and finally stopped when Glaman (who got interested in the mud because he had seen me playing in the high school library) got our ISP banned. This was sometime early in Toril.

I played Duris during ptesting and then for a little bit after thri-kreen came in.. And then disappeared from the mud for 2 years. On Sojourn 2, I started up another troll shaman (Ygg), played for 2 weeks, then quit again.

Sojourn 3 I happened to stumble across pre-alpha just by doing some google searches. I logged on, and there was only like 1 god on, and no players, and I was told that the mud was in the process of being resurrected.

Fast forward to about 2.5 months after Sojourn3 opened, and I rolled up a drow rogue named Laxlez, and I've been back since then.

Yeah.. I know this was long.. But I like to reminisce Image

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Postby Tasan » Mon Nov 11, 2002 11:24 pm

Hmmm... lemme see now.

Well dusting off the cobwebs, it seems to me that it must have been in January of 1996 when I was talking to my good friend Ferdelon about the new ISP they had signed up for. Apparently within this ISP info packet, the address and a tiny bit of info on Sojourn was included. He immediately got into it, and directed me to check it out, and I (with the help of Fenroria/Glorishan) took a look at it with some stupid term named Trmptel(trumpet?).

While I had limited success playing as a ranger, mostly solo on EM, he quickly advanced with his rogue, and became good friends with the older players(Trogar/Tagad/Qualith et all.), and was having a blast zoning and what not.

I eventually became somewhat disenchanted by this place, and started playing semi-seriously at another mud which I was told was around. I fell in love with that place(LH), and ended up playing it much more than Sojourn.

My memory is foggy, but I believe at some point Sojourn(toril?) went down for a period, and I basically gave up trying to get to it and played LH solely. I learned a lot there, and met a few people that are somewhat influential to other muds around the net these days(Kyntara noteably).

LH eventually was run into the ground by it's stubborn source owner and only coder, and was hacked by another player and shutdown presumably for good.

Then 2 months later someone told me about Darkover. Played there somewhat seriously for a bit before the lag upset me enough to look for other places.

Anyway, I played Basternae CTF, Duris, Western Realms and helped write for another couple muds before I heard about Sojourn reopening. Figured it was worth coming back to someplace I had a vague idea of, and now yer all stuck with me.


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Postby Abue » Tue Nov 12, 2002 1:17 pm

It was 1996 or 1997 I can't remember. A bunch of friends and my self used to go out to the bar almost every night. Jorgy would some times stay home and nobody really understood why. Since he was my roommate I would see him out in the living room typing when I got home. In my drunken state I pestered him until he explained to me why he didn't come to the bar. He set me up on my computer (a 386sx16 with a 9600 baud modem) on the second phone line and showed me around bloodstone. He gave me a few things and put me in a tree to kill crows and squirrels. A few days later I was brought to Waterdeep where I saw this goofy half-elf singing songs at the fountain. After a short chat I rolled Thimon the bard. I guess I have to say it was Noke who got my interest sparked. My character was a warrior which I thought was really boring but Noke introduced me to Bards. I am sure he doesn't remember. This is how I got started. Things went well until I met Mystra. No offense Miax. I was site banned for something silly that was out of my hands. Some lower level admin type accused me of multiplaying. I was flatly accused of running a group of 4 robots plus my self. Hrmm... At the time I played directly off of some machine labeled as Vax1 and used a dumb terminal with a green screen. I had to free hand type everything. I think I had 5 sites banned that day in the aftermath. I moved to Duris which had just gotten out of beta. I lived there playing Thimon the Conjurer and Abue the sorcerer until Cython closed up shop. At this point either all my different sites were still banned from Sojourn or Sojourn didn't exist at that time I forget. I turned to Basternae for a while. Once Duris was opened up again I went back but couldn't find any fun in the mindless pkilling. I wanted to enjoy the work others have put into the zones so when I found out Sojourn III had opened back up with out Mystra I came back to give it another try. I guess I can thank Cyric for that. He told me through email about the place. I saw Noke and Lithelle. I currently play a no name mid 20's character. I am happy that Sojourn staff decided to be easier on the players this time around. I can't imagine the time I might have put in on Sojourn had I not been site banned for so long.
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Postby old depok » Thu Nov 14, 2002 10:14 pm

Can't remember the year (was Soj2) but my brother Jhorr got me into the mud. I rolled up a warrior (tourg) and jhorr gave me a nice set of gear. Jhorr would take me to zones when I was like level 20 or so and I would bash things and try not to get killed.

I won a good share of bids and was soon running around with a flamby and ebony. Was so funny watching the people I grouped with when I would whip them out.

Think I made it into the high 30's with that character.

Jhorr had a shaman then named tetok who I thought ruled. So I rolled up a shaman for Soj 3 and the rest is history.

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Postby Zagaz » Thu Nov 14, 2002 11:07 pm

I am in the same boat as Zanvazez. I remember going over to Zazyg's appartment one day last march or so. I saw him enscorcled in front of his computer in his boxers. He proceeded to tell me about the wondrous thing that just happened, sojourn was back up, and he had already told another friend who used to play with him and he was at a college computer lab mudding away.

I had heard of the mud before that, Zazyg filling me in on the previous incarnations and the duris split and all that. A few days later I rolled up my first character, Zagaz, a drow warrior. I then got bored of being a tank, so I rerolled zagaz as a cleric. Clerics are the way to go! I am 39th now, but it took forever for me to get to level 20, when I was finally able to get my last name.

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Postby Nepenthia » Fri Nov 15, 2002 2:07 am

Once there was an old lady who thought mud was something you scrubbed off your car between July and August in Seattle, had no clue what telnet did, had never heard of tintin, and had immediately died whenever she tried out her daughter’s computer games. Goes to show you!!!

My daughter and husband though had eagerly jumped online after we installed our first sets of modems and soon had the telnet basics down. Then Ciana (my daughter’s main character) introduced me to Sojourn one afternoon not long after she had come to play it with Weyrmount MOO friends who had rolled up characters on the mud. With much handholding, I thought of a name, knew I had to be a bard, rolled for stats that I had no clue what they did, and landed in Waterdeep in hot pursuit of the nearest dog …. who then promptly killed me. Ah well, it was entertaining to find myself back in the presence of the stingy and greedy bard guildmaster heading downstairs yet again … this time with short sword equipped, whereupon, if memory serves me correctly, I killed the darn dog.

So I wandered around town then, very much the impressed country bumpkin of a bard, and began to live and breathe the air of Sojourn. Aye, it was an enchanted air to be sure, but the enchantment surprisingly turned out not so much to have to do with telnetting and tintin, but with people … friendly, kind, funny and interesting people who, more often than not, took time to clothe and feed Nepenthia. Ilanthalsa graced me with a purple silk shawl and someone handed me a thinner sword, probably in the hopes that its longer steel would put more distance between me and the barely endangered pets of Waterdeep.

No sooner, though, had I progressed to level 5 or 6, than The Dream swirled its way through Sojourn and Nep had to start all over again. This time though, with occasional frantic asides to Ciana about the gnoll packs that kept swiping her sword, Nep persevered and went on to learn all she could about barding and to finally share the thrill of assisting in Tiamat’s demise.

It was a long time ago and I am still grateful to Ciana for introducing me to Sojourn and opening the door to meeting so many wonderful friends over the years, despite the ups and downs of the mud and the emergence of Everquest (getting started there is yet another story).

“Lifts her very full cup*

So here’s to the bards I knew and know (I hope I didn’t forget too many of you): Danila, Noke, Gurns, Wurhana, Kobei, Lesharn, Kerg, Trilca, Taelin, Halladan, Jaeb, Bozuul, Casnar, Isok, Iliyana, Altheria, Sirana, Farimir, Enick Jethenel, Betandor, Silan, Tsaej, Keldrith and Reika.

*Lift’s her cup yet again*

And here’s to the friends who taught me how to mud, how to be a better bard and eventually (on Rela) how to rescue and bash almost as good as Thruar: Tagad, Slayer of the Green Dragon, Aradune The-ranger-who-came-in-from-getting-lost, Adriorn the Wit, Liran the Sweet, Varia and Mplor - A Dashing Duo, Molidar so Momoish, Asamoth the Seeker, Modu the Explainer, Berknip the Ferret Lover, Dlur He-who-sometimes-spells-his-name-backwards, Durem Who-sent-his-horses-to-the-goblins-first. Then there were Palinor and Tellen who asked a wee bard to group out of the blue; there were Mamoru and Graelov, the old geezers of the mountains who could find Nep no matter where she had gotten lost. There was Kurz the Silent and Jasix the Not-so-Silent. There were Temg, and Silverast and Gorsh and Vallon and Turynithe and Mithlin the Incorrigible. There was Maxtor, Ikthegar and Ilshadriel whose very presence made the shadows shiver. Zothmo the Intriguing stomped through the lands in those days too and must never be forgotten.

*Hopes there is still something left in her cup to finish her toasts*

And here’s to the Gods, those immortal beings who surrounded Sojourn with their brains, courage, time, wit, and unceasing caring for its wellbeing. Here’s hoping that Lliira still trips lightly through their halls bringing a bubbly laugh and moments of well-being for all of them.

With gratitude to Ciana for her gift of a new world,

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Postby thanuk » Fri Nov 15, 2002 5:08 am

heh back in the day before your pants were saggin...

i was like 13 years old, living it up in LORD and tele-arena, runnin shit, and runnin my mouth as well, on a little bbs called point blank. heh you run your mouth enough and people will shut you up Image Someone said if i thought i was good at tele-arena, i should try this mud called sojourn. My rl friend, Thansar, later Rasnath, was playin there, and i decided to give it a run. Coming from tele-arena, it blew my mind that u could wear more than 1 piece of armor honestly...After i played for a little while i found out i was small fish in big pond tho, the bbs i played at had some serious mudders on it, people like Dolaf, Corth, Melkor, Shalafi, the list went on and on. New game, bigger challenge, i was hooked in a second, even started ditching school to play. Lucky for me it was highschool and not college Image I been owning u pussies ever since, and never played anything but a warrior. I think the fact that a certain someone played a warrior named Kor made this mud the greatest place to play a warrior ever Image I could sit here and rattle off names until im blue in the face and still forget 3/4 of teh friends i have had here over the years, but here i am, 8 years(holy shit im a loser)later still playin the same old game, getting the same old shit for it. How can you play that game!?! Theres not even PICTURES!!!
But you all know how i can play this pictureless game, now dont you Image

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Postby Valke » Fri Nov 15, 2002 5:26 am

Sojourn III is my first mud!!! A few friends would talk about it, sometimes non stop! I had missed out on the adventures during my teens so I had no clue as to what they were talking about, I started to ask questions and one day I gave it a try! Bam, I was addicted and played, and played. Its been about a year now and I havent grown tired of it yet, I did take a bit of a break due to the summer and preparing to move.

Actually the first time I mudded was at a Tech school in the late 80's, I hardly remeber it, but I got into trouble for saying bad words on the game, its really sucked compared to Sojourn, it was all black and white! Bah, I shouldnt even count that, i prolly spent a total of 2 hours on it.
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Postby Keran » Fri Nov 15, 2002 6:37 pm

Back in the day when I was a teenager, before I had status, before I had a pager...

I was introduced to the mud by my college roommate who was a ranger, Cyan or something. This was back in 1993 or 1994. I played up until they closed the mud, I think that was sometime in 1997? Then I came back about a year ago. I never knew that they planned on reopening. Was there a test mud that was up soon after the closing? How come I didnt get an invite? Oh, well. No use crying over spilled milk.

Peace to my Sojourn peeps,


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