Shadowed Steps toward the Future

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Shadowed Steps toward the Future

Postby Nilan » Tue Apr 22, 2003 11:31 am


Telina watched intently as the drow assassin left the Temple of Vhaeraun. She had followed him since he left the Karliik’Tagnik’zur compound, concern growing for the one that had become a brother to her.


…..She thought back to the time when she had first laid eyes upon the houseless rogue male, deep within the caverns of the Underdark. Traveling alongside two high priestesses of Lloth, Telina had spotted the rogue first. His eyes had met hers and he stood unmoving before her. His cloak and leather armor were torn in many places. Dried blood splattered his right shoulder and gloved hand. Telina recalled that moment they shared, a special moment, which ended quickly as the priestesses closed in around him. She had watched as the rogue dropped to one knee. Allowing all weapons to fall to the cavern floor, the male crossed both arms in front of him, his eyes cast downward. The priestesses sneered encircling him, their snake whips writhing in anticipation of its fangs piercing dark flesh. The rogue knelt, unmoving, unflinching….uncaring. Telina had marveled at the male’s discipline, he did not cry out, he did not raise his arms or beg for mercy, he merely knelt, unmoving, refusing to give them the satisfaction of so much as a scream. His bold actions bordered on open defiance of the Spider Queen, herself. The crack of the whip and the malevolent hiss of the snake heads as their fangs bit deep into flesh caused Telina to spring into action. Uttering a simply sleep enchantment, the snakes heads fell limp. Lloth’s priestesses glared at her coldly, as she proceeded to inform them that the male was a scout from House Karliik’Tagnik’zur. The injured rogue dared to raise his gaze to meet hers, a hint of a smile had found its way onto his lips. From that day forth Telina had taken the assassin in. Over the years they had shared together, he had become like a brother to her and he too had come to call her, sister…..


Telina grumbled as the assassin quickened his pace heading for the tunnel that emptied out into the dense forest known as Mir. Still Telina followed, her steps dogging his. Several times she had to double back to be sure she was still on the right path.

“Brother, you are sneakier than Vhaeraun himself,” she muttered in frustration as she continued her search.

After searching for some time and still unable to pick up her brother’s trail, the mage muttered a spell opening a portal. Calmly she stepped through exiting into an open field under the moon-lit sky. A figure as black as night lay upon a rock slab, the moonlight illuminating his stark white hair.

“Good evening my sister,” the assassin whispered calmly, “I had been….expecting you.” He rolled onto his side upon the rock and smiled warmly at Telina.

Whatever anger or frustration the drow wizard had felt, it softened the moment he looked into her eyes. His smile had always brought warmth to her soul.

“Nilan, I have been searching for you for three nights now,” she replied. “You have been spending much time within Vhaeraun’s temple these days.”

Nilan shrugged his shoulders, sitting up, he allowed his legs to dangle off one side of the huge rock slab.

“I grow concerned, brother. You make no effort to conceal your identity as you enter and leave Vhaeraun’s place of worship. You know the consequences should Lloth’s priestesses learn of this….,” Telina paused searching for the right word. When none came, the mage uttered the first word that came to her lips. “this….Heresy”.

Again, her brother said nothing.

“Nilan, you boldly show allegiance to Vhaeraun, at no concern for your own safety. Do I need to remind you what they will do to you if the priestesses learn this?”

Nilan slid off the rock, coming to stand directly in front of her. Gingerly he touched her cheek with his finger. “No, my sister, you do not have to remind me of Lloth’s laws. I became all too aware of them when she sent her Yochlol hand-maiden as a wedding present to me and my Grey-elf bride, Elisten.”

Telina smiled, clasping her brother’s hand. “You truly do believe as Vhaeraun teaches, then? That contact among our people and the surface should be encouraged? You truly believe that don’t you, brother?”

Nilan stared hard at her for some time. His voice remained steady as he spoke the words. “If our people are to survive this coming Evil, then we must not hide within our caverns, fighting amongst ourselves for the glory and entertainment of Lloth. We must not fear expanding to the surface and encouraging contact among the surface races, particularly the elven folk. We must do this if we are ever to reclaim what is rightfully ours. To secure drow holdings and increase drow power. For our people, I do this.”

Telina only smiled. His determination, resolve, and pride were something she had always admired. Traits not seen among drow males, Telina felt in her heart that her brother was indeed chosen. His love for the drow nation, his loyalty and obedience to the drow culture would rival that of any of Lloth’s priestesses.

Taking her brother into her arms she embraced him. “Your Elisten, how is she? You do not venture as often to the surface as you once did. Is she safe?”

Nilan made no effort to pull away from the warm embrace; it was something he had not felt in many months. Softly he whispered, “She remains within the walls of her city, the City of Lieuthilspar. I have not seen her nor shared her touch in months now. The only comfort I receive is knowing that where she is now, not Thay, not Morlentar, nor even the Demons themselves can touch her. Yes, my sister, she is quite safe. Of that I am grateful.”

Telina smiled and whispered, “And the Druidess, the one you have called Abbil? How is she?”

Nilan pulled away suddenly as if being cut by a knife. Turning away he stared off into the night sky. The assassin said nothing, yet Telina noticed each hand clenched tightly into a fist.

“Nilan….?,” she whispered coming to stand directly behind him.

The assassin said nothing, his mind trying to push the words he had heard from the surface folk back within his darkened soul where he had buried them. The words he had refused to believe even as they were told to him. Each cutting word they spoke felt like the sting of a whip, and all the while he remembered the “Spider’s” words of warning to him ----

“I watch you, every moment you live. You, ShadowStalker, Velg'larn, are destined for far greater things than the association of this pathetic pawn of a druid.---- You will awaken to the truth of your reality someday, and those whom you called friend will have turned their backs on you.----The druid will bring Eilistraee down to slay you mightily if they were to know I were involved.---Now, go and bring glory to the drow. Watch the druid, she might seek vengeance for your withholding of information.”

The spider’s words replayed over and over in Nilan’s mind. “The spider was right, Vhaeraun you warned me and I could not see it. My pride blinded me to the meaning of your teachings” the assassin whispered to himself. “I was a fool to believe I could find a friend among the surface. I dared take Vhaeraun’s teachings one step too far, to a step never intended.”

Telina placed a hand upon her brother’s shoulder. “You are devoted to Vhaeraun, more so than any I have seen. Surely, he will forgive your ambition and misinterpretation in daring to call one upon the surface “abbil”. Friend is not a word often used in our culture. Yet you did it in hopes of strengthening the drow holdings upon the surface, in the hopes of reclaiming drow land. Surely, he knows this and you shall find him with you again, he will reveal himself to you again and you will remain in the service of your God.”

Nilan turned and smiled softly, his hand clutching Telina’s tightly. “My sister, will you remove something for me, a hurtful reminder of the past.” Nilan spoke with little feeling and Telina watched as he turned over the palm of his right hand revealing a jagged scar. Her eyes looked at the mark and then into the eyes of her dear brother.

“Will you remove it, so that I may look only forward, never again looking to the past. The past is dead. Let me look to the future, the future of the Drow nation, and walk in the path of Vhaeraun as he directs my poisoned dagger.” Nilan stoically stood before her. His voice strong, and unbroken.

“Of course….,” was all the drow mage uttered as she whispered the spidery language of magic. Slowly the scar faded from sight as if it were never there.

Nilan clenched his fist tightly before placing it upon the insignia of a black mask entwined with a spider. Whispering a word of thanks to his sister, and a prayer to Vhaeraun, the assassin vanished from sight.

Telina smiled suddenly, “Be at peace, my brother…my Abbil.”


Enjoy guys,

was a hard one to write, but a special one nonetheless.

to Telina, thank you, for always being there my dear sister.

looking forward to rplay with you and the countless others i have rplayed with.

again, enjoy


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Postby Clan Blindhammer » Tue Apr 22, 2003 6:35 pm

Don't ye even be thinkin' fer half a damned second that yer to be gettin' away from a right good beginnin' o a story without'n yer ole pal Arti taggin along in some form....


Artikerus grumbled, shifting the heavy mithril crown to a more comfortable position on his brow. He grumbled again, marvelling at how lovely a grumpy mood could make an otherwise horribly bright surface day. He grumbled again just to hear himself again, pushing his way through the trees and bushes of the Mir forest. He pushed his way past the crowd making it's way towards the dark city, Do'bluth Kyor, kicking at shins and stepping on exposed toes as he went. He watched, a large smile creasing his gnarled and leathery face, as he watched a large Yuan-ti begin to swallow a small and slender dark elf, whole. Drow Elf city or not, few of the races any more feared the evil fey - they just didn't seem as cunning, as ruthless.. deadly.

Perhaps, Artikerus thought, it was just the company he kept. Nilan..the ShadowStalker...was hard as nails when he wanted to be. Of course, a nail is only as hard as the hammer that pounds it, Artikerus mused, the thought bringing a sly snicker to the patron of Clan Blindhammer. He approached the great fountain of the city and looked around. A sort of..dullness, had taken over the city, a feeling of hopelessness and...Artikerus spat, weakness. He grumbled incoherently, rendering himself invisible as he approached the center of the city. Meandering through another alley, he pulled a small potion out of a pack, imbibing it quickly. The equivalent in magic to a Drow's piwafwi, the contents of the potion rendered his body cold as stone, to thwart any beings use of infravision in locating him. Lastly, he untucked his great mithril hammer, slipped around the corner, and into the temple of Vhaerun...

I told ye ye pointy earred gnoll kissin goblin lovin bastard son of a one headed ettin's warty behind, that I'd be findin' ye and usin' ye. Just ye be rememberin' too, that I'm more apt to be findin' me way in with ye lovey than ye be havin the heart to admit, ye stone-brained bearded gnome lovin gully rat smellin' troll humper!

-smile Nils-

Love, Arti. :) :lol: :P :wink: :o :D :)
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Postby Asup » Wed Apr 23, 2003 4:15 am

(Heh figured as good a time as any to reappear)

Zenab stepped out of the small pool of water, the sound of droplets coming off of his body rippled through out the tiny cavern. He had disappeared from the scene of the city and the people, his keepers always training him for their goal, to destroy a threat of their cause. Zenab pulled his hair back and rung out the water, listening to it pour back into its original container. In all his successes and failures which usually resulted in injury from the vigrous training he had much time to think. He often pondered why he was here for them and why they wanted Nilan dead. He came from a small outcasted band of drow that were murdered brutally, he had no idea of his attackers. For all Zenab knew it could of been the people he was now sired by, as a test to see if he could survive--even if captured.

Zenab stepped forward and grabbed a small piece of cloth from a smoothed slab of rock pretruding from the wall and dried himself. As he put on his equipment and headed back down to the quarters from which he always reported to his thoughts became overwhelming. He looked about suspicously, pondering if his training and experience could lead him outside of this place. Maybe he could make it to the elven city, or meet his assigned rival-- Nilan.
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Postby Nilan » Wed Apr 23, 2003 4:22 am

Nice Replies guys

Enjoyed reading them. It seems we have future R-Play brewing among our characters. I welcome it

See ya guys online,

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Postby Ambar » Wed Apr 23, 2003 6:45 am

Just something short til I can respond more .. but

Telina loves Nilan with every fiber of her being .. her brother is the earth and moon to her .. their world means so much to the pair that they endure great personal pain and take great risk in their search to protect its Underdark wonders.

Telina stands beside Nilan in whatever trials he faces, his friends are hers.. his enemies will die under her laughter. Together they will face and defeat the shadows that plague their world. They will see peace between the surface world and theirs ... they will make people see the folly in their desire for personal growth.

Nilan has been alone for so long, it is time I step up and take my palce beside him ...

Usstan xun ssinssrigg dos dalninuk mal'rak


-Telina Karliik'Tagnik'zur
Beloved Sister to Nilan
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Postby Clan Blindhammer » Wed Apr 23, 2003 6:53 pm

Waitin' on yer reply ye pointy earred no good rock brained ogre smellin gnoll harper!
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Postby Llaaldara » Wed Apr 23, 2003 7:33 pm

Clan Blindhammer wrote:I told ye ye pointy earred gnoll kissin goblin lovin bastard son of a one headed ettin's warty behind, that I'd be findin' ye and usin' ye. Just ye be rememberin' too, that I'm more apt to be findin' me way in with ye lovey than ye be havin the heart to admit, ye stone-brained bearded gnome lovin gully rat smellin' troll humper!

ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

"One headed ettin's warty behind" hahahahahahahaha :D

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Postby Clan Blindhammer » Wed Apr 23, 2003 9:30 pm

Bah lass, I was bein' sweet on 'em too. He knows how I be really feelin' fer the skinny orc groper. :)

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