On the History of Clan Blindhammer

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Clan Blindhammer
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On the History of Clan Blindhammer

Postby Clan Blindhammer » Sun Oct 12, 2003 4:22 am

From the pens of Erinal Ithil’akh’Faern:

The following is the first written history of Clan Blindhammer of Gloomhaven as dictated by Patron and King, Artikerus Blindhammer and his brother Drulokerus Blindhammer. I have made notes and comments (in blue) as needed for clarification. I put these notes out to you, the members of the Goodly Races of Faerun, as warning and education of these ambitious, and wholly dangerous, Clan of Duergar.

On the History of Clan Blindhammer:

Clan Blindhammer was one of the clans that overtook Mithril Hall with the evil shadow dragon Shimmergloom. They were unleashed on the fabled Dwarven stronghold when luckless miners broke ground and opened a portal to the demi-plane of shadow. The duergar, of many clans other than the Blindhammer, joined with Shimmergloom and its shadow minions as it overthrew and destroyed Clan Battlehammer’s hold on the city. When Bruenor Battlehammer, the 8th King of Mithril Hall, returned with the Companions of the Hall, the ensuing battle saw Shimmergloom and many of the Duergar slain. Artikerus, seeing the coming shift in power, gathered his Clan and headed to the surface.

** It will be noted here that Mithril Hall was reclaimed several months later by several different forces, including gathered forces from the barbarian tribes of the North, as well as legions of Dwarves from Citadel Adbar**

Once on the surface, the Blindhammer Clan made its way south, eventually landing up deep within the Forest of Mir. Only a small contingent of Duergar made the treacherous journey, therefore drawing no attention from Dobluth Kyor (a Drow city on the surface there). This was a mistake for the haughty Drow Elves. After several years, for an undisclosed reason, Clan Blindhammer laid siege to Dobluth Kyor for several weeks, before finally disappearing back into the forest.

** Artikerus would not continue with this part of the history, although Drulokerus, after much prodding did. It seems that Dobluth Kyor would have become Clan Blindhammers first home, and the siege on the Drow city was going much better than Artikerus let on. However, when it was found that Artikerus’ clerical powers were continuing to wane since leaving Mithril Hall, many Duergar deserted the ranks of Clan Blindhammer and the Clan made a hasty withdraw from the forest.

Back on the move, Clan Blindhammer headed back towards the north, finally ending up in the mountains West of Bloodstone. From there, they found the tunnels that led down..back into the Underdark. This would be where the Duergar of Clan Blindhammer would first see the gates of Gloomhaven, the city of the Duergar.

**The stories don’t quite match up here, but it can be certain that Clan Blindhammer takes the throne of Gloomhaven by one night of subterfuge and murder. Drulokerus maintains his warriors and battleragers storm the various clan houses, while Artikerus maintains that it was through corroborating with the lesser houses were they able to dispel the leaders of Clan Trilk from the Gloomhavian throne

The reign of Clan Blindhammer would be brief, as again the waning powers of Artikerus showed a weak front for the Clan. The priests of Clan Trilk overthrew the primary defenses of the Clan and at the final moments, Artikerus, Drulokerus, and Barokerus, and only about half of the special guard, made it out. Once again, Clan Blindhammer made their way to the surface.

** It will be noted here that the Trilk that reclaimed the throne at this juncture was not the original holders of the throne. A rift in the Duergar Settlement, where the first King resided, split Clan Trilk into two halves, and a new generation of Trilk now held the throne, and the old King was still left to fume and plot his revenge. Beyond this point, both Duergar clam up! Luckily…or, maybe not, I had another source to find the history of this Clan. A servant of the King Artikerus, a mind flayer named Ssixxizzirrill, who also comes into the picture about this time, was able, and oddly willing, to share in the history of the clan at this time:

The Duergars found me in meditation, studying the artifact he now possesses. The illithid found this artifact long ago, and I had only become the latest of the artifacts slaves when I was found. I will not say rescue, for no inferior being could hope to rescue one such as I from this artifact. I was forced to follow, physically linked to this artifact, and do it’s wielder, Artikerus’, bidding.

Ten years had passed and Clan Blindhammer finally returned to Gloomhaven. It didn’t take long for them to reclaim the throne. Using the illithid Ssixxizzirrill’s mind powers, most of the city came under Artikerus’ control. And this is where we are left.

**Addendum: It seems that Artikerus Blindhammer left Gloomhaven for several months, leaving Drulokerus in control. It is said that he left, alone, and ventured deeper into the Underdark. Reports have come in that he has returned, stronger than ever, to threat of all on the surface.

On the Lineage of Clan Blindhammer

Neither Artikerus nor Drulokerus can recall the names of their mother or father. They do know that their mother was a surface dwarf woman, possibly of the original Dwarves of Mithril Hall, long before the fall of the city. The father was most likely sacrificed during Artikerus and Drulokerus’ adulthood lives, somewhere between their 150th and 175th birthdays.

The closest Artikerus can come to guessing their exact age at this writing is nearing his 400th year. He attributes to his continuing health is ‘powers of necromancy and rejuvenation’.

On the Religious background of Artikerus Blindhammer

It was stated before that Artikerus lost his clerical powers for some time after the fall of Shimmergloom to the Companions of the Hall. Granted we cannot suggest that Shimmergloom had some sort of god-like powers to bestow magical abilities to followers, but we can believe that whichever deity that supported the Duergar in the overthrow of Mithril Hall found Artikerus fully in its favor until Shimmerglooms death. Evidence now points that Artikerus’ has found a new deity, and thus his ten-fold return in powers as he retakes the throne.

Evidence found in areas of his recent adventuring, including a tent he commonly uses for housing when on the surface near Waterdeep, suggests the following of a surface Dwarf god, such as, and most likely, Clangeddin.

**It will be said here that long ago, Duergar and Dwarves shared the same pantheon. When the Illithid race enslaved the Duergars, the Duergar were lost to that pantheon. When the Duergar finally freed themselves, the pantheon was split. There are Duergar who follow Dwarven deities, however, it is hidden from the majority of the population for fear of retribution and imprisonment. This always explains the Duergars hatred of mind-flayers, as well as their jealousy of Mountain Dwarves.

Written in trust and in faith that this research and history be true to the fullest possibility to further the safety of the Goodly Folk of Faerun,
Erinal Ithil’akh’Faern
Elementalist and Historian of Evermeet

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