Sojourn/Toril Pre-Wipe Timeline

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Sojourn/Toril Pre-Wipe Timeline

Postby Nyyrazzilyss » Tue Aug 11, 2020 12:39 am

Wish there was a historical timeline for major events that had occurred through Sojourn and Toril prior to the most recent wipe (2001). I'm listing some I can think of (likely out of order), many undated. If you can think of something to add / or accurately date, please reply!

December 1994 - A new spell system was added requiring memorization of spells (not mana) and practicing skills

January 1, 1995 - pwipe, beginning of the new 'Sojourn1' era
Removal of Dragonnia, Myrenthrea
New Zone: Icecrag
New Zone: Jotunheim

The split: Sojourn1---> Toril1 | Duris - Late 1995
The first reference to this that I could find was March 20, 1996, however, the restoration from the dream was done using Duris provided code.

New Zone: Greycloak Hills

Dec/1995 (?) "The Dream" loss of backups and a month(+?) of the mud

January, 1996: New Zone: Havenport

June, 1997 New Zone: Baldur's Gate
Removal of Beserkers, Mercenaries
Lich quest for necromancer
New race: Duergar
New race: Illithid
Removal of Monks
New race: Drow
9/20/1998: Toril1 shutdown

12/25/1998: Sojourn2 return with Toril, Shevarash, Cyric, Kiaransalee, and Mask as forgers

Sorcerer replaced with Invokers, Enchanters
Assassin and Thief replaced with Rogue
1/23/2000: Sojourn2 shutdown

11/30/00 -> 4/28/01 news file

May 1, 2001 - Sojourn3 returned with a pwipe


New class: Illusionist, Elementalist

Early Sojourn3 discussion (2001-2003)

2003: Shevarash 'That's when we "split" again. We retired the Sojourn 3 name and split into two MUDs, one run by myself, Shar and Cyric, and the other by Miax.'

Shevarash 'The general timeline is: Sojourn 1 (1993-1995) -> Toril 1 (1995-1998) -> Sojourn 2 (1998-2000) ->Sojourn 3 (2001-2003) -> Toril 2 (2003 - current)'

Shevarash 'That's fair. Maybe just call out the "forgers" of each era.'
Shevarash 'Soj 1: Mystra/Lloth/Cython -> Toril 1: Mystra/Gond/Lloth -> Soj 2: Kia/Mask/Shev/Cyric -> Soj 3: Miax/Kia/Shev/Cyric -> Toril 2: Shev/Shar/Cyric'

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