Dreams of a story to come

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Dreams of a story to come

Postby Orku » Tue Nov 04, 2003 1:21 am

I was walking through the forest, bow in hand, with my sword and shield strapped acrossed my back. Looking for dinner, it had been a day or two since I had eaten, my memory has been a haze of late. As I silently padded down the path, something seemed to reach inside me, it touched my soul. I grew weary and tired, my body sore from not eating, I layed down. Eyes heavy, glimpses of pale light came and whent as my eyes fluttered open to shut, and shut to open, before the sleep washed over me.

This is my story, of where the dreams became reality, and reality seemed to be just a dream.

I awoke from my sleep with pangs of hunger thumping on my stomach, my wolf companion rose to its legs, and dashed of, someone seemed to have started a fire while I was sleeping. As my wolf companion came back, he dropped a small doe from his mouth. He stared into my eyes, his mouth did not move but I understood full well of what he was saying.

"Eat, Eat your fill five times worth, for you will not be able to eat with in the next five days, for you will travel far."

As the words finished entering my mind, my wolf companion seemed to disappear with the Mist that came rolling in.

As I struggled to eat five days worth of food, something touched my soul again, as before I became weary and tired. I laid down to sleep.

As fast i fell asleep, I woke up again, but this time I was walking in a Valley. Mountains adorned each side of the valley, each reaching up into the coulds the peaks could not be seen. I countined to walk through the valley. I saw a pile of rocks in the middle, climbed up the pile.

As I stood there, the pile grew taller, raising me up into the air. As the pile grew, the light only shed its grace on one side of the valley down the center, leaving one side with its mountains dark. As the Sun graced one set of mountains, the moon rose up, and set upon the others.

Days passed as I sat on the ledge watching the moon and the sun battle over the valley, on the third day of the battle creatures of the day came running down the mountains of light, and at the same time creatures of the night came down the other. Engaging in a battle, a man clothed in a black linen ephod sat down right besides me.

"Maginificent Isn't It! Darkness and Light in the eternal struggle, while we sit in the spot of power. Think of how easily you could sway the battle to oneside or the other?"

As he spoke, the thoughts entered my mind. I saw myself shooting off arrows picking off important figures on both sides.

I opened my mouth, and words flowed out, "Why would I take a cowards position? Away from harm?"

"Cowards position it is not, Its a position to asure surival, follow me and I will grant you everything you ever need, just make neither side wins, and we together shall win."

"You do not follow a bear cub into its cave, now why would I follow a stranger into the same cave?"

"Stranger, I am no stranger, I am Bane!"

"Bane has long been dead, Auzorm'tvorl for I will not follow you into that cave."

As I spoke he grew angery tossing me from the pile of rocks falling into the battle, As I hit the ground only bones and rotting flesh remained.

Several days later I awoke in the spot where my slumber had begun. When the battle of light and dark came upon me, I shall not choose one side or the other, but I shall choose to aim my arrows at the figure on the rocks.
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