The Chronicles of Twilight Raven: Feathers on the Wind

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The Chronicles of Twilight Raven: Feathers on the Wind

Postby glandriel » Fri Jun 27, 2003 3:33 pm

My name is Glandriel, Son of Galardriel and Eleayical, and I am a Grey
Elf from a city called Leuthilspar, located on a magical Island called
Evermeet, my home. I was born west of my town in a forest called the Sylvan
Glades. The day The Mother introduced me to sunlight, she also introduced me
to the evil that lurks everywhere. My mother was picking berries awaiting my
fathers return from deep with in the Sylvan Glades, chasing the Legend of a
elf called Thelas Windsong, a brave elf who befell a curse and loss of a
lover to an Evil mage of Cyric. My first memory is of the magic's that
enveloped me with words of love and protection my mother sung as she lay
there dying, her blood everywhere, covering us both. Upon the final words of
her incarnation her blood that was on my neck and face molded into my skin
leaving me with what looks to be a dragon in flight on my neck and my face
protecting and guarding. My mother was attacked and left to die by a band of
passing Drow Elf hired by the mage. My father found her upon returning,
holding me loosely wrapped in her scarf, in haste he took me to a place
called Larallyn, an elvish town high in the trees north of the Sylvan
Glades. There he asked the Elder to watch me while he gathered rangers and
hunters alike to find these drow and take his revenge. Some time later, some
of the hunters and rangers returned, among them my father was not. The ones
that returned say that he and a few of the braver elves ran into the Mage of
Cyric's cave in pursuit of the fleeing drow, upon entering the cave mouth
they engaged the drow. As the battle reached intensity the ground heaved and
the sound of combat from within the cave ceased. Nobody came back out. The
Elder sent me back to Leuthilspar wrapped in woven spider's silk and
escorted with a four elf guard of his most trusted, to the care of my
grandmother who fed me and kept me warm. Wrapped among the spider's silk,
and enchanted so no eyes would see but my own was a letter addressed to me,
a letter that in later years I would learn to read and understand.

Over time I grew, and with my growth came more. I found myself drawn to
the forests that were the only witness to my mothers last days. I would
wander about the city streets, trying to find a way out the magical gates
that guard our city. One day by chance I found I could converse with the
wildlife... Well if you were to call it converse, for they lack intelligence
and view life very differently to us all. But with this skill, I gathered a
word, the word 'peace' and when I muttered it, the gates hummed and
unlocked. Stuck in Leuthilspar I was no more. When my grandmother was off
collecting herbs and berries for her stews I would leave the city, and
wander the paths that led to the Sylvan glades to return before she knew of
my absence. As time passed, I would spend more time in these glades. I met a
bear in which a tree fern on wind whistled 'Glump'. I assumed this to be the
bear's name so I called to it, the bear delighted with the sound of his name
came over to me and near on knocked me down in a playful brush. Many, many
times upon returning to the forest Glump came to watch over and protect me.
Glump one day introduced me to Keren, a slightly misguided bard who played
Ballard's unlike any other in which I very much enjoyed, among the
tranquility only the forests could provide. My grandmother eventually found
out what I was doing and where I would go. Soon after leaving town one day
not long after she left for the market, I sensed that she was behind me, but
it bothered me not. So I took care to avoid Glump, and many other
inhabitants of the glades. Soon after I lit a campfire and snared some
rabbits she emerged from beyond the brush in which she hid, locking eyes
with me immediately I noticed one of her hands resting deep with-in her
cloak. Smiling she crossed the small distance between us without a sound,
pride radiating from her, she handed me that of which she had concealed,
held in trust, awaiting the day in which I would understand. A woven cloth
of spider's silk containing a letter that addressed to me. Taking the letter
I noticed nothing but a wax ensignia embossed with a very old elvish
talisman almost in the shape of a dragon. I ran my finger along the lines of
the embossed wax lost in thought, which to my surprise trigged the spell
that had hidden the contents from all but me.

Impulse or the spell, to this day I do not know, I kneeled and grabbed a
handful of earth. Gently I let the earth sift through my fingers to land
gently onto the page, as the earth landed on the letter, it took shape into
symbols that somehow I could read.

The letter read..


I am the Elder of Larallyn, Eldest and among the first that called Evermeet
home when we first came here across the void. Your father I met one day when
I was walking the glades..... Now that I think about it, he scared me near to
death when warning me of a cleverly hidden snare! Yes, I do remember that
fondly. Time passed and I became close friends of your parents, some could
say I'm kind of a Godfather, as humans call it, to you. I First met your
parents not long after the Grey came to Evermeet, when the void tore and
they too seeked a new home. Your father Galardriel was a Ranger of
unsurpassed skill. He volunteered to scout the outer reaches of Evermeet's
vast lands to give first warning to your kind while they built the walls
around the now very secure city you call Leuthilspar. His skills kept him
alive and being the ranger he was, I'm sure he loved being among the wild.
Once the walls were built and the magic that protects all inside them
complete, he begun to learn more of the lands that surrounded him, I believe
it was around this time I met Galardriel. I shared the hunt with him that
night, and managed to convince him to come to my home and enjoy my people's
hospitality. We shared many hunts together and became close friends. He
started to bring with him on his visits an elvish enchanter of great beauty,
her name was Eleayical, your mother. She loved your father very much, and it
was only around her the call of the forest didn't entice your father. I
laugh at the thoughts of your mother's face when I used to try and talk your
father into leading my hunters off for the hunt, HA! Once she cast one of
her spells on me, to her shock she then learned I am more than I seem! But I
was very amused by it all. Times then were good, peaceful, but nothing lasts
forever. Soon orc and troll walked our glades, and every now and then brave
bands of them would attack our town. Many times your father fought along
side of my people and helped defend my town. The attacks soon started to
settle and our lives returned to normal. Your mother and father around this
time became blessed with you. The day your father learnt of you he ran the
glades telling all that would listen, I had never seen him so happy in all
the time I knew him. The makings of a Ranger and Enchanter, boy a Ranger!
Girl an Enchanter! oh how they had plans for you son. It saddens me greatly
how fate bestowed your start. I wish you to know of the love they felt for
you, the promise you held for them in their hearts. When I last saw your
mother before that day, I told her you would be a ranger, I sensed your
father in the son she carried; she knew it to be too. The wildlife accepted
her when she carried you within. The talents you by now have grown to accept
as normal are from your father, and as you mature, the arts of magic you
will understand. You will never be like your mother in the skill of magic,
for another path I think you will walk. Glandriel, your parents I grew to
love and the loss of them saddens me greatly. You will always be welcome in
among my trees for you are the son of dear friends. I shall honor your
father's request to me on that fateful day he pursed vengeance for your
mothers slaying. I will be there for you and when you come to me one day
when you are ready, I will tell thee also of a quest, one of which your
father begun.

Be safe Glandriel, may you always find light, may you always find shelter.
Protect your own, honor is harder than mithril, May you one day avenge what
is your right

Listen to the winds my son; they will always guide you for the mother of all
has touched you.

The Elder

As my eyes read the final words the letter returned to the earth, but
something remained. I looked about the surrounding forest and noticed my
grandmother gone, tracks showed she had left towards town.
I closed my eyes and I listened.
Faintly I heard a breeze, I relaxed and become one with all around me,
discretely I could feel an approaching wind and on that wind was an elven
voice. The voice was male and familiar to me. It made my blood sing and left
me feeling complete, the words the winds carried from far to the south
whispered one thing

'Briskwind..... you are a Briskwind.....Never forget who you are..

I opened my eyes and put out my campfire. I looked at the last of the suns
rays filtering through the dense canopy above, on the air I smelt the scent
of drow, with a snarl of rabid delight I leapt into the forest, wielding my
bow and arrow at the notch I said proudly to myself,

"I am Glandriel Briskwind, son of Galardriel and Eleayical Briskwind".

And then quietly so that not even the forest's heard, I heard a voice, my
own whispering...

"Vengeance will be mine......"

Returning to the security of Leuthilspar late that night, the never leaving
thoughts of what the day had shown me in my mind, I reached my grandmother's
home. The slaying of the lost drow somewhat relaxed me in a sense that
almost disturbed me. I stoked the fire that had turned to embers and begun
to fletch some flights to repair the arrows I had damaged earlier. The
moonbeams illuminated the room, shadows danced to the flickering flame, the
scents of baking bread drifted on the breeze coming from an open window. I
before I knew it, fell asleep.

I awoke late the next day, my grandmother had already left, where I did not
know. Packing up my quiver and unfinished arrows and I walked out the door.
Leuthilspar was a bustle with elves, shopping and laughing and talking to
one another, nothing seemed amiss. Casually I decided then that I would seek
the kobold fletcher and purchase some new arrows instead, leaving the old to
be repaired and sought another day, the drow had a small but handsome amount
of gold among them. As I approached the city center I could hear a male
elven voice calling"

"The Elder of Llewyrr seeks adventurers to aid him!"

Immediately my heart beat faster, why would? How come? Why on earth would
the Elder be recruiting greys? For he has a small army of hunters himself...

I sped my walk and eventually I could see the city center, and in the center
I could spy and elf. This elf was attired very fine armor, close fitting and
protecting, and a magical glow pulsating from it. He seemed almost regal. As
I drew closer I noticed he was looking towards me, the bustle of the town
not disturbing his powerful stare. I knew then, this elf was one not to be
lightly ignored.

"Well met stranger, I am Glandriel, you seek adventurers?, for what
adventure do thy recruit, I know of this Elder you speak, I can't imagine
why one such as he would recruit, let alone others not of his home..."

The stranger then replied..

"Well met Glandriel!, I go by the name Llandrien, I have been known by
others now and in the past, but Llandrien will suffice for this turn of the
wheel. The Elder seeks the brave, for something he cannot order his own
people to do. You say you know him? Then you would also know how one as he
feels about his own. Do you offer your aid? Or wasting my, and others that
need help, time?"

Something itched is the only way I could describe it, the feel among the
world about me was not right and perhaps this way I would learn why.

"Llandrien, I will offer my services, I will accompany thee and help
wherever I'm able to. What does one seek from me? what must I do?"

He grinned at me in a mysterious way...

"Follow me! I shall take you to the Elder, I know him very well and know he
will be overjoyed that you offer thy services!, let us make haste, time
waits for none!"

As he turned gracefully towards the east among the bustle of the crowd that
graced Leuthilspar streets towards that of Llewyrr, I noticed a badge upon
the breast of Llandrien. A symbol or some sort of ensignia blazed there, its
description eluded me, but the words there did not..

'Twilight Raven'

Why did that sound familiar to me?

We reached the Llewyrr in good time, but not to the pleasure of the
townsfolk we met. Corpses of elves littered the streets, those of guards,
commoners and worse, children. My curiosity turned to hate.. who could do
such a thing? And why? We reached the abode of the Elder where Llandrien
knelt before him.

"Elder, this is Glandriel Briskwind"

The Elders eye twinkled at the mention of my given name, but Llandrien

"This brave..." briefly glancing at me grinning, "ranger has pledged his
service to thee, I have not explained in detail the importance of your
mission, nor the events leading to it, but.." stopping to once again grin at
me, this time, holding his gaze upon me "know he will not let you down."

I came before the elder and knelt.

"I Glandriel Briskwind pledge my service to thee, in which way may I serve?"

A brief nod between the Elder and Llandrien accrued and Llandrien whispered
to me, and when he did it was almost like time had stopped, as if he had
spoken outside the passage of time. He whispered..

"I leave to recruit others, we will meet again Glandriel, until then be
safe, I will have my eye on you, you show promise.." then left.

Dazzled by the moment I heard the Elder saying

"... Briskwind eh? Yes, ahh yes, you have that same feel about you as your
father, don't be surprised son, Glump mentioned he saw you with the letter,
and that drow you then slain? Nice show, but that's not for now, Greater
Evils distracts our reunion. Bandits have attacked and killed my people, and
worse, some have been taken prisoner. Some of my trackers have left to mark
the trail, but I fear they are not enough. Glandriel, will you like
Llandrien find those that will help? Find my people and return them home? I
know it is a huge service I ask from thee, but can you, will you help?"

The blood in my boiled with rage, the memory of my mother, the loss of my
father, the sweetness of revenge...

"Elder, I will help thee and your people, I leave at once to recruit and
will somehow send news of my hunt, your people will be returned home."

With that I left to recruit others, an energy of urgency fueling my pace. As
I left through the door of the Elders study I faintly heard the Elder
whisper, very much like his father, yes very much so...
Glandriel Briskwind - Twilight Raven
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