The Chronicles of Twilight Raven: Majestic Muse

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The Chronicles of Twilight Raven: Majestic Muse

Postby Iduna » Fri Jun 27, 2003 1:41 pm

Inside a small yet cozy room on the top floor overlooking the Street of
Silks. Iduna nuzzles in a warm blanket, snuggled on a comfy couch watching the rain
dance across the window. Unsure of what travels a day like this could
possibly bring. She hears her sister rummaging through her bags and the clanging of
her scailmail as Eslina is preparing to leave once again. "Must you make so
much noise so early in the morning Eslina?" she whispers. "I have people to meet
and not much time Iduna,theres a card on the table for you and I don't expect
to see you sitting there when I return" she ruffles her sisters hair, quickly
closes her bag, slips on her boots and rushes out.Iduna watches the Street
below as her sister leaves the Inn. Turning away from the window she slinks
deeper into the couch listening to the rain fall heavily on the rooftop serenades
her into a deep slumber.
***********************within dream*********************************
Iduna's sleep takes her deeply into a dream of her home before WaterDeep
she finds herself inside her family's small home. Where she and Eslina grew up.
visions of their mother a loving woman who filled there home with beautiful
music that would lull them to sleep when they were tired,other times a rush of
song to perk everyone into a haste. She rarely made many journeys after the
girls were born but she always sang.While mother stayed at home,father traveled
with his caravan selling and trading goods with Guilds far and wide.He was
often away for weeks at a time. Returning home from WaterDeep one of his favorite
stops, he handed Iduna a ravens feather given to him by one of the Mercantile
Expeditionary a Guild he had done business with on many occasions,later in
the evening after father had unpacked his caravan she would huddle near the
fireplace on the hard wooden floors surrounded with pillows and listened to her
fathers told tales of Twilight Raven and their wondrous adventures.
Her father has always spoke highly of these Expeditionary Adventurers, the
more he did so the more Iduna wanted to leave her home and travel to the city of
splendors where she knew Twilight Raven's warehouse resided, one day she
would make that journey and forfill her dream. Months had passed and so had their
parents. While going through the home where they lived Iduna had found the
Raven's Feather she had kept in a silvery chest on the mantle above the fireplace
given to her by her father she would hide that feather until the day came to
persuade Eslina to leave for WaterDeep.

Iduna thrashes out in her sleep suddenly awakened in a cold sweat as she
throws off her warm blanket and rushes to her dresser top where her silvery chest
now sits. She empties it out ontop of her dresser as she gently tugs at a
piece of ribbon at the bottom of the chest to reveal a secret compartment, the
Feather of a Raven slips out. She had forgotten of the stories her father told
her of Twilight Raven until now, She had been so busy eversince arriving in
WaterDeep.She places her hand on the back of her neck with a puzzled look on her
face. She grabs the Ravens Feather and heads for the table near the door
snatching a pile of papers and flipping through them she finds what she is looking
for, a card requesting her assistance from Llandrien Brighwater who she has
been working with for quite some time,quickly flipping the card over her eyes
widen as she notices the seal of the Twilight Raven pressed into the paper,
tracing her finger over the embedded seal wondering how she could have blocked out
her fathers stories all this time even more so how she could have not known
she had been working with Twilight Raven.

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