Thamos says 'owned'

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Thamos says 'owned'

Postby moritheil » Sun Oct 21, 2007 5:13 pm

Thamos completes his spell...
Thamos utters the words, 'resurrect'
Your body seems to shimmer suddenly, then crumbles into dust.

An Incomplete Guards Tower
Exits: -N -S
A small bracelet made from roots writhes here on the ground here.
A pair of leggings made of silver plate meshed together is here.
Corpse of Moritheil is lying here.
Corpse of a malevolent chacodyn is lying here.
A traveler from Calimshan stands here shivering as he tries to get warm.
Thamos (Human) stands here.
A bandit raider sneaks quietly up the trail hoping to avoid detection.
A small treant ambles here.
You feel a Presence touch you, its divine hand cupping itself
around your soul and drawing it forth from your current body. For
one brief instant, you witness the enormity of the universe before
your soul is gently deposited into your previous body, at the feet of Thamos.
A bandit raider gets a small bracelet made of writhing roots.
A bandit raider places a small bracelet made of writhing roots around his wrist.
You stop meditating.
You say 'woot'
You get some silvermesh leggings.
Corpse of a malevolent chacodyn isn't takeable.
<P> laugh
You fall down laughing.
<P> l raider
The bandit raider is just a little over five feet tall and is very light on his
feet. He wears a cloak wrapped tightly about his body, conveniently hiding what
he is wearing and carrying.
A bandit raider is in excellent condition.

<worn> a small bracelet made of writhing roots
You have finished praying for moonwell.
Your prayers are complete.
You receive a bottomless bag of the illithids from Thamos.
<P> You clamber to your feet.
Thamos says 'owned'
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Postby Dalar » Wed Oct 24, 2007 11:22 pm

Dear kind sirs,

Please rent out those bracelets when you can. I do not need them for myself, but others may furiously smash their keyboards while doing that quest. Thanks.
It will be fixed in Toril 2.0.
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