Starter Character Level 1 Food problem...

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Starter Character Level 1 Food problem...

Postby Rokub » Mon Feb 25, 2002 4:39 am

I have noticed that the starter food that a level 1 character starts with is less then adicuit however you spell it. You start with 4 pieces of food it takes 2-3 pieces to just get satisfied the 1st time you eat. You run out of food very fast.

And why at level 1 would your drinking flask/container that you start with poof after you finish drinking it? You should be able to refill it somewhere instead of it poofing.

Please change these aspects as new beginners will and do have a problem with that.


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Postby Todrael » Mon Feb 25, 2002 4:44 am

The fungus in the newbie area is food. Last I knew, there was something like 100 in every room.

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Postby Grintor » Mon Feb 25, 2002 5:03 am

fungus is also very heavy. can only hold one or two of them
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Postby Sarell » Mon Feb 25, 2002 1:04 pm

The transient flask is silly I agree.

Running out of food and not aving a chance at getting money for more hurts quite a lot. Especially when you are a true newbie. Perhaps new folk could start with 10 gold?

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