Guildmaster Quest Entries

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Guildmaster Quest Entries

Postby Dugmaren » Fri Aug 07, 2009 6:14 pm

So for a while now I've had this toril trac ticket suggestion to give a bunch of quest keyword entries to the individual guild-masters around the realms. I thought I'd farm this out to anyone who would want to write some up because I just don't have the time.

Here's a quick link to what a simple conversation in the quest file looks like,
Quest Example

It can be anything from how to play the class, potentially hints on where to start quest spells, out of character links to newbie guides on the web, starter quests etc.

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Re: Guildmaster Quest Entries

Postby spunionring » Sat Aug 08, 2009 3:57 pm

great idea

1) yes plz give guildmasters quest dialogue to start chars on their quest spells.

2) maybe put a mob in that newbie recall room that gives the links to toril map / toril eq db?

3) make them periodically "asks you 'Hi'" to get ppl to ask them hi to begin with
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Re: Guildmaster Quest Entries

Postby grundar » Mon Aug 10, 2009 2:08 am

this looks like an interesting project. unfortunately with how spellquests are handled right now 90% of the dialogue will end up looking like this

you ask a guildmaster '@questspell'
oh i cant teach you that, but im sure the wise man at the top of the mountain can teach it to you. He knows EVERYTHING.

I'd volunteer if i was allowed to redistribute quests to other mobs so its not just that retarded 10hp mob that teaches you everything.
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Re: Guildmaster Quest Entries

Postby Valendhal » Mon Aug 24, 2009 1:46 pm

They should also tell about the particular hometown. Point to places of danger, of exp, and interesting characteristics designed for beginners ..

I have had this on my to_do list for Ghore: We going to point out the fact that newbies could interact with the turra statue and receive a raft.
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Re: Guildmaster Quest Entries

Postby Dalar » Mon Jul 19, 2010 6:40 pm

Anything ever implemented?
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Re: Guildmaster Quest Entries

Postby Silvanus » Wed Jun 08, 2011 1:06 am

An interesting project...

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