The Chronicles of Twilight Raven: Okep, Torkur's Apprentice

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The Chronicles of Twilight Raven: Okep, Torkur's Apprentice

Postby torkur » Mon Mar 24, 2003 5:53 am

Sitting at the desk, still fuming from the news, Okep was not happy. “Grrr, Master had to go and help somebody, as usual, and I’m stuck keeping an eye on things,” he thought. “When I’m the Master, I’ll spend time discovering more power, not wasting it on fools errands and old ‘friends.’ Ah well, time to deliver the message and get back to my studies,” and with that he quickly grabbed his cloak and walked out of the study.

(Later that same day)

Okep slowly walked along the road, keeping out of the sunlight and pulling his cloak farther down over his face. Walking in the shadows, he finally saw the familiar huge warehouse near his destination. From the shadow of the huge building, he glanced with disgust at the Raven Meeting Hall, the place his Master had spent so much time lately with this guild mates and friends.
“Bah, Master’s friends call this place home? This is such a waste of time for me. Ah well, time to get this over with,” he mumbled and with that, he quickly crossed the street in the bright sunlight, nodded to the guard in acknowledgement, and entered the hall. Walking in and without even a glance in either direction, he headed straight towards the large oak desk along the far wall, Lorgan’s desk.
“Bah, ah well, time to get it over with,” he grumbled again to himself, “At least the big barbarian isn’t here at the moment.” Reaching his left hand within the large folds of his cloak, he pulled out a large bone scroll case, etched in gold and silver with strange script covering most of the surface. “Paghz yrl yufz yjfl miedi,” he spoke softly as the case began to glow with a soft white light, before opening and revealing the letter within. Reaching in, Okep pulled the letter out, being careful of the wax seal of his Master, and placed it lightly on the stack of papers on the desk. Plainly visible to all from this spot, it said:

Day of Thunder, the 17th Day of Marpenoth, Year 463


I am sorry, but I must also take a leave of absence from the Ravens as Tokon has done. I have been called away by a fellow magus to help defend his town from some goblins and orcs. I know, I know, you can laugh. The little buggers are no match for even a novice adventurer, but from what his message said, there are hundreds of them and their swarming makes up for their lack of power individually. Therefore as you know, given my specialty in dealing with large numbers of, pests, he has asked me to come help him. I am not quite sure how long it shall take, so I have left my young apprentice, Okep, to look after things and provide you with aid. He is ….. impetuous …… a little reckless, quite brash, and can come off pompous. He is also quite evil in his desires and goals. I realize he does not sound like the proper pupil for me, but I have taken him under my wing so to speak. I have also begun to teach him the ways of invocation to add to his budding knowledge of elemental pets. Hopefully under my guidance, he will grow out of some of this youthful impetuousness. One can only hope, no? Anyways, he has been left in charge of my belongings, has the keys to my study, and should still be working on his daily lessons. If you have need of him, call upon him and I hope he is capable of doing what you desire. Travel safely and may light guide you.


Torkur, Officer of Twilight Raven, Invocation Magus of Waterdeep

With his task completed for the day, Okep grinned evilly to himself, turned on his heel, and started on his way back to his Master’s tower and his awaiting studies. His thoughts still bent on the power he discovered daily, he did not even notice the scalding his pale skin was receiving or the stares of the people he passed when they saw what his eyes had become as he walked carelessly out in the sun, on a straight path for his books……

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