Vhagar leaves Bloodtusk

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Vhagar leaves Bloodtusk

Postby Alomlim » Fri Oct 03, 2003 9:40 pm

(just moved from old BBS. This will be towards my CleanMausoleum innate. Next story will be for GroupAssassinate :D )
Vhagar sighed wearily, picked up his broom, and started sweeping the mausoleum. He thought to himself... a talented, handsome, extroverted, devestatingly good looking musician should have no trouble landing regular gigs in a big town like Dolbuth Kyor! What was the problem?! Frustrated, he turned to his fellow cleaning-crew employee and asked

"Cosaj, what was it like growing up in Bloodtusk for you? Cuz I had it pretty rough, and I expected, I dunno, something... grander... down here in the big city."

Cosaj considered thoughtfully, and opened his mouth to speak, only to have Vhagar cut in, "I bet you had a happy home life, two loving parents to raise you.... you're probably the Good Kid". He then went on to relate, over the course of an hour, the story of his life. His famous father Kralak Stonewraith, known for his ability to enter locked dwellings at will, had placed an impressive amount of pressure on the young orc to follow in his footsteps. Vhagar tried, but tiptoeing around and burglaring the nobles of Bloodtusk was hard work, and he was bad at it and hated it.

Vhagar did love to sing though, at the local bars, and with his buddies. This got him into a series of tearful fights with his parents; his dad thought it was a worthless endeavor, being far less manly and profitable than stealing. One evening after Kralak tore up some compositions Vhagar had stored in his room, Vhagar left Bloodtusk and swore never to return.

He had heard of a much larger, more exciting town in the south, Dolbuth Kyor, and so he headed south, just a kid in the wild world. It took him many months to make the trek, and it was fraught with very real peril. The worst of which was an incredible twenty-day journey through the Quistery Hills, which were, unbeknownst to him, completely overrun with vicious gnolls!

At his age, Vhagar could barely best one of the ferocious gnolls in single combat, but the hills were long, treacherous, and the gnolls traveled in packs. Many sleepless nights he spent tending his wounds, singing a little for courage, and praying that no more gnolls would come while he was weak.

At this point Cosaj finally got a word in edgewise "That's great, Vhagar, but back to the JOB? We're on the clock here". He eyed the dusty mausoleum meaningfully.

Arrgh! Vhagar couldn't stand another minute of this stupid mausoleum! Now that he was in Dolbuth Kyor (DK as he liked to call it), why were things not falling into place as they should? He had made friends, plenty of friends... well okay, some friends.... well, okay, he was popular with the trolls at least. He and his buddy Guw had had some great adventures getting to DK, and he and Apuh had gone out on the town more nights than he could remember raising a ruckus. But where were the paying gigs? And where were the ladies? An orc of his devilish charm should have no trouble with the ladies. Maybe DK was a "couples town" instead of a "singles town". And, most importantly, where was the plat-coinage? An orc of Vhagar's exceptional calibre didn't dine on hard tack, and didn't wear cheap clothes. He had had to take up a job at the mausoleum just to make ends meet.

At least there was still his music, that had been going great. He'd met up with plenty of other talented musicians in town... Teguh, whom he'd met with Guw, Jasbo, who was a little older, but seemed to lay it down proper, the famous Big Daddy Dartok, who rarely stopped by but was always worth listening to, and fellow newcomer to DK, Nisnak, who Vhagar thought of as a "trust-fund" musician... old money. They'd all had some great jam sessions together, swapped riffs, and tried out some new stuff. And despite it all, Vhagar was pretty sure he was about to break into the big time, with regular nightly gigs, a huge audience, and the big payola comin' his way.

Vhagar gave his broom another savage push and amused himself with a little tune about a famous orc entertainer.

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