Game Update Notes: 7/20/2009 [Weapon Standardization]

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Game Update Notes: 7/20/2009 [Weapon Standardization]

Postby Shevarash » Tue Jul 21, 2009 2:07 am

The following changes were added in the 7/20/2009 game update:

  • Added weapon standardization code and tied it to the critical hit logic. Only a handful of test zones have been converted to use the new weapon format. See below for a complete list of zones and the new weapon table You can check individual weapons via the identify spell as well.
  • Healing Aura now does twice as much healing in half the amount of time.
  • Healing Aura now only shows a message to the target.
  • Shield Punch recognizes displace/mirror image and will no longer stack.
  • Sandstorm no longer gives feedback.
  • Fixed several crash bugs.

New Weapon Code

The new weapon code put in place with this update will classify every weapon into it's respective type. Longswords will be longswords, battleaxes will be battleaxes, etc. Each weapon type has many attributes associated with it - how it can be wielded, what type of weapon it is, etc. The only attributes currently in use are the ones related to critical hit:

  • Critical Hit Threat Range: This attribute is the % chance that any given hit will be a critical hit.
  • Critical Hit Modifier: This attribute is the multiplier applied to damage done from this weapon's critical hit. A 2 means that a critical hit will do 2x damage, 3 is 3x damage, etc.

Note: In order for weapons to take advantage of the new code they must be converted to the new types on a zone-by-zone basis. To start off, we've converted a handful of zones to test it out. Weapons from these zones will use the critical hit code above (when wielded by NPCs or PCs), and all other weapons will use the old code. You can tell if a given weapon has been converted by casting identify on it - the new weapons have a line for the new attributes added on. We'll start converting the rest of the zones shortly.

Zone List

The converted zones are:

  • Baldur's Gate
  • Dobluth Kyor
  • Havenport
  • Izan's Floating Fortress
  • Comarian Mines
  • Greycloak Hills
  • Hive of the Manscorpions
  • Cave City
  • Scardale
  • Jotunheim
  • Seelie Court
  • Tarsellian Forest
  • Zhentil Keep

Weapon Table

The details of each weapon type can currently be found here. This list will be maintained as changes are made.

Comments and questions are welcome in this thread. Please note that the initial weapon table is just a first draft - it is likely to change. There are also likely to be weapons that did not convert into the right type or should possibly be changed to another type for balance reasons. Feel free to bring these to our attention via the Areas forum or Trac tickets.
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