Check this problem...

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Check this problem...

Postby Gizep » Thu Mar 29, 2007 11:27 am

First off, i'm pretty sure I can change the "force character" to something other than ~ but I would rather not.
zstat Tiamat

Code: Select all

#VAR ZoneStats {%query( &Zone =~~ %1, All)}
#FORALL @ZoneStats {lookup %db(%i,Name)}

returns all items in my equipment db that have the word Tiamat in the Zone field.

This generates a syntax error, but works, I would like to resolve the syntax error somehow without changing the functionality of ~

Added Periods to show the place, due to formatting on website here, it's the 2nd ~ if it doesnt look right to you.
#VAR ZoneStats {%query( &Zone =~~ %1, All)}
.......................................................^ syntax error


Using the same alias base, I would like to change it to work something like this:

lstat str

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#VAR ZoneStats {%query( &{%1} != 0 & &{%1} != %null, All)}
#FORALL @ZoneStats {lookup %db(%i,name)}

would return all items that have %1 !%null and != 0


is there anyway to make the expressions dynamic as well?

what I'm really looking to do is take a tell like find maxint hp
which would return all items that have maxint and hp....
kind of an in game query builder without having to really code once it's done.
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Postby Kegor » Mon Apr 02, 2007 5:40 am

You are posting some pretty advanced questions and what not now. I think you would have much better luck getting a good answer at

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