Game Update Notes: 1/24/2009

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Game Update Notes: 1/24/2009

Postby Shevarash » Sat Jan 24, 2009 5:24 pm

The following was added in the 1/24/2009 game update:

  • Assist will no longer drop you into melee combat when auto-firing.
  • Afire can now be used to assist while afiring.
  • The attributes command will now show AC and Agility bonus as separate items for greater clarity. Please note that the agility bonus stacks on top of AC, which was not previously displayed.
  • Clean will now work with the 1., 2. syntax to clean posion off of multiple weapons with the same name.
  • Added a new prompt option: enemypos. This will show the position of your current target.
  • Fixed a bug with spell focus and re-enabled it. Spell focus modifiers should now show up on the attribute command.

Notes: The new agility display now displays agility at the correct value, whereas before it was added to AC as double it's real value. As part of adding the prompts I've expanded the total possible prompt options from 16 to 32, so please feel free to make suggestions on how to fill those 16 slots up.

Just to be clear, there was no change made to the combat engine or AC, only to how the attribute command displays it.
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Re: Game Update Notes: 1/24/2009

Postby Ragorn » Sat Jan 24, 2009 6:22 pm

Thanks for making these updates, Shev. And thanks for posting about them.
- Ragorn
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