Diff for PM!

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Diff for PM!

Postby ssar » Thu Jan 03, 2008 11:02 am

So happy to see Diff rescued safely.

http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/stor ... 52,00.html


"DIFF the dog - left stranded on a south-east Queensland mountain - has been rescued in a tricky hour-long descent.
Diff, a bull mastiff, had already spent three nights on Mount Maroon, near the town of Rathdowney, after slipping down the cliff during a New Year's Eve bushwalk with two men, aged 24 and 30.

When Diff slipped, the men went after him and became stuck on the ledge.

Authorities began searching for the men when they failed to return early on Tuesday and found them yesterday afternoon.

But Diff had to be left behind, as poor conditions made it unsafe for a rescue helicopter to retrieve him.

A rescue attempt earlier today was abandoned in strong winds and rain.

But late today, experienced climber Mark Gamble came to the rescue, successfully bringing a harnessed Diff down the mountain in a one-hour operation."


When I first heard this story on the radio, I felt really sad for the dog, and envisioned scenarios detailing how I might have handled the situ if I were one of the stranded hikers and it was my dog.
(Then again, I am extremely unlikely to get into such a dangerous situ out in the bush - more careful etc.)

Anyway, I'd certainly have begged the rescuers to let me carry my dog with my on the cable when it winched my up into the chopper. But thinking further on it, if Bronte (or Diff for that matter!) started freaking out from being lifted on a winch etc. and started flailing, I would have serious trouble holding onto her/him.

So I would probably have denied the rescuers offers to take me, and stayed with the dog, then worked on a plan of survival and return to civilization, probably including a request for a drop of some supplies to help (water, blanket, epirb, jacket, flare, etc.)

In any case, I see the dog slipped down onto a dangerous ledge by itself, and the men went down to try and retrieve him - nasty situ eh.
Kinda easy accident to happen in a way, esp. in wet conditions.
Glad all are out OK!
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Postby Cirath » Fri Jan 04, 2008 12:33 pm

There are so many things wrong with that whole story that I don't know where to begin. I would have to say the crowning glory of the whole bit is that a guy who had to be lifted off this mountain by helicopter because he couldn't get down himself actually climbed back up to get a dog.

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