The Sons of Uthgar

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The Sons of Uthgar

Postby Bilraex » Fri Jan 02, 2004 4:37 pm

The words he had spoken at the meeting of heros echo'd through his thoughts as he skirted the Skeldrach Lake.
"The sons of Uthgar will heed the call"

Easier said than done thought the Barbarian as he made his way north. Uniting the clans of the north would be a daunting task. Centuries of hatred between some of the clans is not an easy thing to erase. The dwindling noble clans would rise to the banner, the Silverwolf and the Pantherclaws. Other larger clans would prove a task, namely the bastard Kralgar and his Griffon clan.

A small chuckle escaped as he thought of the Pantherclaws and Kralgar fighting side by side. He made a mental note to put them on far sides of the field if war was needed.

As the barbarian crested the spine of the world, the rising sun glistened of his blood caked shield of tempos. The rays blinded him momentarily, and a faint vision of glowing wolf passed. He stopped a moment and a thought came to him. The way to the spirit world has been closed as of late, Pahluruk has not answered any of his questions and the clans continue to war. It is almost as the Gods have left them. Maybe they too were preparing for war with the Vile One.

"It is time to travel deep into Thunderhead" he said to himself. "Where Pahluruk's roots are deep"

If the clans are to unite, they will need the might of the gods behind them.
Uthgar has all but disapeared froom the minds of the clans, abandoned his children to this fate.

"I must seek the wisdom of the ancients" he murmered in short breaths as he began the ardous climb into Thunderhead.

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