EVERQUEST - Kalesta's Saga (Part 1)

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EVERQUEST - Kalesta's Saga (Part 1)

Postby Wulv » Wed Sep 22, 2004 6:33 pm

*-*-* Drawing of the Four… *-*-*

Years ago a young magician novice decided that she would someday be mistress of the elements. So she labored hard to learn the secrets of summoning beings from the four planes of the elements (fire, earth, air, water). So hard did the young novice practice and devout herself to the mastery of these four spheres that she began to waste away physically in this realm. After several years of hard studying she felt she was on the brink of learning the key to mastering not just summoning and controlling, but of truly mastering the elementals that she would summon. But alas her poor body gave out on her and she lapsed into a coma, so withdrawn was she from the day to day happenings within Neriak that nobody would even no that she was about to die. As death’s hands were about to wrap themselves around her and take her to the land of the dead did her lord Innoruuk appear. It was almost real to her, but she thought it was just her mind finally snapping, then another Innoruuk appeared before her and then another until there were four Innoruuks before Kalesta in her little room. This was not a hallucination but an illusion that would shape Kalesta’s life from that point on.

A refreshing aura surrounds Kalesta and she finds that she feels stronger and healthier than she has in YEARS. But the four Innoruuks remain; upon closer examination she is able to discern small differences between them. The first one to appear radiates a cold almost icy, blue aura while the one next to him seems to almost floating and his hair moves slighting like there was a moderate wind but there is no movement of the air in here. The third seems to almost a statue that was formed right into the floor and the fourth has a slightly orange aura and Kalesta can feel heat radiating from him. Something was “wrong” here, but she couldn't place it. But her thoughts are distracted as the first one stepped forward and started to speak.

“Kalesta you seek to master the four elements, do you really think you have the power?” said the first.

“You are NOT Lord Innoruuk,” screamed Kalesta, “Who are you?!?”

With this said the four looked at each other and the fourth one nodded and all four of them shimmers until standing before Kalesta were not Innoruuks but elementals. But unlike any she had ever seen before, even the mightiest magicians had summoned lesser creatures than these, of that she was sure.

The third, earth, spoke now, “You seek to master us puny mortal?” With that he let out a low chuckles that sounded like gravel falling down a rock. “What makes you think you can do truly MASTER us? No mortal has ever done so, we four are the Elemental Lords, rulers of our planes.”

The Water Lord spoke now, “You WILL NOT master us, but we have use for a agent in the realm of Norrath, and you will be it. Do not think to refuse us or we shall each take a part of you and your MORTAL body will die, but we will take your soul and quarter it and keep it in perpetual torment until it no longer amuses each of us.”

“We will call upon you at times when we have things for you to do and you WILL do them,” stated the Fire Lord. “Do not look so distraught frail Tier’Dal, for you will indeed gain greater power than your fellow magicians across all the races upon this realm.”

“We will send to you when you REQUEST from us, one of our elite. They will protect you well and perform the tasks you wish of them, but be assured that they might also deliver instructions to you. If they do you will obey those instructions without fail or we shall consume your soul and cause you to spend eternity in torment.” Spoke the Earth Lord.

Kalesta was taken shaken to the very core of her being. The audacity of these “creatures” to make demands on her, one of Innoruuk’s children. “What do you think I am, PETS, a fool? My lord Innoruuk would never allow you four to make demands on one of his children,” Kalesta cackled insanely.

But her world was shattered when a image of Innoruuk appeared, at first thought she believed it be another illusion but that quickly faded as she realized that this WAS Innoruuk. She fell to her knees and began reciting a prayer of devotion to Innoruuk. Then HE spoke, “Kalesta, do you think YOU are anything more than an insect to me. My clerics, knights, and necromancers are MY children. You are a bastard to me, BUT I too have use for you.” With that said Innoruuk turned to the four Elemental Lords and said, ”Take 1/5th of her soul and leave the last within her body so that I may collect it when her mortal shell is done.”

Before Kalesta could realize what was happening, the Air Lord drove his hand deep into her chest and pulled out a small blue spark. The pain was unknown to Kalesta, she tried to cry out but found she had no breath, no voice, and no strength. She collapsed to the floor as the other three approached and each in turn pulled a small blue spark from her chest. After the four each had a blue spark they turned to face Innoruuk, and the Air Lord finally spoke, “We have our agent, do not interfere with our plans for her or you may find yourself at OUR feet giving us your soul.” And then the Air Lord winked out of existence followed by the Fire Lord. The Earth and Water both chuckled for a second before winking out themselves.

Kalesta lay weakly on the ground at Innoruuk’s feet and could see her lord was shaking in rage. She heard him mutter “They will PAY!!” before he himself winked out of existence, leaving Kalesta feeling not quite whole laying on the floor in her small little room. Knowing that her future would be anything but quiet and in the back of her mind she also realized that she had indeed gotten great power, greater than any mortal had ever gotten over the elements themselves. And she chuckled to herself as she thought of the names for her “children” Drippy, Dizzy, Rocko, and Sparky. How the Elemental Lords lackeys will despise her for giving them such silly, childish names; but she didn’t care.
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