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Kick messages

Postby Treladian » Wed Apr 11, 2001 6:06 pm

< 99h/138H 93p/93P 115v/115V >
< T: Treladian TC: few wounds E: warg EC: nasty wounds>
The powerful heavy warhorse charges a large warg extremely hard.
A large warg claws you very hard.
You slash a large warg very hard.

< 90h/138H 93p/93P 115v/115V >
< T: Treladian TC: few wounds E: warg EC: nasty wounds> kick
Critical Kick! - You really Nailed im!Your beautiful full-circle-kick misses a large warg by a mile.

Perhaps the message for critical kicks should come after the code checks to see if the kick connects?
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Postby Rausrh » Wed Apr 11, 2001 6:37 pm

Funny, In all my years of playing I didn't know one could get a critical kick.

Rausrh licks you.
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Postby Ragorn » Wed Apr 11, 2001 7:29 pm

It just went in today, that's why Image

- Ragorn
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Postby Tilandal » Wed Apr 11, 2001 7:37 pm

I t was always funny to get a crit when you barly hit someone. Im guessing this little bug will be fixed soon.
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Postby Klosh » Fri Apr 13, 2001 5:41 am

Yeah, I noticed that my critical kicks haven't landed either. Kinda funny.


Postby Guest » Fri Apr 13, 2001 11:47 am

Should be fixed now.

Part of the kick upgrade was to double it's damage, and allow you to get as much as 4-5x as much damage for a Critical Kick. This should make it more useful again.


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