Guw No-Fleas

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Guw No-Fleas

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Guw "No-Fleas" is a young troll who has moved away from his home town of Ghore and is currently living in Dobluth Kyor. Fate played it's hand early in Guw's life when his mother died of natural causes - she ventured out by herself into the swamps around Ghore one day by herself, naturally she died. In the years after his mothers premature demise Guw lived where all the homeless young trolls live - under a bridge leading into the Ghore hometown. This might sound like quite a sad story to those who know little about trolls - but for Guw some of his happiest memories are those of bashing the little creatures that strayed under that bridge. After eating, Guw and the other young homeless trolls would play games for hours on end : some of the favourites were "Bash Youngest Troll", "Bash Weak Troll", "Bash Old Troll". Occasionally the Guards around Ghore would tire of the nonsense and play THEIR favourite game, "Bash the Homeless Young Trolls". Another favourite game the young trolls played was called "Fastest Finger First", where they would each bite off their little 'greeny' finger and bet on who's would grow back the fastest.

Ahh those were the days.

But all good things must come to an end, and as Guw grew the rumblings in his stomach were no longer satistifed by the little creatures that strayed under the bridge. Each day, Guw and the other homeless young trolls of his age had to venture further and further out into the swamps around Ghore to satisfy their ever-present hunger. But every time the young trolls ventured forth into the swamp the nasty scaly "Zards" would sniff out and find the young trolls. Guw would bash the Zards but they always got up, then the Zards would grab one of the other weaker young trolls and run off into the swamp. This was a sad time for Guw, the friends his own age disappeared one by one, leaving only the youngest silly little runts under the bridge who couldn't bash things good, and were no fun at all.

Strangely enough for Guw, as his friends disappeared, hunting in the swamp became easier. The Zards rarely found him when he was alone, and if they did it was easy enough for him to bash em and get away. For the first time since he was a baby Guw's stomach was full (well, most of the time), but he wasn't a happy troll. Guw was lonely.

The second time Fate played it's hand in Guw's short life was when one day, hunting deep in swamp, Guw heard the most beautiful sounds he'd ever heard in his life, coming from far off in the distance. Guw headed towards the sounds, but could never quite find the source - it was always in the distance, seemingly just over the next rise in the swamp. For a night and a day Guw followed the sound. Then on the second night Guw came across a clearing beside a track through the swamp. From behind a bush Guw saw two short little creatures sitting beside a fire, and Guw's fear of the flames was only equalled by his attraction to the beauty of the sound that came from the little sticks they were blowing into. The beauty of the sound was such that not once did it cross the short distance across Guw's mind that the two creatures might be a good source of protein.

Guw layed and listened, mesmerized with his eyes closed as the two Orcs practised scales on their flutes. He smelt a familiar ominous smell. There was a hiss and opening his eyes Guw saw the Zard racing toward the two. Instinctively Guw was grabbing his club and on his feet racing at the Zard. The Zard was taken by suprize as Guw slammed into the scaly creature sending it sprawling. Rolling the Zard swept Guw off his feet, racking claws across bare troll flesh. Entwinned together in battle they stood, and with two hands and huge strength Guw belted his club into the Zard's razorsharp mouth as the Zards claws racked across both sides of his neck. As darkness began to overcome Guw he again heard the beautiful sounds, but they were different this time, and seemed to give him strength to stave off the darkness. The Zard bit through Guw's club then the razorsharp mouth clamped on to Guws right arm, biting through muscle tendon and bone.

As his arm was bitten off, Guw saw in the fireglow one of the little creatures shout at him in broken Trollish, "Flea Flea". Guw was confused, he'd never had fleas in his life. As that thought slowly formed in Guw's head, the two small creatures came in fast and furious, their sharp shiny little knifes tearing into the Zards sides. From one of the little shiny knifes came a bright brillant glow - Guw's last thought was "look at the pertty colors".

Some time later beautiful sounds ran through Guw's head as the darkness cleared. Guw found himself lying on his back, the two little creatures were blowing into their little sticks again. He looked across the clearing and saw the remains of the Zard. In turn the two creatures pointed at themselves saying, "Vhagar" and "Teguh". Guw pointed at himself, and said "Guw No-Fleas". Teguh laughed and said, "Yes, that's definitely true." Guw began feeling better, he half raised himself and looked at his arm as it was furiously regenerating and smiled.

Guw felt like he was home.

From the clearing beside the swamp Guw followed the two little orcs to the drow town of Dob Kor (he still has trouble saying the name properly) where eventually the two little orcs taught him to speak in the common tongue. As the politics of Dobluth Kyor ebbed and flowed around the oblivious Guw, he was happy because there was always stuff that needed bashing, and there was more food than even a troll could eat. Eventually Guw met the strangest looking creature with no-mouth, calling itself "Muxxissinix", but that as they say, is another story.

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