Ode to the Warders - Tel'arato Dagor (FF)

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Ode to the Warders - Tel'arato Dagor (FF)

Postby Yasden » Sun Nov 13, 2005 9:55 pm

Ode to the Warders

Autumn passes
Time draws nigh
Winter trespasses
With latent sigh

Leaves cascade
From trees around
Slowly they fade
Melt into ground

Animals hide
From Auril’s rule
Her domain wide
Cold heart so cruel

Forrestal treks
Across frozen soil
His sojourn expects
For him to toil

Grove comes into sight
Bearing massive trees
Within birds alight
Shielded from the breeze

A man looms nearby
Dressed in wood hues
His hair full of dyes
Wearing no shoes

Greeting the ranger
The druid cannot smile
Warders in danger
Forrestal in denial

Plans are now drawn
Men will take a position
Set as the pawns
In an epic decision

Throughout the land
Lone envoys they be
Armies, one-manned
Watch the land and sea

Motley crew of races
Varying vocations
Wisdom in their faces
Differing locations

Vanguards and defenders
Their duty sworn:
Fight off offenders
An oath untorn
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Re: Ode to the Warders - Tel'arato Dagor (FF)

Postby Lorendel » Mon Aug 13, 2018 1:03 pm

Thanks Yasden

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