EVERQUEST - Kalesta's Saga (Part 5)

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EVERQUEST - Kalesta's Saga (Part 5)

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*-*-* The Plot Thickens *-*-*

Deep in her bedchambers Kalesta laid asleep and in her dreams she schemed and thought of how to maneuver those around her to her own advantage, the same thing she dreams every night and has for well over 150 years.

But this night something was different, there was another dark elf whose face seemed almost blurred, the harder Kalesta tried to concentrate on this face in her dreams the harder it became to “focus” on her. A “bad” thought struck Kalesta and she bolted upright out of her slumber.

And almost gasped as there was somebody in her bedchamber with her and it wasn’t one of her pet elementals. It was HIM.

Kalesta fell out of bed and began groveling before this person. “LORD INNORUUK! I am unworthy of your visit to my bedchamber.”

Innoruuk laughed out loud, a cold and heartless laugh, “Foolish little mortal plaything of mine, I have a job for you, I have placed within your mind an image of a certain Tier’Dal who thinks to be the instrument of power to my daughter Lanys, I wish you to “test” her limits for me.”

Kalesta sputtered out, “How will I find her Lord?”

Innoruuk grabbed Kalesta by the throat and lifted her to stare straight in to her face and said with disgust, “You fancy yourself to be clever and true to me do you not? I care not how you find her, just find her, the image will become clearer the closer you come to her. Now go make yourself ready and begin now or you will know what the “dark side” of my nature has in store for those you fail me.”

With that Innoruuk threw Kalesta onto her bead and disappeared.

Kalesta would have thought it a dream if she did not have a sore neck where Innoruuk’s cold fingers dug into her flesh.

Kalesta summoned her elemental servants and had them make ready for her trip to Norrath. It had been months since Kalesta had walked the realm and she had much on her mind, there were still those annoying Elemental Lords sneaking around. She had managed to shield herself from their “intrusions” while she was in her chambers along the Elemental Nexus. But once back on Norrath she would have to deal with them again. And they were most likely not happy with her. This last thought brought a chuckle to her lips, a sound so unheard in these halls that a passing earth servant asked her, “Mistress are you well?”

With an insane cackle she grabbed the elemental and kissed him and sucked the life from his rocky body. “Oh the things I have in store for you Elemental Lords, Oh the things,” she whispered to herself, as she made ready for leaving.

As Kalesta packed her belongings for the trip she couldn’t find her diary. Where had she misplaced that book?
Kalesta stretched out her arms and shook herself as she arrived in her chambers within the Ancienne hall.

As she strolled through the halls she had a sharp pain in her head that caused her to close her eyes and then she saw the blurred image of the Tier’Dal she hunted but it was much clearer, but not clear enough to make out any details for a scrying spell. But a single word came to her mind, ENVY. And she chuckled at the thought that she would be envious of this Tier’Dal.

A sharp pain almost as if bludgeoned hit Kalesta the words FOOL and ENVY came to her mind. It was a puzzle to her, she knew Lord Innoruuk was the one planting these words in her mind but they made no sense.

With a pop Kalesta was teleported to a desert, which one she didn’t know but she had no time to think of this. As she was not alone in the open desert, four figures stood before her and at the sight of them an evil and mirthless cackle escaped her lips.

The four gathered in front of Kalesta were none other than the Elemental Lords and they seemed to rather agitate.


“What do you hide mortal?” stated the Fire Lord, “Tell us how you have managed to block us and we might let you live.”

Kalesta stared at them with disdain and stated flatly and coldly, “I have been up to no trickery “masters” I have just bared you for intruding upon my studies and work, you have the manners and tact of a tundra kodiak in a velium crystal shop.”

“I been busy, you wish me to be your agent in this realm yet you question and hound me constantly, how do you expect me to serve if you do not allow me carry on my work.”

“I have returned to the realm to continue our arrangement as we…”

Kalesta was cut off as the Air Lord seized her by the throat and threw her to the ground. “You think you can toy with us mortal, we have the power to extend even your life to an infinitely long time and we will spend it torturing you until you finally provide no amusement or lessons to others.”

“Do not think you are special Dark Elf,” snarled the Fire Lord. “In fact I think you need to be taught a lesson.”

The other three Elemental Lords chuckled their assent.

With a rumble an earth elemental burst from the ground.
A thunderclap preceded the arrival of a water elemental.

A whistling occurred as the air elemental arrived.

And a loud “whoosh” preceded the arrival of the fire elemental.

Kalesta recognized all four of these elementals; they were the lieutenants of the Lords. The ones who formally served her after her pact with the Elemental Lords had been formed.

The all snickered and cheered, revenge in their beady little eyes.

Kalesta braced herself and readied for a fight that she probably would not win but she would die trying. Her only regret was that she never got to find out what Lord Innoruuk wanted with this other Tier’Dal.

“First we shall allow our loyal servants have a little revenge for your arrogance that you displayed while they were serving you Dark Elf,” snorted the Fire Lord.

With that said the earth elemental disappeared into the ground and the other three advanced on her. Suddenly Kalesta couldn’t move and with a glance down she say that her legs with encased in rock. Kalesta flung a cinder bolt at the water elemental only to have the fire dive in front and take the blow. “Thanks fool!!!” sneered the fire elemental.

This is not going well thought Kalesta to herself. And I have but a few spells committed to memory. Kalesta quickly began to recite her gate spell to return her to her room in the Ancienne hall but never completed it as the earth pet that was binding her to the floor of the desert rose up and encased her body in stone save her head.

“What a foolish mortal,” said the Water Lord to the Fire Lord. “To think her feeble magic could save her from us.”

The Elemental Lords boasting was interrupted by a very loud rumbling followed by an earth elemental bursting through the floor of the desert.

“What is this?!?!” chorused the three lords to the Earth Lord.

“I know not, I did not summon him” quickly replied the Earth Lord.

In the confusion the new arrival smashed himself into the earth elemental that was encasing Kalesta and stunned the lieutenant into releasing Kalesta.

The newly arrived elemental grabbed Kalesta and stated, “Hang on Mistress” and dove back into the earth.
“WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!!?” screamed the Fire Lord.

“I DO NOT KNOW!!!” stated the Water Lord.

“I can’t track them, I know where every elemental in this world is at this moment, but that one!?!?!?” the Air Lord said with great disbelief.

The Earth Lord seemed most disturbed by all this and with a wave dismissed the four lieutenants back the elemental planes.

“Something is going on and I WILL FIND OUT WHAT!!!” growled the Earth Lord.

With that the four disappeared from Norrath.
Kalesta was most disorientated and confused by the arrival and “rescue” by this earth elemental.

The elemental had taken her back to her hall in the Elemental Nexus and then left.

Two things about this bothered her immensely, 1) How did this elemental get into the hall without her assistance, even the Elemental Lords couldn’t do that. 2) Why? Who sent this elemental and how did it know where to find her and how it managed to go against it’s own lord.

These thoughts were interrupted by a deep chuckling and the sudden appearance of Innoruuk himself.

“My Lord!!!” exclaimed Kalesta.

“Did my little friend surprise you Kalesta?” inquired Innoruuk sarcastically.

“You sent him Lord Innoruuk?!?! How?” Kalesta stated quite beside herself.

“Look behind you foolish little one,” replied Innoruuk as Kalesta slowly turned around.

There behind her floated the earth elemental that had “rescued” her, but there was something odd about him. Kalesta called out to one of her other earth servants and when the elemental arrived the difference was quite obvious.

“Lord Innoruuk, I…” stuttered Kalesta as she continued to take in what was before her.

The earth that had rescued her was slightly larger than the other and there was a dark sickly green tint to his skin. There was something else about this odd earth that seemed familiar.

“Speak Earth,” commanded Kalesta to the odd elemental.

“What do you wish Mistress Kalesta?” the earth elemental stated in his gravelly voice.

“What is your function?” Kalesta said to the other earth elemental floating there. “To serve you faithfully Mistress” was the reply.

“What is your function?” Kalesta now asked the odd earth. “To serve you faithfully Mistress” was the reply also.

A realization slammed into Kalesta so hard that she physically wavered and this invoked a deep rumbling chuckle from Innoruuk.

“You are one of my servants, are you not earth?” Kalesta asked the odd earth.

“Yes I am Mistress, you kissed me and sent me to Lord Innoruuk” stated the earth.

Again a realization slammed into her, “You were the one I sucked the life from before I left for Norrath. How can you be “alive”?” the question fell from Kalesta’s mouth.

“Lord Innoruuk gave me life again so that I may serve you Mistress, and he made me stronger,” the earth stated almost happily.

Kalesta turned back around to face her lord and asked, “My Lord, I am confused…how did you intercept this creatures essence?”

“Did you not erect a barrier to prevent the Elemental Lords from coming in? I simply collected this elementals essence and all the others that you have “dispatched” since erecting the barrier. They all wait in the Plane of Hate to serve you; they are no longer creatures of the Elemental Planes, but creatures of Innoruuk. Now GO as I commanded you before and find Envy!” with that said Innoruuk vanished and left her alone with her servants and a new evil plan in her mind.

“Summon all of the servants,” commanded Kalesta to the odd earth elemental.

“At once Mistress” stated the earth before floating off to gather the others.

“Come to me” Kalesta commanded the remaining earth.

And as the earth neared her she gently almost like a mother kissed it upon the head and sucked the life from it.

Shortly after the earth crumbled to the floor it rose again, bigger and with the sickly green tint to its skin.

As the elemental gathered around Kalesta to await their “re-birth” a loud cackling could be heard through out the halls.
Meanwhile in each of their throne rooms through the four Planes of the Elements, Kalesta’s laughter could be heard (thanks to Lord Innoruuk)

And there was much anger and frustration throughout the four elemental castles.
Innoruuk smiled evilly as he felt the hatred the Elemental Lords began fueling towards Kalesta, a hatred that would be their undoing.
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