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Postby amolol » Wed Jul 04, 2007 6:30 am

when we least expect it, life has a way of giving us a shift. not the kind of shift one would normaly expect. but then again thats the nature of life. this is the kind of shift that we all feel from time to time but we dont always realize it. it leaves us battered and broken even after the most wonderful of occurances. the strange thing about it is that it feels good. we often feel that we are going strong when we are in the middle of the biggest turmoil of our lives. thrashed about in a torrent of nightmares politics stress and so called love. we feel like we are incontroll like notyhing can bring us down. and just when it seems like it all is about to finaly fit in, it all comes crashing down upon us.

and there we are. left alone in the darkness in the middle of this torrent. it has finaly caught up with us. one thing comes to mind. i am broken, nothing can fix me. one thought, one simple elegeant thought comes through. the only thought that makes sense; salvation it whispers to us. Salvation it creeps into our minds as if planted there by some unseen spectre. and there before us is the means to save ourselves. It is the only solution the only answer its gleam penetrates the darkness of our lives begging us to take it. we lie there broken helpless. are we strong enough to resist the temptation. can we find the strength to fight off the Salvation?
no. we cannot fight it, we pick it up we grasp the black leather bound handle and point the gleaming blade at our chest. one word etched upon the blade.... Salvation. we aim carefully we draw the blade nearer to ourselves. just before it pierces the flesh we stop cold sweat running down our body's hands shaking the feel of one salt filled tear tracing its path down our face it brushes our lips. the last thing we feel is the cold drop floating away from us. as the drop of our inner selves hits the floor we lose our grip on this Salvation.

As the cold steel blade shatter upon the floor we feel hope. the one emotion left inside of the chest. a light apears before us dim though it may be. with only our faith to guide us and our hope to hold us up we slowly crawl towardss the light. reaching out for its faint hope of life once again. leaving our Salvation behind us broken as we are we begin to feel its warmth. soon we find ourselves upon our hands and knees moving faster towards its ever growing light. our false hope left behind us someone has noticed us and has come to help us.

she is beutiful and sereene, her face the light we seek she is reaching out to us beckoning us to come to her. we are weary of her beginning to pull away from her afraid to fall into the abyss again. deep down inside we pray, we pray the way we are ment to pray. broken shattered and alone. a warm comforting voice commands us. GO and embrace this life. dwell not on the follies of your past for you will fall again but you will be caught. lift yourself and walk for you are strong. we raise ourselves to our feet and begin to walk to her soft glow. her fait blonde hair flowing in a non existand breeze. we begin to run to her leaving the abyss behind soon the warmth of the light has driven away the cold dark abyss. and all we can feel is happieness. this is not always the path we chose. sometimes we cannot resist Salvation but if we hold on just a little longer we can all find this light. it may fade in time but the worth of the light far outweighs the fear of falling again. and fall we shall.

this is a monologue that i have written. someday i hope it to be ead infront of an audience. if it is not read then at least it is heard. i pray that you all have the courage to wait when we feel the abyssal darkness of depression upon us. this was written upon inspiration of a recent event of mine. those of you who know, thank you for giving me your strength. this monologue is dedicated to a dear friend who fell but did not get back up. we miss you robert and you will always be in our hearts.
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Postby Corth » Wed Jul 04, 2007 9:04 am

I know its not the dumb song lyrics thread, but someone ought to post the lyrics to coldplay's 'fix you' anyway...
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Postby Gormal » Thu Jul 05, 2007 10:32 pm

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Postby Cirath » Fri Jul 06, 2007 9:20 am

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Postby avak » Fri Jul 06, 2007 4:12 pm

I wish more people mudded. Too many mothers' basements are going unoccupied.

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