A sojourn story that I wrote and cant remember why

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A sojourn story that I wrote and cant remember why

Postby Gerad » Sun Jul 13, 2003 10:43 am

This is written about an alternate dimension of sojourn, where certain events unfolded differently in the past.

I cannot for the life of me remember why I wrote it.

Enjoy, let me know what you think? heh.


It was a time of reckoning for the Humans. Under the leadership of Kralgar Bonesnapper, and his right hand man, Gerad Dreamingwolf, the Human city of waterdeep had finally fallen. Not that it would have been possible without help from the Icess and her legions. The seige had seen the coming and going of three full moons, and thousands had died. Each side had suffered very heavy casualties, but noneso more than the humans. A full six thousand humans lie dead, killed to the last man by Kralgar and his army. The seas of the sword coast were red with blood as human bodies were dumped into the harbor, and charred and smoking craters from the awesome battle of magics pitted the landscape around the city. The tower of Khelban Blackstaff was no more, having been laid to waste by a massive snowstorm of epic proportions. Indeed, this same storm had laid waste to most of the northern city wall as well, and the army of Kralgar had stormed through the rubble, murdering man and beast alike where they stood.

Gerad spoke to Kralgar as they surveyed the murdered city from atop a hill.
"Ah, yes. The icess will be most pleased. Control of this harbor means much to our cause. The barbarian children of Auril will soon control the sword coast."

"Yes, Gerad. We have succeeded in this endevor, but our casualties were very heavy. I fear we will have to call on more reinforcements from the northlands. This has been a devestating blow to the humans, but I fear the forces at Calimport will be a much greater enemy, so far from the northlands, the icess will have less power over the weather. You must remember, that the only reason we won here, was because of the intervention by our Godess, in the death of Khelban Blackstaff.

Kralgar examined the slain magi's staff closesly, as if attempting to gain some sort of perspective on it. It was now, however, but a simple piece of wood. The runes had stopped glowing, and a single burnt mark of a palm was embedded into the staff. Khelban had done all he could to fight the freezing winds that hammered the city from the north, but had finally fallen to its power. A man, of course, cannot stand against a diety for long. He had, however, gone down fighting. The massive fury of meteors he had unleashed as he was slain were seen all around the world, as they slammed into the Army waiting to the north of the city. A thousand men were killed in that one instant, but it did not keep the army from victory.

After a few minutes of silence, Kralgar spoke again.

"Yes, Gerad, this staff, and the power it represented, are now dead. The few survivors will soon spread out around the city, and farmers will begin the burning of crops. I expect you to prevent this, we cannot feed an army with ice."

"Yes, Kralgar, it has already been taken care of. Even now, the winter wolves conjured by the icess are cutting down the few survivors who fled. There shall be food here through the summer, and when we move south again, by ship and by foot, all shall fear the power of Auril."

Kralgar grinned, and removing his gloves, stuck his bare hands into the snow nearby. Coming up red and steaming, he gripped Khelbans staff in both hands, and shouted,

"The fury of the icess is now known to the human lands! Let all who hear thy name tremble with the cold chill of fear! Auril, we have victory this day!"

He brought the staff down sharply across his knee, his feroscious strength splitting the now dead artifact in two with a very loud crack. It seemed almost as if the staff had not yet been done fighting, and had let out one final cry of agony in its utter defeat.

Rally the officers, Gerad. The men are to loot the city for anything of value. All food stores are to be brought to the north side of the city, and the valuables are to be all accounted for. This is not a war for profit, and any man caught with valuables known to be from the city is to be thrown naked into the harbor, and then chased east into the winter. When the looting is complete," Kralgar paused, his eyes flashing with cold fury,
"Burn the entiry city to the ground, Leave no shelter but stone."

Gerad nodded, and saluted. He started down the hill toward the city, where now, three days later, the screams of women could still be heard echoing from the buildings. Gerad almost grimaced, but pledged his allegiance to his goddess and continued on.

There was much work to still be done, before the Icess would rule Toril, and the Barbarian tribes would finally have their glorious victory. It was a long road ahead, and one not easily traveled. Calimport was next, but first, there was a single human man left to be killed at midnight, on midwinters eve. That was tonight, and Piergerion would suffer a frozen death, for turning from the alliances of the Frostmaiden when he had the opportunity.
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