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Postby Dizzin » Sun Sep 21, 2003 10:46 am

Just wondering if it would be possible to implement a command like "Trophy complete" or some such that would allow people to see their entire trophy list. Anything above 0.1% would show up or some such. Just would be neat for those of us people, especially level 50s, who are so bored that, in the words of a friend, "I seriously think we should start trophy sculpting!"

And so we could!
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Postby rylan » Sun Sep 21, 2003 5:03 pm

Yeah, would be useful for those of us who don't have anything show up on normal trophy to get a rough idea of how much buffer xp past max notch we have ;)
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Postby Mitharx » Sun Sep 21, 2003 5:57 pm

Lichs are the mastered of trophies. I've come to the conclusion that trophies are urban legends adn everything shoudl read a billion%. I've been told I just don't know how they work. My only response is: on the psyche.

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