RP Zones Leading, Revisited V -Part One

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RP Zones Leading, Revisited V -Part One

Postby Lorendel Ebonmist » Mon Oct 20, 2008 9:26 pm

Next comes the can of worms and spiders.
You ASSOC: 'hey man just talklking with liran about questing triggers he was helping me the grill mob alias working properly'
You ASSOC: 'but we finished now'
You ASSOC: 'did you just log in'
You ASSOC: 'oh we are done doing that just finished...'
You ASSOC: '*sigh*'
You ASSOC: 'you dont wanna mud some?'
You ASSOC: 'you prolly are not ever goiing to find any rp in less than 2 minutes you know?'
You ASSOC: 'i bet nymantar would rp if you struck up a convo with him in character...'
You ASSOC: 'i do all the time with led'
You ASSOC: 'necro to lich kinda rp'
You ASSOC: 'not sure how you can tell..."assuming" such is well...you know'
You ASSOC: 'plus grab a noob and nurture him...'
You ASSOC: 'thats where i got ganes and bogroc...perhaps if i hadnt been absent they would still be around...oh and idrial too'
<although I felt Ganes really thought this was mud more of an RP MUD than it is. According to the Mud-Connector description I can see how that would be the normal assumption. This "feeling" will become the prominent in the GGC discussion that was a part of the orignal "whole log" that will be posted seperately"
You ASSOC: 'take what you can get its better than nothing...of all the people who play this mud look at how many true rp'ers there are'
You ASSOC: 'thats because those that do rp dont try to save the noobs...who almost always come from a dnd background , from the min/maxers power levellers'
You ASSOC: 'most noobs come down the hose with all the intentions of rp...but get caught up with the ************** like eq monsters'
You ASSOC: 'yes there are...someone new almost everyday...but its an overwhelming game'
You ASSOC: 'so they dont grind it out alone...and leave'
Amirfas GCC: 'anybody know who lead the CC trip?'
Sasin GCC: 'lili'
Amirfas GCC: 'sasin did u go?'
You GCC: '*shake* *sigh*'
You GCC: 'problem is all the min/maxing plevellers with all their eq glory are afraid to explore the leadership aspect...and would rather just sit idle in afk mode...instead of maybe getting spanked to learn how to do something on their own'
Salron GCC: '??'
You GCC: 'oh oops...millie'
Cutelee GCC: 'false logic'
Lizos GCC: 'may also have something to do with family, wife, and kids... but i'm not tossing my 2 cents in'
Amirfas GCC: 'i am gona lead pods if anybody want to go'
Cutelee GCC: '1) assume people dont know how to lead/what to lead 2) people dont follow others except a few, 3) that everyone has time or desire to zone'
You GCC: 'okay i'll lead seelie...never been there..but we'll figure it out...who dares to join me?'
Cutelee GCC: 'false logic'
Cutelee GCC: 'I've lead CC like that... '
Salron GCC: 'admit that cutelee love pink?'
Cutelee GCC: 'hage pink worst color eva'
Amirfas GCC: 'i hear ants in podvile are nasty'
You tell Kegor 'who cutelee'
Kegor tells you 'Chars: 17 * Uagr|Cutelee|Zoldren|Ssosset|Ssossassas|Uggrra|Ojez|Golofamat|Ssuxu|Tatada|Dungon|Iznag|Gagus|Jabur|Katpig|Uxiressec|Pikas'
You tell Kegor 'who salron'
Kegor tells you 'Salron has not been added to an alt list.'
be here'
You GCC: 'okay but in the last several months Setip and Zoldren are the only people that have led other than lili that i have been with'
You ASSOC: 'okies man'
Nymantar GCC: 'setip = zoldren'
Nymantar GCC: 'fwiw'
Iledor GCC: 'because no one would dare zone without you'
Cutelee GCC: 'lies'
Amirfas GCC: 'if u are interested in leading i would recommend to start with something easier '
Cutelee GCC: 'cause that would mean cutelee = zoldren = setip.. all lies'
Cutelee GCC: 'like gith'
Salron GCC: 'i still miss ramo's spob lead'
Amirfas GCC: 'seelie is nasty'
Liran GCC: 'or vault'
Amirfas GCC: 'agree vault'
Amirfas GCC: 'easy cr'
Cutelee GCC: 'start w/small zones like ghore vault, gith, brass, fp/ap, crypts'
Cutelee GCC: 'still fun but posibble spanks'
Cutelee GCC: 'jot'
Liran GCC: 'I was thinking IC vault'
You GCC: 'well I said that just because im in tinkers but citadel would prolly be pushing it even...and not evn brass citadel at that'
Salron GCC: 'dk vault sux0r now'
Amirfas GCC: 'anybody around 30ish wana do exp?'
Cutelee GCC: '2 healing golems+ healing/illusionist dragon = FREAKING SUX'
You GCC: 'actually darkhold, basilisks, monastery, citadel, can give a nice glist...'
Amirfas GCC: 'attic!'
Cutelee GCC: 'and to much for an in experienced leader imo'
Amirfas GCC: 'ic vault easy to start'
Amirfas GCC: 'then work your way up'
You ASSOC: 'log him on...i may have instigated something into happening'
Cutelee GCC: 'leader learn zones = gith/jot/crypts maybe planes/brass/ic1'
You tell Kegor 'who amirfas'
Kegor tells you 'Chars: 2 * Diac|Amirfas'
Cutelee GCC: 'for learning'
Cutelee GCC: 'and expand once you understand the dynamics how to deal w/people'
Cutelee GCC: 'but i'm just a n00b what do i know'
You tell Kegor 'who cutelee'
Kegor tells you 'Chars: 17 * Uagr|Cutelee|Zoldren|Ssosset|Ssossassas|Uggrra|Ojez|Golofamat|Ssuxu|Tatada|Dungon|Iznag|Gagus|Jabur|Katpig|Uxiressec|Pikas'
Amirfas GCC: 'noob with 17 characters :)'
Cutelee GCC: 'keep countin'
Cutelee GCC: 'thats just my evils'
You GCC: 'plus setip on the other machine'
Amirfas GCC: 'waves nilan'
You GCC: 'nilan can lead DK'
Cutelee GCC: 'leading dk is not the problem, finishing is'
Drahken GCC: 'dont think dlavizz would appreciate that'
Nilan GCC: 'that would go against my rp heh, prolly not a go idea'
You GCC: 'nilan should lead menzo?'
Nymantar GCC: 'frown'
Nilan GCC: 'i just like killing the priestesses there'
Cutelee GCC: 'tog rp off for a bit *nod me*'
You GCC: 'gasp...ive never killed an elf on em...'
Nilan GCC: 'i have'
You GCC: 'accept drow prisoners'
You GCC: 'elven cats'
You GCC: 'cooshie...'
Pazak GCC: 'too many damn nancers anyways no one will miss em'
You GCC: 'that bitch the ring'
You GCC: 'the traveler with the runed ley'
You GCC: 'oh and that lady in the castle'
Nilan GCC: 'that taco bell demon in em was fun years ago'
You GCC: 'whats her....oh yeah especially when it would come INTO the city'
Iledor GCC: 'LF: an ethereal shield'
You GCC: 'so someone mentioned they could lead something easily...or maybe teach someone how to lead something...or would follow blindly into certain death?' l
Iledor GCC: 'sure'
Cutelee GCC: 'yes but not tonight'
Iledor GCC: 'i will gladly lead you all into certain death'
Cutelee GCC: 'or maybe latter i dono'
You GCC: 'oh yeah...it being a saturaday night and all'
Cutelee GCC: '11pm and all'
You GCC: 'isnt there like a bunch of little things that could be done...mob hopping or something?'
Corth GCC: 'flip'
Corth GCC: 'not enough leaders here anymore huh'
Iledor GCC: 'LF: an ethereal shield'
Cutelee GCC: 'plenty of leaders not enough followers'
Cutelee GCC: 'or reboots'
Meninen GCC: 'thought we had plenty of those in the last couple of days'
Corth GCC: 'that could present a problem'
Meninen GCC: 'like 3 crashes in 2 days is pretty good'
Cutelee GCC: 'not mid zone its not good though :p'
Corth GCC: 'couldn't imagine that you guys are rolling through every zone, even on very long boots'
You GCC: 'roots, basilisks, dragon turtles, monastery, citadel, gotta be something in GC, nizari, CP sultan...'
Cutelee GCC: 'pre crashes, last few reboots we cleared all zones that needed done'
You GCC: '1K'
Corth GCC: 'hrmm, so i guess things aren't as bad as it seems then'
Meninen tells you 'any luck on your arrows?'
Cutelee GCC: 'nogs not that bad..'
You tell Meninen 'not yet althoough famas/nimTab had got back ones i lost after that on muspel dragon'
Corth GCC: 'cool.. have fun. afk mightily!'
Meninen tells you 'hehe not much luck on that lately huh'
You tell Meninen 'hehe after muspel dragon spank i said "i think if we try something else im gonna melee...i ve lost enough arrows for one day'
Meninen tells you 'nogs to that'
You GCC: 'why doesnt corth lead sumthing'
Corth GCC: 'rofl'
Corth GCC: 'had to come back to the keyboard for that!'
Iledor GCC: 'because he would purposefully get us killed'
Cutelee GCC: 'i'm surprised he rembers how to log in :p'
You GCC: 'come on you know everything'
Corth GCC: 'i don't remember what circle my spells are in :)'
Cutelee GCC: 'snicker'
Corth GCC: 'i think like 2 years ago for shits and giggles i tried to lead CC'
You GCC: 'he doesnt...he has auto connect'
Cutelee GCC: 'better question.... pick an allignment yet? :P'
Corth GCC: 'holy shit that was bad'
Corth GCC: 'still deciding'
Cutelee GCC: 'lol'
Corth GCC: 'actually i picked neutral but got put back here on a crash'
Corth GCC: 'decided i like it here :)'
Corth GCC: 'Alignment: Chaotic Neutral'
Cutelee GCC: 'gasp'
Corth GCC: 'Playing time: 1629 days / 15 hours / 12 minutes'
Cutelee GCC: 'lol'
Meninen GCC: 'i dont know i think the pigeons miss u in WD'
You GCC: 'i mean corth to browse the bbs you obvious have a broader "worldview" of the mud than anyone else...dont you feel any inclination to help us (the mud) out??'
Corth GCC: 'cutelee said everything is fine'
Cutelee GCC: 'did not'
Iledor GCC: 'lf: an ethereal shield'
Corth GCC: 'oh i got that impression'
Cutelee GCC: 'just said over 100 hours all zones are done that needed done'
Cutelee GCC: 'also said few leaders but not enough followers'
It is 11am, on the day of the Great Gods
The 33rd Day of the Month of Annaxes (the Breath of Frost), Year 669.
Time elapsed since boot-up: 6:12:33
Current time is: Sat Oct 18 22:08:57 2008 (EDT)
You GCC: 'Time elapsed since boot-up: 6:12:33'
Meninen GCC: 'still looking for a trip to jot to quest my iron circlet havent seen that done in a while'
Corth GCC: 'Cutelee GCC: 'plenty of leaders not enough followers''
Corth GCC: 'You GCC: 'hrmm, so i guess things aren't as bad as it seems then''
Corth GCC: 'Cutelee GCC: 'nogs not that bad..''
Cutelee GCC: 'not as bad as your previous gcc :p'
Corth GCC: 'ahh :)'
Cutelee GCC: 'i'm not scrollin'
Cutelee GCC: ':p'
Corth GCC: 'I tried for years to help.. people got pissed off. Now I keep my mouth shut.'
Cutelee GCC: 'nogs i member'
Corth GCC: 'I don't gloat over the fact that I have been completely right about the pbase'
Cutelee GCC: 'you got flamed enough from both sides for it too :p'
You GCC: 'you mean the favoritism artifacts thread'
Cutelee GCC: 'lol'
Corth GCC: 'have the gods done much of anything here to keep people interested?'
Cutelee GCC: 'dugs been awesome since he came back'
You GCC: 'which i just spent 5 hours ....wastefully reading to page 3'
Meninen GCC: 'dugy has been trying to for sure'
Cutelee GCC: 'El has but been on break'
Meninen GCC: 'nogs El has always been there for sure'
Cutelee GCC: 'rest... well.. maybe behind the scense?'
Corth GCC: 'I dunno, there are some really basic things that can be done to make the game more than just doing the same zones over and over and over and over again'
Cutelee GCC: 'nogs'
Cutelee GCC: 'same things we been yelling for for over 10 years...'
Cutelee GCC: 'small stuff to hard, but 2.0 is rockin!'
Corth GCC: 'artifacts would be the first thing I would bring back'
Cutelee GCC: 'fix or get rid of justice, fix or delete rangers'
You GCC: 'no no no...'
Corth GCC: 'takes all of 2 minutes and now there is a reason to play besides doing zones 3242342 times'
Meninen GCC: 'yeah but than ud have the people who already have all the killer gear getting those too'
Corth GCC: 'so what'
Corth GCC: 'thats what you want'
Cutelee GCC: 'gives you something to shoot for'
You GCC: 'did i mention that reading that thread was wasteful'
Corth GCC: 'you want the top 5% to have everything.. and then everyone else want to aspire to be the top 5%'
Meninen GCC: 'already got lots to shoot for trust me'
Corth GCC: 'theres a goal right there'
Meninen GCC: 'sounds too much like the real world to me :P'
Cutelee GCC: 'nogs theres always going to be those >> you get used to it try to become better...'
Cutelee GCC: 'eq and playing style wise alike'
You GCC: 'the top 5% already have everything...and then just sit afk /idle with it'
Cutelee GCC: 'no they dont'
Corth GCC: 'all of you have been here for years...'
Corth GCC: 'we don't get new players, remember..'
Corth GCC: 'so tell me'
Cutelee GCC: 'i'm new i swear ! *whistle*'
Meninen GCC: 'i do try and learn whatever i can from the vets out there and adapt it to my own playing style'
Corth GCC: 'compare this mud to the one hrmm.. around 1995'
Meninen GCC: 'ive only been playing for a year now actually'
Cutelee GCC: 'you mean 150 players vs 30 with 10 afk?'
Corth GCC: 'actually, thats pretty pathetic'
Cutelee GCC: 'or new zones then to maybe new zones now?'
Corth GCC: 'who would actually start playing a mud in such decline?'
Cutelee GCC: 'or news/fixes then to now?'
Corth GCC: 'there has to be better options, no?'

You GCC: 'so the real question is ..why not try to focus energies on developing a better newbie hose rather than "whining about whatever it was she was bitchin about last night'
Corth GCC: 'newbies come if the mud is good'
Corth GCC: 'all the efforts to bring newbies have been a waste'
Cutelee GCC: 'because those who have stuff to contribute have been banned from helping for one....'
Drahken GCC: 'Id say a big part of it is this isnt a pk mud'
Drahken GCC: 'Seems these days pk muds are quite a bit more popular'
Cutelee GCC: 'should be limited pkill for sure'
Corth GCC: 'im surprised really that anyone at all is still here'
Cutelee GCC: 'you fuckup in zone u get killed by grup, you heal a mob i'm fighting i get to kill u'
Corth GCC: 'it has to be more social than anything else.. cause there must be better gaming options than this'
Cutelee GCC: 'afk'
You GCC: 'i think newbies come then dont get a response to those they meet in room of decision and decide the people here are not very helpful and leave'
Meninen GCC: 'anyone xpin?'
Corth GCC: 'newbies come here and see a declining mud.. so they leave and find something else'
Korgyn GCC: 'pssh people here are really helpful'
You GCC: 'not in the room of decision...'
Corth GCC: 'the toril 2.0 idea was great actually.. if it could have been executed in a timely manner'
Corth GCC: 'at this point, even if we ever see it.. who cares.. no pbase anymore'
Corth GCC: 'not many people are coming back at this point'
Corth GCC: 'i think when the toril 2.0 idea came about, the pbase was around 75 or so during prime mudding hours'
Corth GCC: 'what is it now.. 30?'
You GCC: 'thats why this is an rp mud...because thats where the highest immersion level is'
Corth GCC: 'this was never much of an rp mud.. it was a powergamer mud.. and when the game declined you lost the best players'
You GCC: 'thru out DND history campaigns that were run monty haul and hack and slash have always desolved into mechanics'
You GCC: 'campaigns that emphasized RP have long lasted'
Corth GCC: 'the most fun I had on this mud was when the competition was fierce'
Corth GCC: 'when the favored group got all the advantages, and we still tried to kick their ass'
You GCC: 'min/maxing is self destructive...RP is where character value is created'
Corth GCC: 'i dont see how you guys enjoy doing the same zones over and over again.. to outfit your 12th alt...'
Corth GCC: 'i just dont get how all the zones that 'need to be done' are getting done.. why? who cares?'
You GCC: 'its not like some console game where " i got the ultimate eq set before anyone else"'
Corth GCC: 'there is nothing here besides equipping your 15th character'
Corth GCC: 'nothing else to play for'
Corth GCC: 'thats the problem'
Elrisa GCC: 'hey corth...can't you just be happy for people?'
Corth GCC: 'they need to give people a reason to play'
Korgyn GCC: 'ive only been playing for 3 months so theres lots for me to do lol'
You GCC: 'there is RP...thats what the game is ALL about'
Corth GCC: 'listen, if you enjoy it Elrisa, I am happy for you'
Corth GCC: 'I don't play anymore, and quite frankly I don't give a shit'
Elrisa GCC: 'so why do you idle here?'
Corth GCC: 'to build up my playing days'
You GCC: 'for someone who doesnt give a shit you sure have alot of shit to say about that shit'
Corth GCC: 'im up to 1629 days'
Iledor GCC: 'because you're all stupid enough to give him some attention every so often'
Cutelee GCC: 'and btw this is an rp mud is bs... we have things that arnt RP but allowed,.. and things that would be and make rp sense arnt applied/done'
Elrisa GCC: 'are you one of those guys who breaks up with a chick and calls them everyday to remind them how messed up they were?'
Cutelee GCC: 'rp mud = excuse not to do something'
Corth GCC: 'my own personal goal is to have more pdays than the days since Alloshi (on my guild list) has logged on'
Corth GCC: 'he has 1593 days since he logged on'
Corth GCC: 'I have 1629 days logged on'
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Re: RP Zones Leading, Revisited V -Part Two

Postby Lorendel Ebonmist » Mon Oct 20, 2008 9:28 pm

You GCC: 'not its because the staff tries to somewhat cater to powergamers as well'
Corth GCC: 'over the next couple of years he'll probably beat me.. and then I will stop idling'
Cutelee GCC: 'laugh'
You GCC: 'actually ...caters more to powergamres than anyone lese'
Cutelee GCC: 'laugh'
Corth GCC: 'the funny thing is that there is a built in selection bias with the pbase'
Cutelee GCC: 'they cater to the populous but listen to the power gamers on game play things'
Corth GCC: 'the people who are left are the ones that are enjoying themselves'
Corth GCC: 'obviously'
Corth GCC: 'otherwise they would leave'
Corth GCC: 'like everyone else'
Corth GCC: 'so its impossible to ever get a good reception when you criticize the game'
Lizos GCC: 'or they have no life corth... i think thats my excuse'
Corth GCC: 'well lizos.. the whole internet is out there for people with no life to find shit to kill time on'
You GCC: 'no the mud has deviated from its original...basic founding premise'
Cutelee GCC: '2 muds + porn + tv = why i'm still here'
Corth GCC: 'so I'm guessing that torilmud somehow is enjoyable to you.. or at least a better option'
Lizos GCC: 'i think its all the hot chicks i get to meet'
Imed GCC: 'anyone wanna exp a bit?'
Imed GCC: 'healer/stoner pref!'
You GCC: 'if it were up to me (be glad it isnt) RP would be strictly enforced not strongly encouraged'
Corth GCC: 'so you'd lose maybe 10-15 players'
Corth GCC: 'and then you could all (5 of you) rp together!'
Imed GCC: 'half the players that "RP" here do a terrible job anyway'
Dugmaren GCC: 'Wasn't RP always just a small portion of the pbase?'
Corth GCC: 'nod dug'
Imed GCC: 'nod dug'
Corth GCC: 'this was generally considered a powergamer mud'
You GCC: 'i have in the last year intercepted and cultivated 3 players that came here to RP'
Cutelee GCC: 'RP is ONLY for those in favor of the Rp sphere.. people with tog rp are not invited like they once where...'
Cutelee GCC: 'rp ha been around more than the last year...'
Imed GCC: 'there's always been roleplay'
You GCC: 'but left because RP wasnt as big here as what is prospected in the mudconnector descriptioon'
Corth GCC: 'listen...'
Corth GCC: 'I can say, 'how art thou?' and be roleplaying right?'
Corth GCC: 'use that 'olde english''
Imed GCC: 'as how pros do it'
Corth GCC: 'you don't need an official tag to be an rp'er'
Cutelee GCC: 'but you power rp'ers.... goodies grouped with drow rogues for example?!?'
Cutelee GCC: 'makes perfect sense'
Nymantar GCC: 'goodies don't group with anything but efhr's'
You GCC: 'id group with drizzt any day'
Imed GCC: 'i strongly disagree with the lack of rp rewards myself'
Korgyn GCC: 'lol'
Korgyn GCC: 'me too'
Korgyn GCC: 'drizzt rocks'
Imed GCC: 'was drizzt good aligne?'
Corth GCC: 'yeah a few restrings would make thing interesting'
Cutelee GCC: 'lack of rewards is in relation to lack of RP that makes sense, and lack of RP for everyone'
Korgyn GCC: 'yep'
You GCC: 'plus there are alot of people here who prolly never read a FR book ever'
Imed GCC: 'nilan is evil aligned'
Imed GCC: 'thats who zoldren means'
Cutelee GCC: 'few restrings go a long way.... '
Korgyn GCC: 'although he's not exactly a rogue... ranger fighter'
Cutelee GCC: 'make people BUY restrings something'
Imed GCC: 'hell, give statted rewards even, but restrings especially need to come back'
Imed GCC: 'the invisible "rp point" system is silly imo'
Corth GCC: 'well thats the type of thing that gives the game some meaning.. special rewards.. not just the normal stuff'
Cutelee GCC: 'nogs they could use prestiege or something'
Cutelee GCC: 'nogz'
Korgyn GCC: 'yeah'
Imed GCC: 'corth, i need my 10th muspel ring'
Imed GCC: 'not a unique looking one:('
Corth GCC: 'for your 12th alt, i know :)'
You GCC: 'how many of you here right now even ever actually play or played DND , raise your hand if you never have...'
Corth GCC: 'never have'
Elrisa GCC: 'i have'
Cutelee GCC: 'i have'
Imed GCC: 'i have'
Dugmaren GCC: 'Anything in areas that might help? Currently working on making older (easier) zones have equipment worth doing them so you can get reasonable equipment with smaller groups. And want to do something bout easier XP too.'
[Would like to insert that I commend and applaud and appreciate all the current imms, whether their efforts can be readily seen and obvious to us or not on their dedication to figure out how to make this place better, more appealing, friendly, balanced, and many other aspects we the players realize or dont. *beer* the Gods!!! I do not eny you your jobs or positions.]

Cutelee GCC: 'thats bout all u can do dug,'
Cutelee GCC: 'more zones and fix old ones, but the problem here the smallest part is new zones'
Imed GCC: 'i'm not sure how feasible this is dug, but maybe some sort of zone customizable on the fly by rp gods would help them'
Tessuh GCC: 'isnt the problem the pbase ?'
Elrisa GCC: 'i think xp is easy enough already'
Corth GCC: 'i don't think areas is the problem dug.. there has always been a ton of great content here'
Cutelee GCC: 'its code/rp/pbase....'
Tessuh GCC: 'why fix zones if no ones around to lead anyways ?'
Imed GCC: 'i know eil/auril write whole minizones for events'
Cutelee GCC: 'exp sucks'
Cutelee GCC: 'there are zones not enough epople'
Corth GCC: 'exp isn't the problem.. everyone already has 10 fully leveled chars.. exp is only a problem for people with nothing better to do'
Imed GCC: 'points at self'
Cutelee GCC: 'think i only have 5 or 6 50's :p'
Corth GCC: 'the game needs some sort of meaning beside harvesting the same zones every boot.. that has always been the problem'
Cutelee GCC: 'just cause i hate exp at high end'
Cutelee GCC: 'nogz'
Corth GCC: 'until that is addressed, it will keep declining slowly'
Dugmaren GCC: 'XP is a problem if it discourages new players. Zones on the fly is possible but not through me.'
Imed GCC: 'honestly, exp is too easy for melee classes, probably just right for most casters'
You GCC: 'thanks corth for having the balls to raise your hand and admit you really dont know the basic concept of the rpg game'
Cutelee GCC: 'nogs exp is not right i've got 5 or 6 levels to my grouped casters 2...'
Dugmaren GCC: 'example corthage?'
Cutelee GCC: 'but again thats code not areas'
You GCC: 'but that doesnt mean i dont value your opinion..'
Corth GCC: 'shrug.. i never played dnd. I enjoyed the mud nonetheless. Takes a lot of time and effort to become skillful here, it was a real challenge'
Cutelee GCC: 'oh shit afk wife just gave me new ps3 game'
Imed GCC: 'i think corth's supporting RP as a positive solution for endgame content'
Imed GCC: 'at least in a game that never wipes in some fashion'
Corth GCC: 'dug, I keep coming back to artifacts, politics, and god favoritism :)'
Corth GCC: 'i'm in favor of introducing some sort of drama back into the game..'
Dugmaren GCC: 'Corth if I give you Avernus will you start leading weekly?'
You GCC: 'what keeps players interested in any campaing is its immersive value'
Corth GCC: 'I liked it when there were competing groups.. each with their own contacts among the gods.. fighting it out for supremacy..'
You GCC: 'whether table top or mud'
You GCC: 'why'
Imed GCC: 'don't be jealous of my artifact corth'
Corth GCC: 'you'd have to give me an income too.. got mouth to feed now! :)'
You GCC: 'because you like to debate and argue'
Dugmaren GCC: 'I think the ONLY thing that keeps people here is old friends. RP / gear / new zones has just about zippo to do with anything.'
Corth GCC: 'nod dug, i agree. its all social now'
Cutelee GCC: 'nogs dug'
Imed GCC: 'i actually really enjoy goo rp'
You GCC: 'no because it went beyond killing monsters and aquiring items'
Imed GCC: 'good'
Corth GCC: 'I can't imagine that people would stay here for gameplay reasons.. it has to be because of old friends'
Imed GCC: 'i just got kind of frustrated with the way rp is handled here'
Cutelee GCC: 'i enjoy RP, and used to be big into it'
Elrisa GCC: 'Lorendel - you have to have sex with the mobs?'
Thammos GCC: 'I like the restrings, the random events and tournaments'
Cutelee GCC: 'but the rp gods didnt agree w/my RP style,....'
You GCC: 'gear...is for the shallow'
Thammos GCC: 'oh...wait'
You GCC: 'and once they have it..they get bored'
Cutelee GCC: 'i suggested a few times'
Raiwen GCC: 'Jerra logged on last night..'
Dugmaren GCC: 'What if there were more events.. think that'd be worth logging in for? FNATs or whatev?'
Cutelee GCC: 'have a arena tourney...'
Cutelee GCC: 'fnats rule'
Imed GCC: 'events are great'
Cutelee GCC: 'more rp invasions of ghore *whistle*'
RP Tip:don't have to say 'Hail and well met, Would'st thou grant thee favor of thy skill, and engrave and embellish thine greaves? 'But you should avoid 'Yo, bitch, pimp my armor.'You ASSOC: 'i'll get ewiril after i do the lorsalian corpses first'

Imed GCC: 'i posted an arena thread to gauge if people would want to do it, not one response'
Thammos GCC: '5 man groups or something competing in some way'
Cutelee GCC: 'anythign that requires more than the normaly 3 rp's allowed to rp...'
Dugmaren GCC: 'Ya saw that hehe'
Tessuh GCC: 'yah, with tokens for winners and tokens can buy restrings or whatever'
Corth GCC: 'put a reward at the end.. once in a while without notice.. and you'll really see a boost'
Cutelee GCC: 'MOVE the RP mobs to more accessable areas not hidden in swamps for an rp that dont make sense...'
Corth GCC: 'a restring or unique item.. once every few months.. without anyone knowing when it will show up.. '
Cutelee GCC: 'agree'
Raiwen GCC: 'more admin interaction, and I'm not singling you out chris, cause you do a lot, you and El, do a lot (Calla is on a lot, too) - but the OTHERS. yeah. well the others need to show some face time.'
Corth GCC: 'that would get people on'
Dugmaren GCC: 'at the end of an "event" corth?'
Corth GCC: 'right'
Imed GCC: 'artifacts that get traded around based on who wins that week maybe.. one week its rp one week its arena, one week its pve'
Corth GCC: 'there is a website, woot.com'
Dugmaren GCC: 'that sounds reasonable, worth discussing atleast'
Nymantar GCC: 'wouldn't artifacts just mean that trit became even more elite?'
Corth GCC: 'they sell one item every day.. starts at 12AM central time'
Cutelee GCC: 'example: during an event or randomly through they day once a month... GLOBAL: OMG Loki has just created a new piece of equipment from Surturs head go find it!'
Corth GCC: 'so how the hell do they get people to stay up late until 12AM central time to see what is going to be sold?'
Imed GCC: 'trit isn't anything super badass'
Imed GCC: 'sorry triters:('
Corth GCC: 'once in a while they sell something really nice, really cheap'
Corth GCC: 'in very limited quantities'
Corth GCC: 'thats essentially the same concept as putting a reward at the end of an event, infrequently'
Raiwen GCC: 'trit doesn't need artifacts to be badass'
You GCC: 'i do believe they do that'
Cutelee GCC: 'I love the fact trit is elite... i have the same eq etc i had pre trit yet now i'm elitetest etc... greeaaaat'
Cutelee GCC: 'like i said before, this muds to small to be stupid about labels'
You GCC: 'ewiril once found a Sword of the deserts that procd sandblast but then was gone'
Dugmaren GCC: 'Corth stated earlier that it was more fun when the elite got eliter.. just made it that much sweeter to beat them, and that much more worth trying to'
Cutelee GCC: 'but USE common sense'
Cutelee GCC: 'agre dug'
Imed GCC: 'trit people just do more stuff internally which leads some people to view them as having elitist attitues, nothing wrong with either of those imo'
Cutelee GCC: 'example'
Cutelee GCC: 'I lead the NEW cc FIRST as evil before SOI or Trit....'
Cutelee GCC: 'didnt succedd but was fun'
Corth GCC: 'thats how it was dug.. but i think that really you need more pbase to have any good rivalry..'
Imed GCC: 'i led muspelheim and muspel invasion and wasn't in SOI or trit:P'
Corth GCC: 'thats a few steps down the line'
Imed GCC: 'the first ones'
Corth GCC: 'right now you are basically starting from scratch'
Cutelee GCC: 'grouping restrictions need to be fixed or deleted (alignment >> race) for example'
Corth GCC: 'you have slightly higher pbase than a brand new mud that came out of nowhere'
Raiwen GCC: 'I lead muspel invasion as evils..'
Dugmaren GCC: 'sure, i'm not deluding myself that any of this will actually work. but i like pretending the game's going to be around in a year so i can log on and talk to all of you guys'
You GCC: 'no they dont'
Cutelee GCC: 'grin dug'
Imed GCC: 'baby i'm never gonna let you down, dug'
Corth GCC: 'heheh, if thats the goal then just make a facebook group and call it quits :)'
You GCC: 'grouping restrictions need to be more restricted'
Cutelee GCC: 'lol'
Thammos GCC: 'at least till 2.0 comes in...'
Dugmaren GCC: 'i know you want run around and desert me Imed ;)'
Cutelee GCC: 'Lorendel you cant say more restrictive then go RP with evil drow and say its ok...'
Dugmaren GCC: 'wont'
Imed GCC: 'never <3'
Cutelee GCC: 'not saying i care, just saying your idea of rp is broke'
You GCC: 'look ppl coming here down the newbie hose...come here because it is suppose to mirror the FR that they nknow'
Corth GCC: 'anyway, afk.. talk to you guys later'
Meninen GCC: 'nite corth'
Imed GCC: 'or they come here cause they want to mud and they hear its got good zones, not everyone wants to roleplay'
Corth GCC: 'gotta get some sleep.. softball in the morning'
Cutelee GCC: 'latter corth'
You GCC: 'you hardly ever see my name next to nilans'
Raiwen GCC: 'RP was heavy here about 10 years ago, but not since 2003 was RP anything much but something 8 players did'
Imed GCC: 'i think thats an exaggeration raiwen'
You GCC: 'i actually dont think you can find it anywhere in rpnews'
Adriorn GCC: 'more like 5 or 6'
Imed GCC: 'it was easy to get into the stuff a few years ago'
Raiwen GCC: 'the heavy here 10 years ago part?'
Eldric GCC: 'yeah 10 years ago you could get away with heavy restrictions, now with the limited player base, makes it harder to get groups going..'
Eldric GCC: 'btw hello'
You GCC: 'yes but thats what this mud was designed for'
[If you google or wiki online games, MMO's, OnLine RPG's, Fantasy Realms, etc. you will be hardpressed to find a site or bbs discussion that DOES NOT specifically mention TorilMud. And every review I have encountered the primary genre of Toril is FR RP. So when anyone comes here based on what they have seen on virtually thousands of sites and told about in a vast number of forums, and they find that the mud is not what it is supposed to be (either from reviews, advertisement, or word of mouth) because it changed its basic premises and principles to accomodate 50-75 ppeople or even 100 or 150 it could quite possible be turning away hundreds more potential players. As far as adapting the Mud to the whims of the pbase thats absurd, if a majority said they wanted lazer guns and spaceships do you think it would happen? And just why not? Because it would change the mud from its original intent.]
[size=85]Projection makes perception. The world you see is what you give it, nothing more than that... it is a witness of your state of mind, the outside picture of an inward condition. As a man thinketh, so does he perceive. - Anonymous.
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"Anyone can kill deities, cause plagues, or destroy organizations. It takes real skill to make them live on."
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Re: RP Zones Leading, Revisited V -Part Three

Postby Lorendel Ebonmist » Mon Oct 20, 2008 9:29 pm

You GCC: 'err designed as'
Imed GCC: 'uhh how do you figure that lorendel'
Cutelee GCC: 'you HAVE to addapt to pbase'
Eldric GCC: 'yer prob right.... when there was 500 on at a time'
Cutelee GCC: 'no pbase = fix rules'
Cutelee GCC: 'example'
Imed GCC: 'rp has always only been encouraged here not enforced'
You GCC: 'no...you dont change what the mud is to accommodate the pbase'
Cutelee GCC: 'if i roll a human ranger and want him to be true neutral i SHOULD be able to rp that and have one.. guess what you cant' [disagree]
[In a post to follow there is a link that argues how D&D ruined fantasy. How algorithms and charts and dice rolls, etc. ruined RPG. In fact there is truth to that, quantifying every aspect of the game to a statistical equation has ruined the RP, But if you role a Ranger and play him neutral there is nothing stopping you...you have no real mandate that says you have to even look at the alignment label thats listed for your character. Ignore it and play your character as neutral and guess what...he will be neutral. For example: Adriorn has a character that is a Conjurer...wha...?? How the hell? If Nilan wants to play an evil drow that sometimes helps the goodies, especially to collaborate to defeat an evil that would threaten goodraces and evilraces alike, and uses said relationship to further he and his gods own will, is that any different than the U.S. supporting Iraq to foil Iran? And in turn we "use" Nilan to our ends. And there is Drizzt...but really who with any inclination of originality would try to pull off a mirror copy of Drizzt, but its not outside the realm of possibility that "some" drow could play off Drizzt's fame and "seem like" drizzt to further his/her own agenda. But roleplaying that you are a Jedi Knight is not acceptable imho. Until someone writes Finder's Realm and the Nexus.]

Meninen GCC: 'hate to say it but i wouldnt be here if rp was enforced'
You GCC: 'i vote we all get blasters and light sabers'
Cutelee GCC: 'Lorendel true IF the mud made sense'
Cutelee GCC: 'the RP here doesnt make RP sense... shesh'
Eldric GCC: 'it follows 2nd ed rules, so no rangers have to be good..'
Cutelee GCC: 'yet RP allows you to change...'
Cutelee GCC: 'look at drittz'
You GCC: 'it doesnt because evils wanna group with goods and pallies wanna group with evil ...not allowed'
You GCC: 'if your a ranger and you go neutral guess what...your now a warrior'
Imed GCC: 'welcome to 2nd ed?'
Eldric GCC: 'bah, we used to group with evils all the time back in the day... there was a time they didn't enforce it..'
You GCC: 'no spells...no extras'
Imed GCC: 'was called outcasting!'
Saler GCC: 'but thats my choice'
Imed GCC: 'everyone would be OC now if we could'
A look of lament comes across Guhan's face.
You GCC: 'the game has been so convoluted from its original premises and flavor and theme that calling it FR or Toril is actually an insult to Ed Greenwood and all the people who for 30 years strived to stress that getting every item in the DM's guide would only ruin the game for you players, it sickens me'
[ok that may have been a little harsh or steep-thinking. But it is saddening to see that the MUD is suffering the same fates as many a DM/GM 's campaign when there has been tons of articles and essays and advice give out over the last 30 years or so to stave off or remedy this kind of entropic necrocropolis of the game and its ability to keep players interested and maintain its infectiousness and contagion to attract new players. Even WoW is suffering from the same stigma. I never played but I have read some boards and the same concerns are being proposed over EQ and XP and stats etc. Without immersive content boredom and pbase loss WILL occur. And its not that this mud doesn't have immersive content (it has as much as anyone could desired or need) it's the mentality of the pbase not to utilize or explore those aspects of the game. Because of lack of example in leadership (not the Imms the 'elite' players) who have to , we have to as players bear some of the responsibility to make the Mud attractive and interactive and immersive. This is our world away from the RL world and we can't expect the staff to hand us everything and do everything for us...we as players ultimately have more impact on what is done and how the mud is viewed and embraced by outsiders and newcomers. Take for example, Korgyn or especially even newer players even viewing this discussion on GCC to me would seem "self destructive" and shines a negative light on the mud itself. Its like not arguing in front of your children kinda thing. Same goes for the BBS for/to visiting guests. ]

Saler GCC: 'yet earlier you said you liked the rp here...'
Eldric GCC: 'ed wont' mind... i've talked to him at many cons..'
Imed GCC: '*goes into a nerdrage over FR canon*'
You GCC: 'the people that RP here the die hards..Lorsalian, Lilira, Nilan, and even Gormal ...and others...when it happens is way fun and good'
You GCC: 'but even if its my necro sucking up to nymantar for necro /lich advice it s rp'
Callarduran responds to your petition with 'Hi, I hear you have a question about arrow reimbursement?'
Saler GCC: 'necros never suck up, they prettend to be apprentices and kill their master and take their power'
Korgyn GCC: 'exactly'
Eldric GCC: 'guess it's great if you like a solo game, or limited groupings....'
You GCC: 'rp doesnt have to be an imm run event you can do it find it anywhere anytime'
Nymantar GCC: 'watch it, Korgyn'
Saler GCC: 'lol'
Eldric GCC: 'I'm rp'ing peeing in the farming field, but no one is here to witness it..'
Korgyn GCC: 'sorry master'
Korgyn GCC: 'lol'
Nymantar GCC: 'grin'
Korgyn GCC: 'one day ill be a lich just like you'
Korgyn GCC: 'when i grow up i wanna be a lawn chair'
Korgyn GCC: 'i mean a lich'
Nymantar GCC: ':('
You petition 'sigh...yes i sent a email to admin gmail...with explanantion and the log if you are willing to look at it...'
If you do not not receive a prompt response for matters that need staff
attention, please fill out a ticket at http://www.torilmud.org/trac/
Imed GCC: 'i want to roleplay a braziere'
Imed GCC: 'preferably a chainmail one'
Korgyn GCC: 'sorry hows doing what to the fields?'
Korgyn GCC: 'whos*'
Callarduran responds to your petition with 'Sorry. I usually check thta every day or two, but been a bit busy. Give me a minute to look at the email.'
You GCC: 'i mean most of you have actually no idea the amount of literature that has been wriitten to help DM's keep their games from falling into...boring ass..."okay we all equiip are vorpal weapons....and attack Asmoedeus...then we shift to Vallahalla and kill Thor'
Dugmaren GCC: 'vorpal weapons vs. Asmodeus & Valhalla vs. Thor is RIDICULOUSLY fun the first dozen times. Problem is we've done it a hundred. Sides, I NEVER enjoyed "how are ye.. today.. good sirrah"'
Dugmaren GCC: 'I'm all for RP, just don't tell me it's the end all'
You GCC: 'eq is way to liquid...and thats the problem..its monty haul pure and simple...and decades of experience knows that declines into absurdity...and pointlessness....we might as well take a 6 sider and each roll it one time whoever get s the highest number wins'
Imed GCC: 'oh its not dug cause it can go bad with just one person who sucks:P'
Callarduran responds to your petition with 'OK, here's the thing. First, thank you for sending a log. That helps a great deal. I am going to say no on the arrow reimbursement, FOR NOW. It is policy to not reimburse items lost in a crash.'
Imed GCC: 'i think its a fairly untapped resource'
Imed GCC: 'more people would at least participate if it rewarded something'
Saler GCC: 'raise your hand if you have a restring or artifact'
Imed GCC: '*raise*'
Saler GCC: 'from rp..'
Saler GCC: '1 < badge'
Korgyn GCC: 'i ate a artifact once'
Serish GCC: 'ill act like whatever you want for a restring'
Callarduran responds to your petition with 'However, especially with the change to weapon fumbles, I am more open to changing that rule. I'm going to look into possibilities, and will get back to you shortly. If we change the rule, you will be the first to benefit from it.'
Imed GCC: '*raise*'
Lizos GCC: 'i can only raise my hand for rp campaigns i didnt get a restring from... 1'
Dugmaren GCC: 'raise'
Pazak GCC: 'hells yes cloak of natures revenge just sounds to much like a doodad thing'
Imed GCC: 'nothing beats a good beard imo'
Dugmaren GCC: 'Tia mug comes close though'
Saler GCC: 'and no matter how much i used to RP zoldren.. i can never get him pink flames for inferno'
You petition 'cool...cause it only took 5 or so years to get 33 enchanted dark flaming...the bronze ...well i can forage the birds for those they not so big a deal'
If you do not not receive a prompt response for matters that need staff
attention, please fill out a ticket at http://www.torilmud.org/trac/
Saler GCC: 'or a cat house to run'
Imed GCC: 'as much as i love it, i think muspel spoon actually hurt some game flavor'
Imed GCC: 'eating and drinking your fave stuff was always cool to me'
Imed GCC: 'what container u used, what food u ate'
Dugmaren GCC: 'true, I still eat BBQ sammiches from WD even though I have it'
Saler GCC: 'i eat elfs '
You GCC: 'is muspel spoon like Murlynd's Spoon?'
Meninen GCC: 'one and the same'
Dugmaren GCC: 'it IS Murlynd's Spoon'
You GCC: 'okay thats been in DND and FR since Greyhawk...how can you have a problem with that...Murlynd was the previous decades Elminster'
Callarduran responds to your petition with 'I'm sorry I can't give you a more concrete answer on it for now, but this is something I'm definitely going to look into. Understand about the dark enchanteds, not to mention some of the other hard to get ones.'
Dugmaren GCC: 'because it's more boring then seeing cool food choices on different people'
Dugmaren GCC: 'it takes away from "RP" eatting fun stuff'
Saler GCC: 'you should see my bag...'
Meninen GCC: 'nothin beats a 10 pound steak'
Nymantar GCC: 'is that some sort of sick come-on, pink?'
Imed GCC: 'i never saw it as rp, but it was some cool personal flavor that everyone took part in'
Meninen GCC: 'noooo not from pinky :P'
You petition 'thanks for your time and consideration...i hate to even ask about it...but...i would even have no problem with a force load of the mob.....that has to be defeated to get themm back'
If you do not not receive a prompt response for matters that need staff
attention, please fill out a ticket at http://www.torilmud.org/trac/
Dugmaren GCC: 'i always thought personal flavor kinda was RP. Like refusing to wear +4dam boots cuz your +3dam boots match so much better'
Korgyn GCC: 'anyone know where the guild hall in wd with the flesh golem outside of it is?'
Imed GCC: 'true dug, kinad halfway tho'
Dugmaren GCC: 'nod'
Meninen GCC: 'yeah gotta have a matchin outfit huh dug :)'
Rebas GCC: 'head south toward commons'
Dugmaren GCC: 'might just have pioneered that :P'
Imed GCC: 'one thing that annoys me is that character descriptions and last names aren't police well at all anymore'
Saler GCC: 'lol'
You GCC: 'wasnt there a spell/isnt there a spell called Murlynd's Feast'
Saler GCC: 'i used to kill people cause i only wear pink eq in zones :p'
Dugmaren GCC: 'I remember in Sojourn we'd try doing zones with only MC'd items for the challenge.'
You GCC: 'maybe it was an emote..'
[I actually now realize that I was seeing the spoon used and remember looking around in room and saw nothing. I suggest adding a spiffy ANSI proc effect that lays out a feast enough to feed a party of 10 with 3 course meals and spirits. (or would that be Leomund's Feast? Anyways I really did think it was maybe just an emote...lame 'O)

Imed GCC: 'remember cr kits? like when the game had challenge and risk:P'
Dugmaren GCC: 'Yes, but I'm ok with not needing them now. Missing work isn't the same as skipping class.'
Imed GCC: 'true'
Saler GCC: 'i still have cr kits'
Dugmaren GCC: 'That said 4am roots CRs ftw'
Saler GCC: 'nogs dug cant miss works :('
Imed GCC: 'what about the gith "cr" where you lost like 4-5 shell sets'
Meninen GCC: 'ouch'
Dugmaren GCC: 'Ya nobody could keep link long enough to bash entry gith warriors.. Mplor saved us all in the morning lol'
Dugmaren GCC: 'Waelos was angry with me about his shells lol'
You GCC: 'imed i got a last name denied last week...'
Saler GCC: 'remember when zap made you drop transient eq...'
Imed GCC: 'speaking of drunken homos, whats up mogr'
Mogr GCC: 'Bwahaha'
Saler GCC: 'this coming from a goat F'er'
You GCC: 'which sux cause name enforcement does seem to be pretty damn lax...and I didnt think mine was all that bad....and I got way grilled on the description...tried to make it right about 15 times'
Mogr GCC: 'only had 1 beer today! something must be wrong'
Imed GCC: 'saler = teflor'
Imed GCC: 'only drinking one day a week now myself:('
Hexiheg GCC: 'I blame AA for so few zones done these days'
Meninen GCC: 'fatherhood stops me from zoning so much'
Korgyn GCC: 'is there a guild hall like the mages guild hall that necromancers can get into? where they have a shop and the like?'
Dugmaren GCC: 'It scares me to think that Lili is responsible for 1/2 of the pbase apparently :P'
Mogr GCC: 'so true meninen'
Imed GCC: 'necro guild is in bloodstone'
Korgyn GCC: 'aw'
Saler GCC: 'i miss bloodstone :('
Meninen GCC: 'baldurs gate'
Korgyn GCC: 'wheres this bloodstone place?'
Saler GCC: 'best zone'
Imed GCC: ':P'
Saler GCC: 'was AWESOME for necros/anties'
Korgyn GCC: 'but the necro guild in bg doesn't have a shop...'
Meninen GCC: 'what u need anyways'
Korgyn GCC: 'and it's just some old guy in a basement somewhere'
Korgyn GCC: 'iono i wanna buy stuff i got money and it's burning a hole in my bank'
Saler GCC: 'and EM has a necro guild huh? :P'
Meninen GCC: 'hehe'
Mogr GCC: 'the ingame auction is a good place to shop for eq'
Korgyn GCC: 'i don't know how to use that yet'
Imed GCC: 'agree mogr'
Mogr GCC: 'otherwise there are a few useful potions and scrolls at various shops around the realms too'
Meninen GCC: 'nogs auction is the biggest plat sink out there'
Korgyn GCC: 'is there one in wd?'
Meninen GCC: 'baldurs gate and vt'
Tessuh GCC: 'nerinax ?'
Korgyn GCC: 'oh'
Mogr GCC: 'korgyn, check out the ingame auction, there are auctioneers (for the same auction - there's only 1 actaul list of auction) at either Baldur's Gate or VipersTongue outpost'
Korgyn GCC: 'k thank you'
Vahadan GCC: 'korgyn, if you need transport I can moonwell you, just send a tell'
Korgyn GCC: 'transport?'
Korgyn GCC: 'uhm'
Imed GCC: 'magical transportation is the only way to fly'
Korgyn GCC: 'nah i don't wanna bother ya besides i needa learn how to run places'
Imed GCC: 'watch out for the tar pits'
Vahadan GCC: 'yea, magical moonwell transport from another location on on the prime material plane, to save you walking on foort'
Korgyn GCC: 'yea i hate those'
Korgyn GCC: 'damn tar pits'
Vahadan GCC: 'yes, navigating and learning walking routes is really helpful :)'
Korgyn GCC: 'found the tar pits when i was like lvl 2'
Adriorn GCC: 'they'd be better if room was silence'
Meninen GCC: 'yeah itd be hard to talk with a mouthful of tar'
Korgyn GCC: 'lol'
Korgyn GCC: 'a little bit'
You ASSOC: 'dood you missed the biggst can of worms' [can of worms revisited V]
'ya mean it got worse after i logged?'
You ASSOC: 'everyone trying to figure out how to make the game better more attractive to new and old players...its all in the RP'
Korgyn GCC: 'how does moonwell work? can it transport you anywhere on the map? or just to main city's?'
You ASSOC: 'i logged the whole thing'
Serish GCC: 'help teleport_beacon is the list of default targets'
Serish GCC: 'otherwise its just to a player'
Korgyn GCC: 'thank you'
'did it help?'
Imed GCC: 'you're a necromancer so you can use illithid skills like dimensional rift and whatnot too'
Korgyn GCC: 'can i?'
Korgyn GCC: 'oh'
You GCC: 'so are you saying if i have a target at necro guild in Leuth...get a well to target i can enter guild and guards wont come get me'
Imed GCC: '41+ mages can also gate you to other planes that are small and then gate you back through to places that normally take a long time to run to'
You ASSOC: 'it may have' [prolly not anymore than this conversation ever did]
Iledor GCC: 'lf an ethereal shield'
You ASSOC: 'only time will tell'
Vahadan GCC: 'the city's justice code will detect outcast pchars inside the zone, soon enough'
Korgyn GCC: 'sweet'
Vahadan GCC: 'and you will hear "alarm bells sound, signalling an invasion!"'
Vahadan GCC: 'and the heavy-handed guards will chase you'
Korgyn GCC: 'i remember that i tried to get into the drow city in the forest of mir lol'
You ASSOC: 'unfortuanately....i think i was making too much sense and got distracted by the gods talking to me...pulled me out of the conversation to talk about the arrows i lost during the glabrzu fight then mud crashed and i petitioned for reimburssement'
Korgyn GCC: 'oh yeah is there a help file for the list of planes you can warp too?'
Serish GCC: 'hrm, i dont see it. you get a list when you cast it tho'
Korgyn GCC: 'oh k'
You GCC: 'city guards can get by/past a guild guardian?'
Lupipopple GCC: 'justice guard probably can'
You GCC: 'if they arent necro's they should be denied'
Lupipopple GCC: 'shrug, justice guard probably can get into anywhere'
Lupipopple GCC: 'take a drow necro into WD necro guild. see what happens.'
Etillah GCC: 'test your hiding skills!'
You GCC: 'well i know chars are safe at entrance to necro guild in leuth but inside guild i dont know about....there hasnt been necro elfs in a looong time'
You GCC: 'there isnt a necro guild in wd'
Lupipopple GCC: 'that's only b/c it's a safe room'
Lupipopple GCC: 'or rather peace room'
Lupipopple GCC: 'there used to be a necro guild in WD, was east of judge on silk road, had a golem guild guardian'
You GCC: 'but if say a human necro stepped into the guild they would attack him'
Korgyn GCC: 'is anyone avaiable for corpse retrieval?'
Imed GCC: 'where'd u die'
Korgyn GCC: 'uhm on way to bg from wd by trolls and a hangman'
You ASSOC: 'im getting ready to post the log'
Korgyn GCC: 'maybe i want too far south?'
Lupipopple GCC: 'pretty sure WD still has necro guild..'
Vahadan GCC: 'you wandered into trollbark forest zone'
You ASSOC: 'you gotta read this'
Lupipopple GCC: 'just like, WD still has mercenary guild, too'
Korgyn GCC: 'ah i tried going in there flesh golem stops you'
Lupipopple GCC: 'and assassin guild'
Vahadan GCC: 'it does have assassin and rogue guild etc, unsure about necro guild in wd'
You GCC: 'you can prac spells and stuff in vt as well Korgyn'
Korgyn GCC: 'oh'
Lupipopple GCC: 'pretty sure that guild in WD east of judge was old necro guild'
You GCC: 'go upstairs and prac with ogre magi'
Korgyn GCC: 'oh k'
Lupipopple GCC: 'and I also think it's connected to main mage guild by a portal'
Korgyn GCC: 'cool'
You GCC: 'nraak i think is his name'
Korgyn GCC: 'so whats the best way of getting a corpse out of trollbark forest?'
Etillah GCC: 'spam it!'
You ASSOC: 'wBBs first...later after a little editing will go on tBBS'
Lupipopple GCC: 'have a quick friend help ya'
Korgyn GCC: 'oh'
Vahadan GCC: 'get a light, use invis, run real fast and drag it out to 1n of of cleona, out of zone'
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Re: RP Zones Leading, Revisited V -Part One

Postby Botef » Tue Oct 21, 2008 2:01 am

example: Adriorn has a character that is a Conjurer...wha...?? How the hell? If Nilan wants to play an evil drow that sometimes helps the goodies, especially to collaborate to defeat an evil that would threaten goodraces and evilraces alike, and uses said relationship to further he and his gods own will, is that any different than the U.S. supporting Iraq to foil Iran? And in turn we "use" Nilan to our ends. And there is Drizzt...but really who with any inclination of originality would try to pull off a mirror copy of Drizzt, but its not outside the realm of possibility that "some" drow could play off Drizzt's fame and "seem like" drizzt to further his/her own agenda. But roleplaying that you are a Jedi Knight is not acceptable imho. Until someone writes Finder's Realm and the Nexus.]

Whoa, what a paragraph! Adriorn, Conjurer, Nilan, Iraq, Iran, US, Drizzt, Jedi Knights. This belongs at the bottom of the page.

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Re: RP Zones Leading, Revisited V -Part One

Postby Gormal » Tue Oct 21, 2008 6:04 am

Hell, I was there for half of that conversation and its too long to read!
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Re: RP Zones Leading, Revisited V -Part One

Postby Ambar » Tue Oct 21, 2008 1:47 pm

Can somoene paraphrase this?
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Re: RP Zones Leading, Revisited V -Part One

Postby Ragorn » Tue Oct 21, 2008 4:59 pm

- Ragorn
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Re: RP Zones Leading, Revisited V -Part One

Postby Auril » Thu Oct 23, 2008 12:54 am

Brief summary:

Lorendel conversed over ACC with a guildmate concerning roleplay and newcomers to the MUD. He switched to GCC and baited the listeners for a greater response. There was discussion about what is wrong with the mud, what would make it better, and the nature of TorilMUD in general.

Lorendel mentioned roleplay often, citing that in his opinion TorilMUD needs players to seek out newcomers and roleplay with them. Some said that the rp available is inadequate, exclusionistic and doesn't provide sufficient rewards to be worth the time, although personal expression (which may be viewed as roleplay) in terms of foods consumed and equipment sets worn is generally seen as a positive thing.
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Re: RP Zones Leading, Revisited V -Part One

Postby Lilira » Thu Oct 23, 2008 11:17 am

I would again like to point out that while the 'invitations' might not go out to people, there are ways to find out about RP. Do some work on your side to keep track, don't drop the whole burden on RPQ to notify.

RPNEWS! Check it, because things get posted like mob events that players might not have participated in but do need to hear about. Upcoming RP events, past RP events, etc.

I have always found that RPQ is open to suggestions for viable events, send a mmail or email. Don't gripe if there isn't RP going on that you want to participate in, give suggestions for something you would participate in. Just remember, something might not fit in the 'tapestry' now, but that doesn't mean it won't later.

I almost wonder though, with how near they are to each other, if the ogres in CV shouldn't look to expand toward a nice profitable outpost near by.....
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Re: RP Zones Leading, Revisited V -Part One

Postby Tasan » Fri Oct 24, 2008 11:34 pm

I blame people like Lilira, Ashiwi and Sotana. They have obviously dropped the ball when it comes to providing ample opportunities for RP outside of RPQ-related events.

For shame, ladies.
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Re: RP Zones Leading, Revisited V -Part One

Postby Gormal » Sat Oct 25, 2008 1:58 am

WTB: Telarato...
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Re: RP Zones Leading, Revisited V -Part One

Postby Ashiwi » Mon Nov 10, 2008 3:29 pm

Gormal wrote:WTB: Telarato...

So just what are you putting on the table in your offered purchase price? After New Orleans the easy way to buy (one bottle of tequila) is no longer an option for a while.

Neither are turtles.

Or the color red.
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Re: RP Zones Leading, Revisited V -Part One

Postby Lilira » Mon Nov 10, 2008 3:39 pm

Someone get sunburned Ashi?


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I haven't even been able to go ghosthunting. *sniff*

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You group-say 'my chars will carry the component on them if I can.'
Inama group-says 'hopefully they'll have some sort of volume discounts on ress items for people like you'
You group-say 'oh? Ya think? *giggle*'
Inama group-says 'they could at least implement frequent dier miles'

Suzalize group-says 'oh, eya's over weight i bet'

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