Any interest in a free tintin based mud client written by me

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Any Interest in Our own mud client?

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Any interest in a free tintin based mud client written by me

Postby Gizep » Fri Aug 17, 2007 11:28 pm

I'm currently writing a mud client based on tintin. I have basic triggers working, basic aliases, basic substitutes, halfway got list variables working....

I could use someone to help me write c++ functions dealing with strings and variables. Since it's free, no payment except the pleasure of having people use our mud client.

Wanted features:
Built in autoassist based on group.
Built in rescue based on group.
Built in anti-afk.
Equipment Database
Bashes, SpellUps all built in, so your triggers will be much less, any other feature requests would be considered hah, just post em here.
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