Path hiccup

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Path hiccup

Postby Lilira » Fri Dec 05, 2008 12:49 pm

< 535h/545H 514p/514P 129v/132V >
< P: std > w
A Forest Trail
This is an infrequently used path that is slowly being reclaimed
by the forest. Tall grasses and short, stubby trees somewhat hinder
progress between the west and east.
Exits: - North - East - West

< 535h/545H 514p/514P 129v/132V >
< P: std > l w
You extend your sights westwards.
A Forest Trail
Exits: - East - South - West

< 536h/545H 514p/514P 130v/132V >
< P: std > l e
You extend your sights eastwards.
A Forest Trail
Exits: - South - West

< 537h/545H 514p/514P 131v/132V >
< P: std > l n
You extend your sights northwards.
A Chilly Portion of the Forest
Exits: - North - South

< 538h/545H 514p/514P 132v/132V >
< P: std > w
A Forest Trail
This is a well beaten down path within a thickly forested region,
the trees too close together off the path to fit between. Here, the
path is sloping downward from the north to the south. There is also
a lesser used trail headed east. To the west, the trail meets a wide
road crossing.
Exits: - East - South - West
A trail marker stands north of the trail.

< 538h/545H 514p/514P 131v/132V >
< P: std > w
End of the Great Northern Road
The long stone road called the Great Northern Road
transitions into the Evermoor Way. Turning more to
the northeast, the road travels into the grasslands
of the North. The Way has been worn and compacted by
the travelers using its path. This road is the only easy
travel from the Sword Coast to the northern interior. The road
continues its course to the west and east.
Exits: - East - West

< 538h/545H 514p/514P 130v/132V >
< P: std > e
Evermoor Way
A few purple flowers break the green carpet of waving grass which
spreads as far as the eye can see. The road is composed of
mostly hardened dirt although some spots of had stone and gravel
to fill in ruts or holes. Creeping weeds grow along
the periphery of the road where they can grow without being
pushed out by the grass. The road continues traveling east and
west from here through the prairie.
Exits: - North - East - South - West
A wooden sign stands in the grass by the side of the road here.

To clear this up... heading from elfgate dump room after leaving Leuthilspar to Northern Road. If you'll note, I was heading west, then moved back one east to end up in a different room. :-)
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