Simple n Short, Telina Marries her rogue ....

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Simple n Short, Telina Marries her rogue ....

Postby Ambar » Tue Jul 15, 2003 6:16 pm

You tell Nilan 'i know ya gotta go .. just come give permission real fast?'
Nilan bows deeply.
You say 'brother ....'
Nilan says 'hello my adopted sister'
Azzlyn nods at Nilan.
Nilan squints his eyes and peers at Azzlyn.
You say 'i know other things will soon take u away from me .. but'
Nilan says 'this is the one you love then sister'
Azzlyn smirks.

Azzlyn pets you lovingly.
Telina purrs softly and rubs her head against Azzlyn's hand.

You sign 'Usstan ssinssrigg dos d'anthe dalninuk.'
You sign 'yes, dear brother it is ..'
Nilan sizes azzlyn up
You say 'he will be good to me, brother'
Nilan whispers to you, 'see that he doesnt get in my way or cross my path regarding my goals '
Nilan says 'he better'
You say 'he will :)'
Azzlyn says 'As if I had a choice.'
Nilan says 'if he makes you happy , then i wish you both well'
Nilan kisses you lightly on the cheek. How sweet!
You say 'will u give your permission?'
You say 'i have given up all ties to my house .... i will soon make that more apparent .. '
Nilan says 'does a lady drow...need a houseless males permission my dear sister'
Nilan says 'you have my blessing, and as Vhaerauns chosen his too'
Azzlyn looks at Nilan.
You say 'i love you Nilan ..'
Nilan says 'im pleased sister'
You say 'i will always be your sister .. nothing will stop that or change how i feel'
Nilan casts a quick look at azzlyn
You say 'but ....'
You say 'in him I have found happiness'
Azzlyn group-says 'And typos.'
Nilan whispers something to Azzlyn.
You say 'I need him ... I need him by my side'
You swat Azzlyn.
Nilan says 'take him '
You thank Nilan heartily.
Nilan says 'but remember my words'
Azzlyn whispers something to Nilan.
Nilan bows deeply before you in a gesture of recognition.
You give Nilan a gentle kiss on the lips.
Nilan sneaks south.

You tell Deshana 'can u come here or shall we come to you?'
You give Azzlyn a gentle kiss on the lips.
Azzlyn gives you a gentle kiss on the lips.
Deshana flies in from the south.
You kiss Deshana lightly on the cheek.
You say 'hello sister elf'
Deshana says 'well, south is hallowed to Eilistraee and Vhaeraun'
Deshana gives you a great big, warm hug.
Deshana says 'hello indeed, '
Azzlyn says 'Hello there.'
Deshana smiles happily.

Deshana gets a small delicate desert flower from her bottomless bag of the Tinkers.
You receive a small delicate desert flower from Deshana.
Deshana whispers a quiet prayer to Eilistraee
You say 'oo :)'
You give Deshana a gentle kiss on the lips.
Deshana says 'girls gotta have a bouquet'
Deshana nods at herself, reassuring herself that she's ok.

Azzlyn pets you lovingly.
Telina purrs softly and rubs her head against Azzlyn's hand.

You say 'MY perfect spot to get married would be evermeet'
Azzlyn smirks.
You say 'always wanted to get married at oberon's temple :P he knows it'
Azzlyn smirks.
Azzlyn nods.
Deshana says 'I'm not permitted to aid access to the island i'm afraid'
You say 'nods i know'
Deshana says 'Corellon would be a bit miffed'
Deshana says 'anyways.. here works.'
You say 'tis the participants that matter not the location'

You say 'sec, lemme get ready.'
Azzlyn group-says 'Just like women. Taking so long to get ready :P'
You swat Azzlyn.
Azzlyn smirks.
Azzlyn looks at you.
You say 'he meanie'
Azzlyn nods.
Azzlyn says 'That's me.'
Deshana giggles.
You say 'hmmm i need ameys'
Azzlyn smirks.
Azzlyn says 'You're fine. Quit fussing :P'
You say ':P'
Deshana falls down laughing.
You say 'men!'
Azzlyn says 'Women!'

You say 'im purple enuff :P'

You are using:
<worn on head> a hat of witchcraft
<worn around neck> a purple silk shawl
<worn around neck> a purple silk shawl
<worn on body> a pink dress with frilled edges
<worn about waist> a belt of flame enshrouded amethysts
<worn on arms> a pair of purple silk sleeves
<worn around wrist> an arm band of the sylphs
<worn around wrist> an arm band of the sylphs
<worn on hands> some soft velvet gloves
<held> a delicate pink rose
<worn on feet> some soft velvet slippers

Azzlyn signs 'Quit fussing or i'm gonna hold you down and tell her to go to town :P'

Deshana says 'ready?'
Azzlyn says 'And i'm pretty much mismatched enough. No tux i'm afraid.'
You say 'i guess so .. he being impatient :P'
Deshana giggles.
Azzlyn says 'I have to be. I might change my mind :P'
Azzlyn ducks.

Deshana says 'you know the depths of marriage, and what it should mean. neither ownerhip, nor domination, equal partnership, and freedom to love and hold eachother.'

The night has begun.
The rain is falling less heavily now.
The moon casts a little bit of light on the ground.

Deshana says 'so rather then doing the whole lecture, i ask this.. do you, Azzlyn take Telina to cherish, hold and nurture throughout hard times and good, neither restraining nor restricting, as long as you live?'

Azzlyn says 'But of course.'

Deshana says 'do you Telina, take Azzlyn, to hold and treasure, through good times and bad, faults and strengths, never to restrain, but to let live free, as long as you live?'

You say 'yes I do '

Deshana says 'under the witness of Eilistraee, and Vhaeraun, in the temple of the forest, i bind you to your vows that you may live freely within them. I now pronounce you husband and wife.'

You smile at Azzlyn.

look room
The Edge of the Forest of Mir
Sparsely placed gigantic redwood tree trunks stretch to great heights all about here, markign the beginning of the black Forest of Mir. There is almost no light here, as the ancient forest's trees create such a thick netting of bracnhes high above that almost all sunlight is blocked out. Because of this, this forest has an ill reputation for harboring a host of horrors, and few dare to explore it, as those that do generally do not return at all. The air smells tangy and musty with the heady pine scent overpowering. The great black forest stretchs out in all directions but west, where lies the formidable Marching Mountains, the only practical entry to Mir.

Azzlyn softly nuzzles your neck softly. Mmmm that feels good.

Deshana says 'go on, kiss or somthing'
Deshana grins wickedly.

You petition 'can u re title me now please?? to Veldrin'd'streea'
If you do not get a response, it's because the staff are busy or unavailable.

Azzlyn says 'I go with the 'or something''
Azzlyn pounces on top of you pinning you to the ground.
Azzlyn kisses you passionately. You feel his tongue creeping in, oooooohhh!

Telina holds Azzlyn's hand, pulls him close and kisses him deeply
Deshana whispers a quiet prayer to Eilistraee

You say 'thank you sister ... you dont know how much it means to me to have you do this foir us'

Kiaransalee responds to your petition with 'there ya go'
You tell Kiaransalee 'thank you :)'

Azzlyn lovingly caresses you.

Azzlyn says 'Thank you Des.'

Score information for Telina

Level: 48 Race: Drow Elf Class: Enchanter
Hit points: 270(270) Moves: 158(158)
Experience Progress: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 60 % -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Coins carried: 0 platinum 9 gold 34 silver 31 copper
Coins in bags: 31 platinum 340 gold 1200 silver 1121 copper
Coins in bank: 2098 platinum 601 gold 234 silver 712 copper
Prestige: 7857
Citizen of: Dobluth Kyor
Outcast from: Griffon's Nest
Playing time: 34 days / 17 hours/ 46 minutes
Title: Veldrin'd'streea
Group Name: Azzlyn and Company
Group Leader: Azzlyn
Status: Standing.
Enchantments: Ultravision

You sign 'look room dear'
Deshana says 'I'd do most anything for you, and Nilan is dear to me as well, his sister is mine.'
You give Deshana a gentle kiss on the lips.
Deshana gives you a gentle kiss on the lips.
You say 'i know :) thats why i wanted it to be YOU'

the rest was edited out ... to protect the not so innocent *stare*
hugs n kisses and thanks again Des .. I love you :)

--------Telina Veldrin'd'streea, beloved wife of Azzlyn
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Postby Ashiwi » Tue Jul 15, 2003 7:43 pm

Congrats!!!!! I'm so tickled for the two of you.
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Postby Silsaterur » Wed Jul 16, 2003 12:24 am

Yeah, you go momma Ambar, brought a big goofy grin to my face this news did.


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