A story of 2 sisters as they seek for adventure

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A story of 2 sisters as they seek for adventure

Postby Iduna » Mon Mar 24, 2003 3:31 pm

Eslina and her sister Iduna grew up in a humble small town called
Their parents had passed away some years earlier and Eslina, although
much older than Iduna, was left to take care of her sister. This small
was quiet with a small amount of people. Eslina was an adventurer
testing her skills, while Iduna was a wanderer, she was always running
While out in town Iduna would over hear the town gossips tales of a
City of
Splenders and a town called WaterDeep which perked her interest. She
into the gossips little circle and listened with great intent. She
heard many
stories from them, they had said this city of WaterDeep was filled with
types of races, races Iduna had never encountered. They spoke of Great
Adventurers which she knew would interest her sister Eslina. If one
would get Eslina to take her out of this small town it would be

Taking in all of the gossip, Iduna hurried to catch up with her sister
outside of town. She would find her with a few friends taking on some
foe. Iduna tugged at Eslina's sleeve for her attention, and with a
gleam in
her eye and excitement in her voice said "Es you have got to hear about
wondrous city WaterDeep! It is filled with so much Adventure." Eslina
told Iduna that she already knew of WaterDeep and was trying to keep
stories from her. Eslina didn't think it was the safest place for such
Pampered brat. Her vow to their parents was to keep Iduna safe, and
was as safe as it could be. Eslina told Iduna "now is not the time to
this. I have work to finish and a group waiting on me", she patted
Iduna on
her on her head and told her "you really need to go back home where its
we can talk about this when I return." Iduna didn't often do as she was
but she would make a slow walk back home daydreaming of this journey
she knew
her and Eslina would be making for she was not about to give up. She
the gates of Midgaard still hearing the whispers of WaterDeep. She knew
would persuade Eslina to make this trip! She hurried back to their home
waited patiently for Eslina to return, pacing the floors...

A few hours had passed when she finally heard her sister's hurried
coming toward the front door. Eslina was finished for the day, Iduna
not even one scratch on her sister as she entered. Iduna ::smirked::
at her
for she knew these adventures were not all that impressive.
Iduna turned to her sister ::shook her head:: saying "ya know Es, if we
to this WaterDeep you may actually encounter a Real Adventure" Eslina
::glared at Iduna:: and said "you maybe right but I'm not sure you're
up for
such a long journey and you're not going to let up on this are you?"
With a
::snicker:: Iduna replied " No I'm not, I will bug you until we make
first step and you know its going to happen Es, with or without you,
and I
know you aren't going to let me go alone, you have a vow to keep."

Eslina turns to Iduna and mutters under her breath "what makes you
think such
tales are true, you've been listening to the towns gossips again I can
Iduna ::pouts:: "so what if I have! Where else am I going to find out
things? You don't even take me on your journeys as trivial as they
Eslina throws her bag on the chair against the wall..and flies off the
at Iduna, shouting at her " Don't you tell me my journeys are Trivial!
journeys have kept us in coins to survive and I've kept my vow, I've
you safe as our parents wanted! If it weren't for me, you would have
yourself lost with all your wandering a long time ago."
Iduna :: rolls her eyes:: at Eslina's drama!

Eslina ::whaps Iduna on the back of her head:: and tells her "look if
city is so populated and has such great adventure, you know I'm not
going to
be able to keep my eye on you."
Iduna ::Shrugs at her sister:: "you know I'M not a baby you don't have
watch over me so closely anymore. If its true about this city then
just maybe I'll find someone else to watch over me and then I won't be
such a
burden to you"
Eslina ::chuckles:: on her way into the kitchen and puts on some tea "
didn't say you were a burden you know, but you are quiet spoiled you
are not
going to find anyone in such a busy city who will have the time to
cater to

Iduna Yells across the house "You don't know that!" as she :: stomps
way to her room *SLAMS* her door and throws herself onto her bed and
of a new home a home where she can meet other people, this town is just
Upon hearing the slamming of her sisters door, Eslina removes the
kettle from
the stove gives a ::long deep sigh and thinks to herself:: Iduna can't
kept here in this small town. She longs for something more and if she
determine to go she will..I know what I must do.
She ::swings open Iduna's bedroom door:: and with hesitation in her
voice she
says "OK, Iduna, we will make this journey. You really are spoiled you
and yes, I do long for a challenge and this town isn't filled with any
as it
seems. I just wasn't so sure you were ready to leave"
Iduna's :::eyes widen as she wipes a tear from her cheek::: " I am
ready to
leave here Es! I am so bored here, maybe there I can even take such
Eslina ::Cackles:: "yeah maybe you can, who knows? Maybe you're ready
that as well"
Iduna ::bounces in excitement, grabs her bag and starts to pack:::
Eslina goes off to her room, grabs a few essentials knowing this will
be a
long trip and they must only take what they will surely need. Nothing
extravagant and surely nothing to heavy.

Esling carries but one bag out of her room and places it near the front
Iduna on the other hand brings three bags full to the front door.
Eslina ::shakes her head:: chuckles and says "you are not serious
Iduna! You
can not bring all that with you. This will be days of travel.... decide
you really need and leave the rest."

Iduna :: gasps:: " I need it all!"
Eslina looks to Iduna and with a stern voice rumbles "you will take one
and one bag only and if you can't do that then we aren't going at all"
with that Iduna mutters under her breath something about Es being bossy
rummages thru her bags and finally has only one to take.

They turn to one another, then quickly take one long glance at the home
had grown up in. With a tear in their eyes, they are ready to leave
Migaard, a place they had been safe in for so long. Knowing they will
return they step outside the door, give the keys to a family friend..to
residence in their small cottage. She wishes them a safe journey and
them "Do not to feel like you have abandoned your home, for you have
lives to
live and adventures to take". She smiles at the sisters that she has
all their lives and tells them "your parents would want you to be
happy, this
is an old town and set in its way. Safe yes, but has lost its
advernture, Now go! be off with you both and Enjoy yourselves, for
is a very busy yet exciting town. Don't forget to keep in touch."
Eslina and Iduna hurl their bags up over their shoulders, giving their
life-long friend a Hug and begin their journey.

It would take them what seemed a lifetime to walk to WaterDeep. Many
of campfires and creatures along the way. Their skills would improve by
trip alone.

They would arrive in WaterDeep many moons later exsausted, they were
as they stood outside the huge gates pacing back and forth waiting for
to open, which would be hours. As late as it was there was others
these gates.. Iduna's ::eyes widened as she glanced at them all as they
gathered::she Taps her foot impatiently::waiting for the gates to open.
Eslina shook her head as she leans into Iduna and whispers "you really
not show that much excitement, we already look like tourists." With a
*snicker* an a *wink* she turns with a ::cautious glance::
They hear a shout from the Guards..as they swing the gates open
and everyone rushes is. Eslina and Iduna would follow the crowd since
know nothing of this City. They would pass a beautiful fountain then a
Garden Path which seemed to be a meeting place for many.
Iduna places a ::silly grin on her face:: as she looks around ..
Humans,Halflings, Half elves, Barbarians and Grey Elves..she had only
gossip from home of such groups. she turns to Eslina with a ::Wide
Eslina would ::chuckle and shake her head::.she knew Iduna was
Eslina took notice of Rangers and great Warriors and others. She wasn't
sure of their skills but she knew they must take great Adventures. The
notice the two strangers but strangers were not new to this town and
they had
Plans to make..
The two ::curtsey:: and slip off to find a place to stay..
They wander around this city of WaterDeep for quite some time finding
abundance of stores and even a huge clock tower and a bazaar.
Iduna thinks to herself this is the time to replace the many items she
to leave behind. The two shop for a while buying things they will need
the stay here and since they had been camping for so long they needed a
Iduna turns to her sister and asks " Well we made it here and did you
everyone at the Garden? I never knew so many could get along so well"
Eslina replies "We don't know that just yet we've only just arrived,
but yes
its seems team work is an asset here which I like very much"
Iduna *snickers* " I knew you would, it looks like they take a lot of
journeys and I'm betting they aren't trivial like the ones you were
taking at
Iduna ::ducks::
Eslina :: playfully swats her sister:::as she grins " yes they have a
large group up at that path I'm sure its not trivial by any means."

They walk further back towards the North seeing the stables to the West
and The Dead Orc Inn to the East.
Eslina ::ponders:: " well looks like we had past this earlier, It seems
is where we will be staying".
Iduna ::rolls her eyes:: at her sister " the Dead Orc Inn, that doesnt
very fancy to me'
Eslina ::Peers at Iduna:: telling her "you are incredibly Spoiled you
you better hope that doesn't get on anyone's nerves here. Like it or
not This
is what we have found and this is where we will stay. It looks a lot
than that Tent we have been staying in... or would you rather go camp?"
Iduna ::smirks:: and whines "No I don't care to Camp thank you very
much just
get a room already I want to take a nice long bath."

The two climb the stairs tired yet excited to finally finish their long
The receptionist ::smiles at them:: and tells them it will cost you
to rent here and you may set up a storage if you will be staying for an
extended length of time..
They both shake her hand and thank her for her kindness..and set up a
since they have a feeling this will be their new home.
The receptionist shows them to their room.
Iduna races by since she wants the bath first! Eslina drops her Bag on
bed and starts to unpack..Iduna throws her bag flying landing on the
next to her bed.. and steals the bath first.
Eslina ::giggles:: and Yells into the Bath "Yes IDUNA run get in there
Pamper yourself Brat!"
Iduna ::cackles:: and Shouts back "Oh I will don't you worry about me!,
just get the scoop on Adventure since I know your dying for that
you spoke of"
Eslina finishes unpacking her things and of course unpacks Iduna's
things as
Iduna waltzes herself out of the bath with a towel wrapped around her
and a long robe worn around her. looking much too excited to sleep.
she ::curtseys:: and says "Es thanks for agreeing to come here, I
this is the place for us to be, and the shower is now all yours."
With a Smile Eslina tells her "yes I think you're right but don't let
it go
to your head, and don't go wandering around here."
Eslina ::thinks to herself::: she isn't going to listen, I don't know
why I
Iduna ::grins:: "yea yea sure whatever you say Es" as she unwraps her
combs her hair and tucks herself into her bed. "oh thanks for unpacking
things sis." she :: innocently whistles to herself:: and wonders why
sister thinks she is so Pampered in the first place.
Eslina grabs a towel and heads off into the bath ::muttering to herself
Pampered Indeed, my fault perhaps, someone else's eventually::
Iduna whimpers "I heard that!"
Eslina peeks out of the door quickly before shutting it, innocently
"what, what did you hear? you hear Nothing go to bed"
Iduna ::giggles:: " G'nite Es" as she settles her head on her pillow
drifts off to a peaceful slumber.
Eslina wishes her sister sweet dreams, goes about her business,
and later falls asleep reading of journeys , in the WaterDeep News

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