EVERQUEST - Kalesta's Saga (Part 2)

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EVERQUEST - Kalesta's Saga (Part 2)

Postby Wulv » Wed Sep 22, 2004 6:34 pm

*-*-* The Spy Leaves *-*-*

Kalesta wandered into the guildhall of the Ancienne Noblesse to the shouts and curses of several other people. Casting an invisibility spell she faded from view and stayed in the shadows as she approached the sounds of the commotion. She heard several voices she recognized and listened with earnest. They seemed to say something about Katsumi betraying the Ancienne and trying to kill Motoko and Tseraje. Interesting Kalesta thought to herself, very interesting. After several moments of lurching in the shadows, Kalesta quietly walked outside the guildhall and gated back to her home/hideaway in the Elemental Nexus.

Interesting news indeed, thought Kalesta. I always thought the magician Katsumi was weak and foolish, mainly due to the fact she was after all non-Tier’Dal. But was surprised her even more was her open attack on Tseraje in the guildhall no less. Katsumi was either very brave or very foolish, Kalesta wouldn’t make the decision which just yet. But she was indeed curious what the Elemental Lords might think of this; on the off chance she could maybe trick Katsumi into becoming their “agent” upon Norrath. But then decided against it, for then she would be tipping her hand in Katsumi’s favor if she was to ever try to destroy the sickening high elf.

Another thing about the attack that bothered her was the fact that Tseraje was one of Innoruuk’s warriors and this open attack should not go unpunished simply because Katsumi was not one of the Chosen.

Perhaps Kalesta thought, she could maybe lure Katsumi into a sort of alliance since Kalesta was indeed a loner among the guild. She has ‘used’ them on occasion, especially the high elf Motoko. But then again all non-Tier’Dal were there for her to use, as is the teachings of Lord Innoruuk.

Something very interesting indeed to ponder, with a thought that she wanted to know more about what was going on back in the guild hall she called forth a summoning to the plane of air and one of the Air Lord’s lieutenants appeared. She knew this one would be a good spy, for air elementals are excellent spies. Once the elemental had its orders it disappeared to the guildhall to spy for Kalesta. Once the elemental had left Kalesta set about work that she needed to get done, but she couldn’t stop wondering what next might happen. With a short chuckle of amusement she cleared her mind and set about back to the work at hand, but she couldn’t help not be anxious to know what information the air elemental will have for her upon it’s return.
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