The Chronicles of Twilight Raven: Search for a new Beginning

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The Chronicles of Twilight Raven: Search for a new Beginning

Postby Eslina » Wed Jul 16, 2003 3:43 pm

Eslina stared out the window of the room she shared with her sister Iduna. Blowing gusts of rain made it nearly impossible to see the street below. Iduna had been gone when Eslina woke that morning, an occurrence that was rare enough to cause Eslina to pace the room in worry. She was sure it had something to do with the Raven's. Since they had arrived in WaterDeep several months before, Iduna had been spending most of her time going on adventures with them, a source of many arguments between the sisters.

Eslina's father had abandoned her and her mother when Eslina was just a baby. Her mother had met and married Iduna's father when Eslina was 3 yrs old, Iduna coming along less than a year later. They had been a happy family, Eslina's stepfather raising her as his own.

A few years ago, their parents were killed in an accident, leaving the girls alone in the world. Eslina had taken the role of both mother and father to Iduna, feeling responsible for taking care of her younger sister. Times had been hard, Iduna sometimes resenting the restrictions Eslina put on her. Eslina and Iduna had both chosen the profession of cleric, in part due to the loss of their parents and the desire to help heal others in need. The time came when their small village no longer held much appeal for the young girls. After several months, it was decided that they would travel to a town called Waterdeep. Their father had often visited there on his travels and told them stories about it.

Eslina cleaned the room and sorted though all of the things they had aquired in their bags. She was restless being stuck inside, but afraid to leave until she knew what had happened to Iduna.

Iduna returned to their room late that night. After several hours of worrying about her, Iduna's cheerful mood inflamed Eslina's temper.

"Where have you been?" Eslina demanded.

Iduna threw herself down on her bed, grinning "I've been having the time of my life!"

Eslina could feel her temper reaching a dangerous level and tried to calm herself, taking a deep breath. After several seconds, Eslina said softly "I have been wondering if you were alive for hours now, and you were having the time of your life? Where have you been and with whom?"

"The Raven's Es! We go to wonderful and dangerous places! It is so exciting!" Iduna bounced on her bed, delighted.

"Iduna, I do not want you going to dangerous places! I especially don't want you going there with strangers!" Eslina shouted at Iduna.

Iduna jumped to her feet shouting back at Eslina "You can't stop me! I'm old enough to take care of myself now, Es, I don't need YOU!"

Eslina turned her back on Iduna, not wanting her to see how those words had wounded her. Iduna had always needed her! How could she be saying such a thing?

Iduna put her hand on Eslina's arm, saying hesitantly "I'm sorry, Es, I didn't mean that to sound so ungrateful. You have to understand that I can take care of myself now and....." her voice trailed off before adding softly "I've taken a job with the Raven's. I'm one of them now."

Eslina turned quickly to look at Iduna in disbelief. "You what? Without talking to me? Iduna, you don't need to do that! I can still take care of us!"

Iduna shook her head. "No, Es, I wanted to. Its what I've always dreamed of! Don't you see? Its time for you to let me go and have a life of your own again."

Eslina's mind whirled with shock. A life of her own? What did that mean? What did she, Eslina, want to do with her life? She had never thought about her life in terms of anything besides what needed to be done to survive.

Eslina sank down slowing onto a nearby chair, staring at the floor lost in thought. Iduna sat down on the floor at her feet, laying her head on Eslina's knees. "Don't be mad at me" Iduna mumbled.

Iduna looked up at Eslina, saying "I'm sorry Es. I should have talked to you about it, I was just having such a wonderful time...."

Eslina brushed Iduna's long hair out of her eyes, smiling softly "You always were impulsive" Eslina chuckled.

"Es, I want you to meet them. They are so nice to me, and I know we could use more help" Iduna said hopefully.

Eslina was silent for several minutes, then said slowly "I will meet with them."

Several uneventful days passed, no more being said about Eslina meeting with the mysterious Raven's. Eslina grew accustomed to Iduna's strange hours of coming and going, biting her tongue to stop herself from questioning Iduna about it.

Eslina glanced at the door when she heard the sound of a key in the lock. Turning, she watched Iduna rush into the room. "It's all arranged Es! You are to meet with the Raven's tomorrow night!"

As usual, Iduna had wasted no time in going after what she wanted. So...the time had come for Eslina to start a new journey, and begin her new life.

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