The words of the fallen...

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The words of the fallen...

Postby KurikTheShaman » Fri Jul 02, 2004 9:36 am

The colors were vibrant and the populace of Waterdeep were bustling about their lives on this unseasonably warm day in Marpenoth. In a dark room in the Dock Ward, windows shuttered from the radiance of the cloudless fall day outside, a large form sat, slumbering as it had for nearly two days. The still form of Kurik, sweat glistening with reflected light from the dying glow of a cookfire, shifted as the dreams came again.

Suddenly bolting upright, Kurik looked into the darkness, no longer afraid to the point of inactivity by these dreams. Realizing what had probably happened, he began writing down as best he could from the lessons taught him by Mirlantharn. After attempting for 15 minutes, the visions vanished into his subconscious, as they always do. The dream is always the same.

Something had happened in that bedroom in Baldur's Gate, though he wasn't sure precisely what. He only saught to know the name of his father and perhaps garner a reason for his abandonment by his mother. His simple smile pryed his lips apart as he remembered his new friend Serraie. She was funny, she always made time to play, even though he was older and supposed to be a serious warrior. "Elfs are funny" he muttered despite his ringing ears.

He looked down at the blank page, at the words he had written not even a tenday before, and already the situation seemed foreign. He re-read them as he always did before...

We are going to find out about my mom an dad today. Anti Duna says that some guy she knows might know who my daddy is. I think she said Tida will be there....I like her, she's funny and she knows lots of magic words. Maybe she'll teach me some, I think I can figur it out, on account of my magic chicken bone.

The words seemed written by another person, in another time altogether. He couldn't imagine things being so simple ever again, not now....not with HIM around. A resigned sigh escaped his lips as he read further, to the entry he had written days after his encounter in Baldur's Gate.

My head hurts...I can't make it stop no matter how hard I try. I met a drow...1 or 2 days ago. I can't really tell how long it's been. Aunti Duna has been helping me get better, I still don't feel so good. I went and talked to Tida and Mr Mirlantharn today and it happened again. I don't know what it means...and they are so mean sometimes....the elfs look angry and sad. Tida says that the elf said she shouldn't talk to Mr Nilan anymore, because he's "More Quessr" er somethin. Mr Mirlantharn says he will start teaching me how to talk elftalk...and maybe how to write it....but it's gonna be hard. I hope he doesn't come back soon, he hurts my head when he gets mad. I don't think he wants to hurt me....and I think he needs me to help him, and the other elfs. I can't understand them though, most of them don't talk normal talk, so I just try to get them to show me with their hands what they mean....There is one nice lady, she smiles at me and tells the other angry elfs to stay away. She kissed my head, and it stopped hurting for a little bit. She talks some normal folks talk, and calls me "little strongheart". I like her, she smiled when I called her "purty lady"....I like when she makes me not scared anymore.

Kurik's body jumped as he realized he was nodding off. I have to stop sleeping so much he thought as he rose to grab his gear. He had heard there were orcs about from his ranger friend Esem, and admonished himself to try and deal with that problem. At least that was something he could fight........and fight well.


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