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RP News - Last Updated on 4-27-2011

Postby Psilofyr » Tue Jan 11, 2011 8:19 pm

2011-18-4 - Rumors & Sightings
- An unconscious halfling was found on the road and taken to Silverymoon.

2011-26-2 - Rumors & Sightings
- The corpses of a few laborers was found outside the north gates of
Waterdeep, along with a few unwanted guests.

2011-29-1 - Questing
- A brewery is well on its way to making a grand debut thanks to the efforts
of a few entrepreneurs and a humble farmer.

2011-15-1 - Questing
- A fight broke out in the village of Neshkal leaving the region
in a tense standoff with their Ogre neighbors. Though the fighting
has settled down it is uncertain what will happen next.

2011-1-1 - Happy New Year!
- Apologies folks! Its been a busy month but do not despair, January
should prove to be an exciting month! We want to thank you all for your
support and look forward to a new year of adventures.

2010-28-11 - Rumors & Sightings
- The city of Baldur's Gate has given the all clear for northward travel
on word that the beasts seen along the road have mysteriously vanished.

2010-11-27 - Questing
- A travelers caravan set forth from Baldur's Gate, encountering some
unusual beasts in the fields just north of there but otherwise making
the journey without issue. Some adventurers were seen departing with
the caravan but were absent upon its arrival in Waterdeep.

2010-10-23 - Questing
- A horde lumbered through the underdark collecting mushrooms, ending
their raid on a fungus farm in time to catch the tail end of a troll wrestling
match. The group was later seen meeting with an odd looking illithid in the
Spider Swamp caravansary before returning to Dobluth Kyor.

2010-10-9 - Rumors & Sightings
- The hamlet of Skull Crag was attacked recently resulting in the death
of a some Purple Dragon soldiers.

2010-10-9 - Questing
- A toast to a fallen comrade was held chased by some whispered conversation
and a bottle of rum.

2010-10-2 - Questing
- Tales of a nobles satisfaction circulate the taverns of Waterdeep
on word of a band of mercenaries return from the east. As the story goes
the noble hired them to avenge the death of his son, a task they handled
heroically before returning with bloody proof the deed was done.

2010-9-23 - Questing
- The constable was no sherlock holmes but arrested two unworthy suspects,
which was not taken well by a few of the attendants and some of the local
merchants. Both suspects where later seen leaving the palace after being
pardoned by the Pasha. Meanwhile in Waterdeep a noble merchant mourns
over the news of his sons death.

2010-9-18 - Questing
- The Barracuda arrived in Baldur's Gate a little late and in need of a
good swabbing, while in Calimport a recent murder remains unsolved.

2010-9-11 - Questing
- Several adventurers were seen meeting with a merchant, a trader
was saved, and a halfling's best friend suffered a slight set back.

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