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Fresh into Town

Postby Storyteller » Fri Apr 25, 2003 9:33 pm

Hail and well met! Tis a long road, across these Realms. Pull up a chair, order an ale and share the table.

A story? Well, I suppose I AM the Storyteller now, aren't I? All the same, I'm weary from the long journey and I'll have to pass on the story tonight.

Well, if you're buying then I can indulge just one tale of my travels. I came across a half-elven traveller, south and east of this City of Splendors. The poor man was gibbering, half dead from the attack of some wild animal or another. Well naturally I asked the poor fellow what brought him out from his settlement, but sadly, all he could respond with was a bloodstained, crumpled missive.

I waited with the poor man until he finally expired, and ensured that he had a proper cairn before I continued on my way. That evening, I studied this missive I had been given carefully. It was penned by a fine hand, the writing clear and concise. Its message was curious, for it spoke of black garbed outsiders scouting the town. It talked of rangers finding signs of a campsite nearby, but never locating the culprits. And naturally, it entreated the Lords of Waterdeep to send aid in tracking down the mysterious intruders.

Alas, the town name itself had been destroyed by the blood, but I dutifully completed the lad's mission in his name. The missive now rests with the Guard in their headquarters, and I... well I wish to finish my ale and take a rest. My thanks for the drink, and perhaps some other time I can regale you with a mightier, more heroic tale.
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Postby Clan Blindhammer » Sat Apr 26, 2003 1:29 pm

I'm fer thinkin' ye prolly robbed the skinny lil' half-breed o' 'is platinums afore ye put 'im the ground yeself ye non story-tellin orc grubbin gnoll harper.
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