Defeat? Maybe...

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Defeat? Maybe...

Postby Elisten » Tue Oct 07, 2003 4:23 am

On a day, not so long ago.. two hearts became one.

Nilan looks into Elisten's eyes; "Elisten, I love you." He takes Elisten's hand in his and looks deep within her eyes and says, "Ussta velve zhah dossta Elisten udos z'hin izil uss nindol tanji lueth."

Sighing sadly, defeatedly... Elisten whispers into the wind. "I will always love you, always. But you will never hurt me again. Goodbye, Nilan."

One last time, she reads the words that she wrote.

The darkness still rips silently and cruelly within.
It consumes and crawls through my skin.

I've fabricated my life with lies, creating your love.
Something that never existed. A blackened, broken dove.

Love clawed all truth from my blinded eyes.
Now I can see and now I despise.

Hate seethes inside and will never again be contained.
I give myself to the loathing that courses in these veins.

I stand alone, cold and scared. I do not know which way to turn or how I will fare.

My wings are tattered, bloody and torn.

But Oh! How I soared for a moment through the sky! My wings thrilled with the feeling!
Now all I feel is ground, now I only crawl in the dirt.

I stare up at the moonlight. Do you remember us beneath those dark skies?

Bliss was short-lived, as I soon found.
You condemned my heart, I was flung to the ground.

But, my love! Guess what?

My wings may be destroyed and dull. I am cold but not completely numb.
My heart is not dead and my spirit is strong.

Crush my body, do you think I care? I'll drag myself back to the heavens somehow, I swear.

I will find a way to save my own soul.

Do not think I can be broken. Or shattered quite so easily.

My wings will mend, and I will fly once again.

Elisten folds the parchment and rips it into a dozen little pieces. Tears fall freely down her face as she lets the paper be swept out of her fingers.

On the wind her broken heart flutters away.

She turns to go.
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Postby Nilan » Tue Oct 07, 2003 7:30 pm

Nilan knelt outside of Mir, clutching his chest, a place that once held his heart now held a seared and empty dying space. She does not understand, he thought to himself. A tear even managed to run down hi cheek.

"A soul for a soul", he muttered. Sorrow behind crimson eyes.

He remembered the incident as if it were yesterday. His choice in the temple of his God. His choice for the people, his choice for the ones he dared to love. But most of all he remembered the words thought but never spoken....

“In loving you I doom you, and thus because I love you so much, I do the only thing I can to keep your soul safe. Forgive me.”

Words never spoken...

A Soul for a Soul....

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