EVERQUEST - Rifner's Tale (Part 1 of 1)

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EVERQUEST - Rifner's Tale (Part 1 of 1)

Postby Wulv » Wed Sep 22, 2004 6:42 pm

A Pinch of Magic

Hoi, come put ye’r selves right down here and listen as I tells you me stories. I was but a wee lad when I first heard me call’in by Brell. Me father and I along wif me older brother were making us a trip to the fancy elf city Felwithe. Mother couldn’t join us cuz she was about 14 months pregnant with me little sister. Back in those days yu could walk fer miles without worry, only near the great pass into the forests of the Faydark did ya have to really worry about any pesky goblins given ya troubles. The bandits were still just a bunch of shady * spits on the floor * no-good lazy bastards who still lived for the most part in Kaladim proper.

Anyways, we weres makin this trip cuz father was a blacksmith’s apprentice and them there elves had learned a new trick to make the steel stronger without adding any extra weight. I can see why them elves would worry bout such things on the account they are quite skinny and weak, but we dwarves are a hearty bunch and we didn’t care if ya had to lug around an extra stone or four of armor, but nonetheless we was goin dere for father to learn this trick. My brother was going with us this time cuz there had been reports of goblin activity on da rise and with father and Melarn both there we was safe a youngin troll next to his scaley mothers chest, if’n she weren’t hungry dat is! * hearty and deep roaring laughter * Father used to serve as a warrior but lost 3 fingers on his good hand due to a lucky Tier’Dal strike on a raid some years ago but he could still handle a one hander pretty good if’n you asked me. Melarn was a young recruit hoping to finish he training and become a full fledged warrior of Brell. * takes a long drink of ale*

We weren’t but twenty feet ‘round the bend on our way back to Kaladim when we was ambushed, at first I twas excited as the goblins began to fall but then I noticed der were some of dem blue aqua goblins and dey were castin some spells. Father noticed to I thinks cuz he charged dem and took a couple good smacks getting to dem but they didn’t last long against a mighty dwarf like my father. Melarn was something to be inspired too, he fought like he had Brell’s own fire burning in him and wonce er twice I saw da look of fear on dem goblins. We I was just doing what I could, I was still too young to be a recruit, barely 65 years of age I was then. But I picked up a rusty blade that dropped from the hand of a goblin Melarn had just decapitated. I had to help dem, so I started a fighting. We gots all dem goblins and Melarn was happy he would haves a couple more scars to show his commander once we gots back to Kaladim. Father, he looked proud and I could tells he was proud of both of us, Melarn for his good fight and me for being brave and jumping into the fray myself. I were tired though, but I wouldn’t let it show, no way. I was happy, but deep down I didn’t really like the feel of steel biting into flesh. Donna get me wrong, I hates dem goblins and all but the bite of the steel just made me hands feel “wrong”.

Our journey back to Kaladim was pretty boring, but father was just a roaring with laughter and the glimmer in his eye when he looked at Melarn and I was just one of the best tings I had ever felt at that point. When we’s got back to Kaladim, father wanted me to try and get da warrior masters to let me try to enter my training early cuz he felts I was ready. Mother she could sense somefin was wrong and she asked me and ya’ll know ya can’t lie to ya mother. So I told mother about how the bite of the sword just felt wrong to me and she smiled and toll me dat maybe I would like a club er mace, cuz the fire in me eyes told her I did truly like the kill of the goblin just not the bite of the steel. So father and Melarn managed to convince the warrior masters to let me accompy the next recruit raid of a goblin encampment down by the shore of the Ocean of Tears. Father gots me a shiny fine steel mace and told me to go smash him some goblin heads. I was so excited that the raid leader ye’lled at me several times to stay with the squad, but he could tell I was eager and faulted me not. We descended upon dem goblins like a short * chuckle * horde of halflings when someone calls dinner. * roaring laughter *
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