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Many of you still here will remember right after soj1 closed, someone started the yahoo egroup. Sojourn2 began alpha testing, a lot of things changed, and many of us - strangely, myself included - posted a lot of new ideas that can actually be seen today. I actually happened upon this by doing a search on google using my own name (haha) and I shared to my boy Ruxur and started looking. What I found is hilarious: Enjoy! The lost poems of Artikerus Blindhammer!

Alpha Worries
Playing a bit of Alpha, some worries come to mind.
Some worries mind you that, I have to make them rhyme.
The rolling character statistics screen, are kinda hard to do
It's way more complicated than any Duergar would pursue.
There's like 12 different levels, each to a level of power
To good even terrible stats it took me 3 and a half hours!
I think it should be simplified,
Removal would be best.
But alas does anyone else complain?
Does anyone even atest?
This duergar poem is near its end,
Nigh, it's nearly done.
Alpha exp truly sucks, but hey,
Sojourn is still number 1

The Date

For once the date was set, we 'sumed,
That leveling would commence.
Not knowing we had logged in to doom,
The date would be set back from hence.

The Squids paraded,
The Trolls they squandered,
The Humans went this way and that.
The Bards serenaded,
The Conjurer's all floundered,
And the Imm's unmericifully laughed.

One week was set,
No, two. Maybe three?
The testing goes on and on.
Next month may come by,
Next year my arrive,
In Alpha, Sojourn lives on....

Applaud these imms', for they do us well.
Applaud the testers too..
Applaud the whiners, the leechs, the criers,
Applaud the changes anew...

One day you'll all see,
Like back in 1993,
When we all were newbies at TP..
That Toril reigns grand
Best MUD in the land...
As we move Latinly from B.

On To Beta!

Beneath the eyes of immortal vigil,
Wearing crest and noble sigil,
Sat a Human on a horse.

His steed was 18 hands of height,
He used his knees to drive and guide,
This Human on a horse.

He happened upon the (T.) Point one day
Accompanied by an Elf of the Shaes
An Elf and kooshie too.

This Elf had arrows; quiver full,
With bow in hand, this was no fool.
This Elf and kooshie too.

The Beholder was loose!
Tiamat now raged,
The Jotunheim invasion begun..
The Human was ready,
The Elf now engaged,
The kooshie along for the fun.

errollsbutmoreimportantlywehaveourfavoritemudback -gasp for breath-

Beneath the eyes of immortal vigil,
Wearing crest and noble sigil,
Sat a Human on a horse....

Man, I'm so great:)
King Artikerus Blindhammer
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