The Chronicles of Twilight Raven: News from the Mainland

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The Chronicles of Twilight Raven: News from the Mainland

Postby Caecara Kaletasere » Sun Mar 23, 2003 11:18 pm

A slight breeze ran under the trees that framed the wide, used path. The elven woman stepped lightly along it, her eyes keeping watch in front of her as she saw the road ahead. She calmly wiped the streaks of blood from her blade, replacing the elegant weapon to hang in the scabbard down her back. A smile crossed her richly colored lips as she hummed one of the common elvish tunes.

She had never been one with the musical abilities that those bards she had met in the city often had. She would sit and listen to them play…or listen to their tales. How she loved the stories.

She continued the familiar tune as she noticed a movement to the side, and paused. Her ocean-blue eyes darted across to the thick bushes, though easily spotting the small goblin who was attempting to hide.

She sighed, thinking of the mess she had just finished cleaning, but knew she couldn’t let him wander free. Caecara drew her sword yet again and in a quick movement, was upon the gangly creature. Not long after, his head lay at her feet. She brought the hilt to her lips and kissed the top.

“Thank you, Shevarash, for allowing me this kill.”

She ran the rag along the blade once more til it was clean, then put it back in it’s place.

She smiled again, the song forming once more as she put her hands to the richly colored strands of deep red hair. She pulled it up into a tight tail, wrapping a cord to hold it in place, then continued on her way towards the main road.

One more dead to keep her Island home safe. Would they never leave?
Her heart lifted as she walked along the road traveling back to Leuthilspar, her smile growing wider as she saw the large gates come into sight. This was why she fought. Half of those who remained within the gates never saw the corruption taking over the small island, piece by piece. The Kobolds, living so close, the Ogres that invaded the forests. How often had she heard the stories come in of a young wandering elf who was slaughtered by these creatures? And who knew what even more terrible things they could bring so close to the City.

She came near the tall wooden blockage, scarcely whispering the familiar word. Yet the ‘peace’ was heard, and the guards unlocked them, opening them to her. A small kooshie ran past, following the trail of something gone a while before. Caecara walked back to her home, rubbing her arm gingerly as she moved. It had worked hard this day.

As she moved into the front room of the large carven house, she was met with the sullen expression of her mother. Her thoughts instantly trailed, moving into a thousand possibilities.

“What’s wrong?”

Her mother held out her hand. In it was an opened letter, marked with a seal of a raven. Caecara took it and started reading with concern.

“They said he was still alive when they found him, but barely. There was nothing they could…”

Shainamai coughed back the tears as her eyes watered, the shock beginning to pass.

“My son, they stole my son…”

Caecara quickly wrapped her arms around the woman as the tears feel.
When the older woman’s sobbing died down, the young warrior led her to her room to rest.

She fingered the paper in her hands as she glanced over the words again. Haenemur was a wonderful ranger. This barbarian, Lorgan he had called himself, said it looked like a smooth, clean act. A single pierce in the back, then the assailant left to allow the poison to finish the work. It sounded like something a Drow would do. Sneaky…hidden…never to the victim’s face to fight with honor.

Slamming her fist against the wall, Caecara closed her eyes, breathing in deeply. She couldn’t lose her temper.

He had known the dangers of the mainland, yet he insisted on going anyway. Even with the ever growing evil so close to his own home.

Caecara remembered how he had told her there would always need to be someone from their family who traveled away from the island, fighting the evil’s before they were able to reach Evermeet’s shores. That was why he left, with so many other elves, each going to fight down their own paths, each to save the elvish people from potential threats.

Now, there were none of the Kaletasere family on the mainland. She didn’t want to leave, there was too much to be done on her Island. No…she couldn’t go.

“You…you’re going to leave, aren’t you?”

Her mother’s strained voice came from the doorway.

I don’t want to go, who will stop the creatures here?”

“You’re sister and brothers are turning into wonderful fighters, and the army of Leuthilspar can keep our people safe.”

She paused a moment.

“You will be needed. The things on the mainland are beyond anything you have seen before, or fought. Go to Waterdeep and find the barbarian, he will be able to help you.”

“I don’t want help from his kind! I want to stay, to keep that next child who wanders, safe…to keep my eye on the workings that go on outside our city’s gates.”

“Go…you will come back to us someday.”

Caecara looked towards the door.

“I’m scared. What if I’m not strong enough? What if I fail?”

“Shevarash will be with you, go!”

The daughter moved near her mother and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

“I will come back.”

She picked up her small traveling sack that lay near the door, and quickly walked out of the house. She headed down the city streets, her eyes focused on the elfgate which rested at the far end.

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