A brief history (poem)

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A brief history (poem)

Postby Lorsalian » Thu Jun 01, 2006 11:52 pm

On mighty Gandar
Five would stand
listening to what was planned.

A ancient evil
Was laid low
But it had taken its toll.

Bloodstone now ash and wispy smoke
Only few mourned that it was broke.

Five though realized
How'd they feel
If their home
would never heal.

Five mortals made one
One realm made five
Each took a piece
To keep alive.

Cloak of black
Bow and blade
Home where there is naught but shade.

Moon and Man
Tree and bow
Watches Havens, high and low.

Silver Wolf
Fang and rite
Snow capped mountains in his sight

Faith and luck
Not too old
Sought where made were deals of gold

Mounted blade
Chose blasted dunes as his lair

More would be added
and each their place
but gains and losses
kept in pace.

Faith was lost
Fang would fade
Once gained, twice lost, mounted blades.

Stealth snuck in.
Faith restored.
Trust of a woodswoman forged.

Five were once
and Five remain
Seeking what they must contain

Spread of evil
Is their foe
Yet those they defend
Will never know.

-- Lorsalian Silvermist

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