Family Ties ..

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Family Ties ..

Postby Ambar » Mon Nov 03, 2003 8:07 am

Telina glanced over at her traveling companion, her beloved husband, Azzlyn. She wondered how he was faring under the strenuous conditions of their journey. She was pushing them, for she had heard that her brother, Nilan, was in trouble. Azzlyn caught her eye, made scoffing noises at her, and said, “My dear wife, you worry too much.” “I can’t help it, I just have this sixth sense where Nilan is concerned, she said in a worried tone”.


The relationship between Nilan and Telina didn’t cross bloodlines, but they were as close as any siblings could be. She recalled when she had first laid eyes on the handsome assassin. It had happened many years hence when she was traveling with two of Lloth’s priestesses. They noticed a drow male lying still and bleeding beside the path they walked. One of the priestesses laughed wickedly, wondering what sort of price they could get from him if they tended to his wounds. He was a handsome specimen of a male, and would make some noble drow woman a nice consort. The second decided he wasn’t worth their time, and said she’d love to torture him some before he died to their wickedness. Telina recognized the gleam in their eye, and quickly devised a plan to stop their torturous games. Telina told her companions she would dispatch of this worthless creature, then watched as the pair walked away.

She looked down at the wounded male, and tended to his wounds. He looked up at Telina, their eyes locking; a mutual understanding flooded both of them. She sensed something in him that set him apart from all others. This was no mere slave; in him she had found a kindred spirit. He was at first unwilling to talk to her, not trusting a female, but she soon won him over. When he was able to move, she took him to her family’s compound, and convinced her mother to accept this lesser male.

Nilan and Telina soon became inseparable. Many thought he was her consort so they were left quite alone. Quite the opposite was happening between the two, they spent all their time exploring their world and talking. They shared the same beliefs, that males and females should be equal, and that no drow should be discriminated against. Nothing was more important than the survival of the drow people. Telina and Nilan shared a special closeness that only time together can bring. They considered themselves brother and sister, and vowed nothing would come between them. Telina promised her brother that she would ever remain by his side, that she would always believe in him, and support him in everything he did.

Telina loved Nilan with all her heart; she shared all of his odd beliefs about their people. Though he married an elf of the surface, Telina felt that no two shared a bond closer than that of brother and sister. Nilan was no mere slave, her was her equal.


Shaken out of her reverie when Azzlyn touched her arm, Telina attended to the problem at hand, and finding her brother. The feeling was unshakable, that Nilan was in trouble. Casting her spidery magic, using arcane hand movements and cryptic words, a magical window soon appeared, the scene therein only visible to her eyes. There was Nilan, crouched by a large rock, hand resting at his side, on the hilt of his dagger, a most intent look on his face ………………………..
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Postby Nilan » Tue Nov 04, 2003 7:20 am

Very nice story, sweetie.

You always did know when i was in trouble ;)

Love yas, write more

Clan Blindhammer
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Postby Clan Blindhammer » Tue Nov 04, 2003 4:05 pm

Yer lucky I din't find yer skinny arse, elf. I'da prolly done a worsen'en job than I did the last time I saved yer no good pokin' tail from that pally type way back n' those mountains.


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