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Quest Mayhem

Postby moritheil » Wed May 14, 2003 10:16 pm

Why not spice things up?

Currently, we have a set number of quested spell slots for each class, and an equal number of spells that can be quested for.

I propose that we add spells that can be quested for, so that people will have choices as to how to spend their quest spell slots.

For example, let's take druids.
Druids have one 9th circle quest, planeshift, and two 10th circle quests, moonwell and creeping doom.

Now let's imagine some new Druid spell - say, Regeneration. Target regenerates like a troll for the duration of the spell.
Now at 9th circle I'd have the choice to follow the Plane Shift quest, or else the Regeneration quest. However, once I complete one spell, I am locked out of getting the other.

Not all of these need be new spells. For example, mixed in with well and doom, you could place conjure elemental or perhaps a druid stoneskin.

I'm using druids as a simple example, because they have just about the least quest spells, but this could be done with ALL caster classes to spice things up.
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Postby rylan » Wed May 14, 2003 10:32 pm

I like that idea. Dunno know what you'd do with all of the people who already quested spells though... unelss you have another quest 'slot' and 2 new quest spells to choose from.

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