EVERQUEST - Kalesta's Saga (Part 7)

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EVERQUEST - Kalesta's Saga (Part 7)

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*-*-* Interludes & Preludes *-*-*

Across the realm of Norrath, the elementals returned. They gave no explanation and many attributed this “disappearance” to a flawed spell component or lack of self discipline in their own casting. A few practitioners thought that something was amice, but that thought soon left. Unknown to the people of Norrath, the disappearance of the elementals coincided with the Elemental Lords entering the Realm of the Dead, and lasted until they left that realm.
Innoruuk noticed a presence near Kalesta that was overflowing with hatred and revenge. “A sweet new plaything,” thought the Prince of Hate. “I shall have to investigate this, but first I must attend to the Kalesta situation,” spoke Innoruuk to himself.
Kalesta could feel the cold, wet fingers of the Water Lord slowly crushing her windpipe. “I’m going to die, but Innoruuk shall deal with these “Lords” for their arrogance.”
A young deer scampered through the forests of the Faydark near Steamfont Mountains. A young rabbit left his hole and seemed to be heading towards the sample place as the deer.
Tunare sat upon her throne in the Plane of Growth and wept for two reasons. Edarea was dead, and Tunare blamed herself for trying to “teach” that Tier’Dal a lesson and in turn she murdered Edarea. The second reason Tunare wept was because she felt hate and anger toward Kalesta and there were the thoughts of Innoruuk, not the mother-of-all that was Tunare. There was nothing Tunare could do, Edarea’s body and soul were trapped in the Realm of the Dead, out of her reach.
The young rabbit rapidly approached the Fier’Dal who wandered through the woods this day. A sense of joy and enthusiasm filled the little rabbit as he approached the elf. Several other animals from around the forest gathered here also as they did whenever a druid would come to visit them and commune. The young elf laughed and smiled at them with love and truth in her eyes.

Kilyenea Treestar, Druidess of Tunare, played with a little squirrel that had climb up on her shoulder to nibble on her ear. It was good to be back home, though Kilyenea. “Good day to you all,” said Kilyenea to the gathered animals. And the procession moved toward a small shrine to Tunare near the city of Felwithe.
“YOU THINK,” boomed the earth lord, “THAT YOU COULD EVADE US FOREVER!?!” The water lord flung Kalesta to the ground near where the other three lords stood.

“Your pain shall be exquisite, you shall know…” the rest of what the air lord said was drowned out by a violent and piercing scream. The same agonized voice that Kalesta had heard shortly after her arrival in this place, but it seemed louder and closer than it had before. Kalesta couldn’t help herself and began trembling as thoughts raced through her mind. “How?!” and “Please kill me you elemental bastards!” were most prominent. A single agonized word escaped her lips, “Tyrillia”. The elemental lords didn’t hear or just didn’t notice that Kalesta had said anything. But they did notice that she was shaking and the look of fear on her face made them think that they may have cracked this Tier’Dal finally. They all chuckled and closed in on Kalesta, they all wondered if this wretched, insolent mortal would live or would she die from the “lessons” they were anxious to teach her.

Kalesta’s screams of agony rivaled those of the shrieking voice before, and they could be heard almost echoing through this realm. The elemental lords did derive a great deal of satisfaction from this and their chuckles could be heard underneath the screaming of a tortured Tier’Dal.

The water lord paused and looked down at the broken, bloody body of Kalesta and said, “Let us end this, she had proven her duplicity in the past, let us remove her from ever being a thorn in our side again.” The other three lords grunted their consent and the air lord stepped forward and picked up the ragged, barely alive being that once was Kalesta X’Harak and began to squeeze the last remaining spark of life from her body.
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