The Last Stand Part 1

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The Last Stand Part 1

Postby bawog » Fri Nov 03, 2006 3:25 am

The morning mist slowly begins to disappate as the sun makes its final approach on the land below. There is no sound that usually resounds from the trees as the animals begin to skitter along the forest floor, but the tension in the camp has begun to rise. I stand atop the hill looking down upon the grass that is un tainted of the evils that plague these lands, but we are the ones whom are trapped here. Time slows down to a crawl as we know the battle that will ensue will surley be our last...this last stand. Alas, one bird chirps awakening the animals around it, the forest begins to flourish with life as the sun makes an assent over the hill top shining down behind my shoulders. The bottom of the hill suddenly becomes visible as the drums beging to rhythmically beat a drone, slow pace.
I turn to my fellow comrades of friends over the years who have served under me for many battles, wars, and struggles to survive. One wave of my all it takes anymore to snap everyone to attention, as they know as well as I that we are soon to battle to the death with these vile creatures. My eyes adjust to the new light that has shown me what exactly is at the bottom of this hill, and our eyes alight with disbelief to what has shown itself. Six thousand..six thousand vile monstrosities versus the five or so hundred that have survived previous battles while on a retreat. We are the last, the last defense to them over running us, the elite warriors, rangers, sorcerers, and rogues is all that remains. If we perish our kingdom will surely fall.
I turn to my soldiers, my comrades, my friends and utter words of courage, hope, and life...hoping that my words would not fall on false hopes. I know that we are going to die, but hopefully with enough will, we surely will beat down their army and give our people a hope. The drum pace quickens....thousands of orcs, dire wolves, ogres, troll, begin their guttural grunts screams. High above us a majestic griffon flies overhead giving us that surge of adrenaline that we are all in dire need of.
The drums suddenly stop and a shriek of some creature resounds in the distance, and the orcs, hundreds of them begin charging towards us in a full sprint. I nod to my sergeant and I turn around yelling only half of us go for the time being. I draw my scimitars and the unsheathing of weapons resound throughout the camp as I turn to them grin and begin charging into the fray. My thoughts suddenly become numb as I realize that there is only two rangers left, three sorcerers, and a handful of rogues. How are we to defeat this overwhelimg army, when there are so few of us..the thoughts are immediately dismissed as my steel meets the throat of my first victim.
The odds are easily ten to one, but this is what we have become to expect of the orcs. There is no worry in our eyes as they begin to drop like by one they fall, the morale begins to increase, as the drums beging to resounds once again. The orcs blood that has been spilled stenches the area of vile and putrid decay, as it has not rained here in many moons. The retreat horn has been sounded, and for a brief second we look at one another in disbelief. The growls of the wolves deafen our ears as they begin to charge from all fronts. I shout orders to form a circle but it was too late for the unfortunate ones that were caught off guard. My scimitars begin dancing in a dizzying flurry of motion as I start to to deflect the savage teeth of my opponents. I feel the pain of the claws piercing into my sides, but we are trained to ignore pain as the claws sink deeper into my body. These wolves can't surely be their best show of force, and I know for one that its not.
Just as we began to gain the upper hand in the battle, the horn sounds and from all around ogres, orcs, wolves and a this...vile creature begins to emerge from the wood lining. I stare around me not knowing what is going on at this time, but there is no good in this. I signal for the rest of the troops to charge the hill, assisting us so that we do not perish so quickly. Without a signal hesitation they run full sprint down the hill weapons drawn charging into the thick of the fray. Fireballs alight the skies as my sorcerers begin to throw everything they have prepared at the, the volley of arrows hit all the right targets, but they just keep coming. There seems to be no end to the ruthless brutality that has been inflicted upon us. I stand along side twenty of my finest soldiers...we are fighting with everything we have, but we are all wounded in one way or another. I can feel the blood begin to trickle down my armor from piercing wounds in my sides, my left foot numb from constant bludgeons. There is no hope anymore, there is no winning this...there is no purity left of this land to assist us in this battle. That..griffon was death...delivering us to the next world. I turn around to see this dragon of sorts emerging from the cliffs behind, and I now know that we are all to by one...we begin to falter. Suddenly there is a blast of pain then I fall to my knees looking down at my chest, and there is a claw protruding from my chest, this creature that emerged from the forest knew that I was the leader, and skipped the rest and came for me. I slump to the ground feeling my life slowly begin to slip away, but looking up at this figure...there is no face...there is no something unimaginable. I roll to my back as to stare at the sun one last time, and instead of skies I see a club descending upon my chest with an ogre hand behind it. I'm not sure if I felt it connect, but then I feel nothing...there is no pain...there is no suffering when you die. Instead there are thoughts of the life that you have lived, the fights, the wars, the friends you have made, and the loves that you may have had. All of this I have experienced in my short life, and this is my story...this is my “Last Stand”

Hope ya like it I was bored one day at work and it started playing in my head so I had to jot it down on paper...HAH 20 something tickets from the resteraunt into this!
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