Dangerous Pride

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Dangerous Pride

Postby Nilan » Thu Jun 26, 2003 4:11 am

Hi Guys,

Here's a story based right off a rplay session Ilahna and I recently had. Was a great fun session. Ilahna rplayed very well and made the perfect antagonist for Nilan, especially in this ongoing rplay campaign. Great character your developing Ilahna, keep up the good work.

Thanks for fun session and real great to see ya getting involved.

Heres to more of the rivalry *bows low arms crossed in defference to your station*





The assassin knelt amidst a small clearing in the forest of Mir. Glancing up into the darkness of the night sky, Nilan muttered a prayer to his god, Vhaeraun. For many moons the drow found himself here. Alone with his god and his vision for the drow peoples, Nilan spoke words that gave him eternal strength.

“Vhaeraun, you have granted me sight in seeing that the drow must denounce the Spider Queen’s bonds. Cast away the female rule and embark upon a path of equality.”

The assassin removed “Shadow” from its sheath and placed the deadly blade on the ground in front of him.

“By the elimination of female dominance born by Lloth, chaos will cease to exist. The Spider’s rule, once toppled, will bring about a unified drow nation, fighting as one powerful force”, Nilan continued, his voice now rising above a whisper. “Only then shall the drow reclaim what was taken from them and establish holdings throughout the surface. Vhaeraun, I offer myself to you, may the drow pantheon be rocked with change.”

Nilan closed his eyes allowing himself to fall into a meditative trance. The forest sounds soon ceased to exist, the rustle of the trees faded into nothingness, and even the bird’s songs were drown out by a shadowed silence. So entranced was the assassin, that he did not sense the presence of a lithe drow female watching the spectacle with ever growing contempt.


Visions of Vhaeraun pierced the shadows of his mind, and Nilan found himself standing before the handsome male drow. Immediately, Nilan dropped to his knees arms spread wide he let all weapons fall to the floor. Not daring to make eye contact, the assassin heard the rustle of a cloak and felt shadows swirl around him.

“Arise Velg’larn!”, the Shadowed God had demanded. His voice had been but a whisper.

Nilan rose to his feet his gaze lifted until he dared meet Vhaeraun’s eyes. The Masked Lord snickered and grinned. “Long have I watched you, Velg’larn. Your skills are honed, and are second to none among our people. The path, you have not fallen from it. You are mine Velg’larn, my chosen assassin.”

Vhaeraun snickered and stared hard at the assassin, at his assassin. “Velg’larn, I give you ‘Shadow’, the blade of my chosen. Will you bind yourself to it? And will you also bind yourself to the elimination of the Spider Queen’s rule, and reclaiming a rightful place and drow influence and power on the surface world?”

“I so bind myself, Lord of Shadows, to all that you demand. By my life or death, I am your Assassin. I am not afraid” Nilan bowed low.

Smiling, Vhaeraun approached his chosen. Shadows swirled and a blackened blade appeared resting comfortably in the hands of its master. Grinning suddenly, the Masked God turned the blade over in his hand and with a lightening fast motion, slashed Nilan’s forearm from wrist to elbow. The assassin winced as Vhaeraun bathed the enchanted blade red with his blood. Blood flowed freely from the wound and Nilan watched in awe as ‘Shadow’ seemed to absorb it. Vhaeraun held the assassin’s wounded hand tightly, as he pressed the blade against the torn forearm. Slowly it pulled the blood from the wound, and Nilan felt lightheaded and staggered, dropping to one knee. Vhaeraun only smiled and muttered a word in the drow tongue that even Nilan did not understand. His slashed forearm mended, skin formed anew, and not even a scar remained.

“Arise Velg’larn, my chosen. Your life force is bound to ‘Shadow’ and as such is bound to me. My will is your task, you are mine Velg’larn.” With that Vhaeraun turned abruptly, his cloak engulfing his body like a blackened flame. He was gone.

Nilan rose to his feet and the room was plunged into total darkness. The assassin watched as the blackness slowly diminished and shadows surrounded him swirling faster and faster, and when they dissipated, the assassin found in his hand a deadly sharpened blade of black adamantium. The blade shimmered as Nilan slowly closed his hand around the fine hilt. Perfectly balanced and deadly sharp, the blade seemed to have an essence all its own. Grinning, Nilan raised the blade to the night sky in reverence to his God.


A flutter of birds tore Nilan from his vision. As quick as a cat the assassin whirled dropping into a defensive crouch, ‘Shadow’ was securely in his hands. Nilan felt the blade pulse uneasily. He too felt something….someone had been watching. Nilan’s eyes scanned the forest floor looking for signs but found none. Satisfied that no one lurked in the shadows, the assassin sheathed the deadly blade and quickly headed to the north entrance of the drow outpost of Dobluth Kyor.

Once inside the drow city, Nilan rounded several streets before entering a darkened alley that led to a small modest home. The alley was unusually silent, almost too silent. Nilan stopped suddenly as a lithe figure sauntered out of the shadows. The female glowered at him, slowly approaching. Nilan recognized her as a female of noble blood, first by the fine clothes that covered her muscular frame and second by the whip that was fastened to a buckle on her belt.

The assassin bowed low, his arms crossed in deference to her station. His eyes however remained fixed upon her as she approached him. Suddenly the woman stopped, coming into view a mere six paces from the assassin, Nilan recognized her as Ilahna, a necromancer of considerable power.

Ilahna sneered as she met the assassin’s gaze, rage building within her. Defiantly he held his gaze as she approached. Only a stinging backhand tore his eyes from her.

“You are not fit to look me in the eye, male,” the deadly necromancer spat angrily. She encircled him and as the assassin began to turn in her direction she brutally pulled his braided hair yanking his head back exposing his throat.

“Dearest Nilan,” she purred as she placed her lips near his ear, “such talk, such prayers to a heretic god are blasphemous indeed. Had a priestess of Lloth heard you utter them, you’d be dissected upon the Spider Queen’s altar by now.” The necromancer kept a tight hold on the assassin’s braid and with her free hand dabbed at the blood that had begun to flow from the corner of his mouth.

“Fortunately for you, dear Nilan, I, a follower of Kiaransalee found you first,” she sneered coldly as her fingers traced the assassin’s lips painting them in his own blood.

Nilan groaned and his hand clenched around ‘Shadow’ as he began to pull the blade from its sheath. He envisioned plunging it between her ribs and piecing her cruel heart. The hiss of snakes tore him from that dark thought, and Nilan tensed reflexively.

“You’ll be dead before you draw your pitiful blade, assassin,” she whispered coldly as she touched the whip to his cheek. As if on cue, one of the snake heads encircled his neck, its forked tongue playfully flicking against the center of his throat. Nilan glared slowly releasing his grip on the dagger allowing it to fall back within its sheath.

Ilahna smiled, she was in perfect control, a sensation that exhilarated her.

“Your visions, your goals, are beyond your station. You are male, you are nothing! You will learn respect and your place or you will know pain as no other has felt.”

With that she lowered the five headed whip of fangs and tugged forcefully upon his snow white hair eliciting a groan that brought a wicked smile to her face. Gingerly she ran a slender finger across his cheek.

“Dearest Nilan, there are some things males are good for, and even then we take as we please.” She pulled him close and kissed him, then tore back hard on his braid, shoving him backwards, causing the assassin to stagger.

She smiled and licked his blood from her lips.

Nilan regained his balance and glared into her cold eyes. “Enjoy your status while you can, for when Lloth is toppled, and Vhaeraun sits on a seat of power atop the drow pantheon, female dominance is finished,” he sneered, his voice laced with contempt. “You are finished, daughter of Kiaransalee!”

Angered at the sheer boldness of the heretic before her, Ilahna tore the whip free and in the same fluid motion brought it to bear down upon the assassin. Nilan raised his arm to block the vicious strike but the fangs tore into his body. One slashed across his face but the assassin managed to turn just enough to avoid losing an eye. Another bit solidly onto his raised arm and Nilan let out a muffled cry of pain. The remaining three bit deep into his chest sending venomous toxins coursing through his body dropping the proud male to his knees. Relentlessly Ilahna struck, each time basking in satisfaction as the male failed to suppress a cry or a groan.

“Do you males so love torture that you can not learn your place,” the necromancer hissed evilly.

She watched with amusement as the assassin made an attempt to stand. His muscles convulsed against the cruel poison that coursed through his veins, but still he got to his feet, and dared to meet her gaze.

“Ilharess, usstan orn naut harl'il'cik,” Nilan growled through clenched teeth. “Usstan uil rothe ulu nau uss!”

Ilahna merely smiled. Silently she encircled the wounded male, the five snake heads hissed angrily striking out at random, though not quite piercing their target’s flesh. Nilan staggered, the poison stealing his strength. The assassin sank to his knees suddenly as the necromancer sent all five wicked heads lashing across the back of his legs. This time he did not get up. The snakes bit deep, green poison slowly injected into the wounds as they worked their fangs into the drow’s flesh. The assassin writhed in agony, his cries no longer suppressed. Ilahna smiled refusing to tear the whip free she bent down and slowly ran her long fingers across his cheek.

“You will remember this little lesson my dearest pet. Your visions, your words, are dangerous. No male should have them, not even one so chosen by Vhaeraun,” Ilahna spat the words as she tore the whip free accompanied by a shriek of pain. Blood dripped from the fangs as they continued to hiss.

She knelt down again to touch his cheek and the assassin flinched. Laughter poured from her lips as she stood and slowly fastened the whip to her belt.

Nilan felt as if his muscles were tearing from bone. Unable to control the spasms brought on by the wicked poison that flared in his veins, all he could do was lie there. He watched with murderous hatred as the drow female disappeared into the alley way. Closing his eyes he let darkness claim him, and surrendered to unconsciousness.
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Postby Deshana » Wed Jul 02, 2003 8:47 pm

Deshana stepped out of a tree near her brother, taking a moment to watch him move, she didn't often come to him unawares. The drow assassin was moving gingerly bringing a frown to her face. he was injured again, the marks of a fanged whip standing stark across his shoulders. He breath hissed and he turned, crouched, 'Shadow' in his hand before she saw him move. He stared into her eyes a moment before sheathing the blade. "Abbil," the assassins voice betrayed his nerves. "You started me." Nilan rose from his crouch, wincing again.

"So who can I thank for that?" Her voice was clipped, she hated seeing him wounded, especially by his own people. Deshana moved forward, already reaching for the pouch of medicinal herbs that was sewn into the lining of her bag. Nilan moved to avoid her, stopping when he saw the look in her eyes. That look generally meant she'd fix him up and if he didn't like it, the slight druid would sit on him. Nilan decided that he'd rather not be sat on in his current state, but, without meeting her eyes, he said, "I'm fine."

She gave a disbelieving snort, but began treating the wounds with absolute gentleness. "So what happened?" her voice soft, concerned. The tincture she cleaned the areas of broken skin with burned and stung before soothing and bringing a numbing sensation. She heard the drow groan, but ignored it in favour of healing him.

"I'm fine, Abbil. I really am." Nilan burned with shame, remembering the Necromancer and her poisoned whip. He knew that knowing the truth would only give the determined woman treating him a target for the rage he sensed burning under her calm ministations. He bit back another groan as she smoothed a salve into the open wounds the first one with decidedly less gentleness. Pointedly less.

"Mmmhmm.. Fine. Sure. You're perfectly alright and someone didn't attempt to strip the skin from your back with - if I'm not mistaken- a Priestess's Snake whip. Poisoned too." Her tone was somewhat absent as she applied healing ointments. Her tone softened suddenly, worry leaching into her tone, "Pull the other leg, V'danre. Please.. tell me what happened." The druid circled around, dropping into a crosslegged position in front of him, eyes pleading. Nilan groaned silently, Stubborn girl, she'd probably go straight for the Noble daughter.

"Do nothing, abbil. Promise me you'll take no action against her if I tell you? You know it will only make matters worse on me." His tone was pleading, just this once let her give in. He felt the rage within her, the wilding that meant her hunting instincts were roused. It was a dangerous sensation.
The assassin grasped her hand, and forced her to meet his grey eyes. "Promise you'll do nothing to her."

Deshana frowned darkly, but finally nodded, and the tale of his meeting with the Drow woman, Ilahna was revealed to her. Rage coursed through her, and she nearly forgot her forced promise, but his hand held her back. "Alright.. but if she touches you again.. there will be a price."

Deshana continued her ministrations, reassuring the assassin that she'd take no action. Yet.

Time would tell.


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