Fateful Hunt

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Fateful Hunt

Postby Orku » Tue Oct 07, 2003 11:50 pm

Many months has past since Orku was permitted to enter Faang again. A slight overcast was blocking out the sun, with a slight wind drifting southeast, Orku’s game was heading north, providing perfect hunting conditions. This promised to be a great hunt; his game was a huge giant that had been killing several deer, and other woodland animals.

“You smell it to, don’t you?” Orku quietly whispered to his wolf companion, as he took in deep breath.

Orku continually sniffed the air around him, till the aroma of his prey was the strongest. He finally caught sight of the Giant. He must have been at least Eighteen feet, tall, clothed in all kinds of fur, from gnoll skins, to that of beaver. His club was at his side it was three times bigger than Orku or even bigger. Orku slid an arrow out of his quiver, placed it in positioned, and pulled the string of his bow, taut as it would go. This would have to be a direct hit, or else the giant would end up going into a frenzy.

Orku let go of the arrow sending it flying directly towards the right eye of the giant. The arrow just a few feet from its mark, the giant deflected his arrow with his massive club. Orku drew his sword and dagger. A booming voice came from the giant.

“Do not attempt to come any closer Orku.” Boomed the giant, as twisted confused expression came to Orku’s face. “Yes that’s right I know who you are hunter, you follow me more than just on the hunt, but in your pathetic life, orc!”

All the sudden Orku was brought to his knees, his arms felt as heavy as two, thousand year old oak trees. Unable to move, Orku began to start chanting a basic invisibility spell he learned from his former master. Half way through his chant his mouth fell silent, no words came.

“I have silenced you, you will not be able to speak until you finish your hunt Orku!” laughed the giant, “You do not find it funny? You follow me in your ways of life, you hunt, you love the hunt, and do you know who I am?”

Orku’s eyes became unclouded, and he realized it was Grolantor, instantly his body went limp, and fell face down into the dirt.

“You are an orc, you aren’t even that big, yet you pledge allegiance to the God of Ogres, and Giants? It makes me laugh, you have strength but not compared to my true followers. What’s that, you claim to be a true follower of Grolantor? That makes me laugh. I saw this coming, which is why I prepared this hunt for you, to prove you are a true follower of Grolantor, there are a team of orc’s who boast to be the best hunters of Faeurn, witch everyone knows followers of Grolantor are the best. I send you to wipe out these
Pitiful creatures, if you can slay your own kin, and cousins, the last remnants of your family, destroy them all, and then you will be a true follower of Grolantor. Then you will regain your speech.”

Grolantor dissipated into thin air, and Orku was left all alone, thoughts of having family still where running through his mind. He had to prove himself to Grolantor; he must become the master hunter.

Orku traveled day and night, without rest through the fields of the dead, and troll hills. He traveled north, camped in the ancient ruin, for the first time since he actually meet Grolantor. He lay under the stars, his head on his wolf companions back. He had heard few things about orcs, for had lived with the ogres all his life, what he heard was from other orc slaves. Where had they been, when he was taken as a child, where were they? He thought. Did they not try and rescue us? The more he thought about the orcs, the more he disliked them, he was something more than an orc, he was something greater, he was a hunter.

The night faded into day, Orku woke up, and head farther north through the deadly vines, and through the hills where several gnolls lived. He could now feel the orcs the closer he got, the more hate welled up in his heart. He thought “orcs, they are week intolerable species, I will kill as many as I can, not just my whole family, I am not an orc, I am a hunter of Grolantor!”

He caught sight of the first orc, he drew back his bow and released the arrows, and it hit the orc in the head, and went straight through his skull, leaving him lifeless. Other orcs in the hunting party, scattered, all trying to find where the arrow came from, one after another dropped, only one orc caught a glimpse of where the arrow came from, Orku was to busy and full hate, and rage to notice the orc fleeing to the east. Twenty seven orc bodies adorned the ground, he still felt his mission incomplete, and there was one more. He sniffed the air, and started following the trail. He came to a city, full of orcs, he thought to himself ‘What a despicable place, weak orcs hiding behind walls.”

Orku thought to himself, ‘I’ll wait out here, the last one has to leave to show the others where the bodies are, then I will kill him.’

The lone survivor was in the throne room of the self proclaimed king orc. Explaining what happened.

“I saw a dark figure it was almost as if he was just spraying arrows out of a bow every second. No arrow missed its mark, I was afraid, I ran.” Cried the surviving orc.

“Have another party go out, gather the bodies and hunt this darkbow, and bring him back here, and as for you, you shall be put to death for your cowardice, after the bodies have been recovered.” Declared the king orc.

A hunting party, went out to gather the bodies, the surviving orc in the middle with shackles on. As the party got to the bodies, Orku came out and fired his bow killing the shackled orc, and then he drew his sword and dagger, and charged into the middle of the party beheading every orc, there, this time none escaped.

Orku opened his mute mouth and words flowed out “Let these pitiful creatures be sacrifices to Grolantor!”

Grolantor appeared, “you will now be the Darkbow of Grolantor. You are worthy to be my follower, and hunter!”
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