The Annals of Lorendel Ebonmist-- Intro/Chapter One

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The Annals of Lorendel Ebonmist-- Intro/Chapter One

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Lorendel Ebonmist was born on Evermeet, the firstborn child of a human Ranger and an elven Druidess. Because of the prejudices many full-blooded Grey and Moon elves held against "mixed" marriages, it wasn't long into his life that his father, Fallon Ebonmist and his mother Wystellaria Shalyallah-Ebonmist, moved their small family out of Leuthilspar, to the serenity of Larallyn and the Sylvan Glades. Larallyn would prove to be a much more conducive setting for raising their half-elven son, as well as, more beneficial for each of their careers. The Elves of the Tree-Top Village were not as "uppidy" as those in the Evermeethian Capital. A blend of Wood, Wild, Grey, and Moon Elves, coupled with the fact that politics, social status and prestige were not nearly as important there, allowed young Lorendel to grow-up away from the ridicule he most certainly would have had to endure from his Leuthilsparian cousintry.
Fallon and Wystellaria were far from 'retired' adventurers. During their absences, young Lorendel was looked-after by his uncle, Wystellaria's oldest brother, a scholar and cleric, whom follows the tenets of Oghma. His name is Wylershias and he is the Curator Prius of The Great Larallyn Library. He tended to the academic needs of his nephew and future ranger, as well as enlightening Lorendel with many tales of his own adventures from his more youthful days. Uncle Wyler's stories of his forays into the wilds of Faerun, during his middle and latter years, when his quests for knowledge and tomes sent him to the ends of Faerun, to delve deep into ruins and dungeons in search of the ancient texts and scrolls he so greatly desired. In addition, Wylershias had dozens of sumptuous stories about Lor's parents.
Since, Wystellaria was a Druidress of great power, it was easy for her and Fallon to return to the Glade, whenever they had the chance or need. At some times, they would make a hasty or desperate return, right in the middle of one of their fantastic adventurers. In those incidents it was usually for some emergency healing or to pick up a needed stored magic item in order to save someone or defeat some great evil or threat to the world.
As Lorendel grew up, he and his father spent many long days, from early morn til dusk, Fallon teaching his son the ways of the hunt. Lor's first lessons involved learning the tracking of the varied beasts of the Glade. From great antlered bucks, to strong bears, to cunning wolves and even the rare hill giant that dared frequent the Glade. As he became more adept in his tracking abilities, he eventually learnt how to track the movements of centaurs and satyrs and wild elves, and even a few of the Elven Forrestals that roamed the Glade.
On one occassion, the father and son stumbled across the tell-tale signs of a dragon. Even though Fallon was aware of the immense danger involved, and dragons are not incredibly hard to track, there are many nuances and tricks of the trade to safely track a dragon, which he felt Lor was ready to learn. This memory and lesson has always stood out strongly in the young rangers recollections, as once they located the ancient white dragon, the battle that followed will forever be engrained upon the fledgling ranger's mind. Fallon left Lor to keep tabs on the Great Ancient Wyrnm, whilst he raced back to Larallyn to muster his wife. Alerting an Elven Forrestal along the way, he knew Lor would not be alone very long while he went for Wystellaria.
After he informed his wife of their discovery, and a quick gathering and outfitting of their dragon-battlegear, her incantation began; soon a Druidic Moonwell appeared, creating a nexus portal directly to their son in the glade. As Wysetellaria examined her surroundings she surmised that they were situated very near the small pond and old cottage that lay near the western portion of the Glade, a little north of center as north and south goes. To the west prowled the dragon, gorging itself upon once powerful bears and great stags. They already knew they would need help in ridding their protectorate of the menace, and so, as Lorendel watched with awe, his mother began the incantations that would bring a large number of allies to Evermeet to assist them in dispatching the white drago. Soon a Moonwell sprung into existance, its counterpart opening somewhere on the mainland far from Evermeet. A meriad of great adventurers came through the well, and in the conversations that followed, Lorendel would hear uttered their names. Warriors, priests, mages of a variety of sorts, and even rogues and assassins and monks. While they moved and spoke in hurried well-honed drill-like manner, Lorendel would remember the discussion, between his parents and the immediate responders, as they pondered which guilds might have members they could call on.
"If you could locate any of The Eternals that would be great," Fallon exclaimed to his wife!
"Hrm...I shall try...but the Oath of Gallistel always seem to be very busy..and usually not on prime." replied Wystellaria. "What other guilds might come to our aid?"
Scratching the short-bristled beard on his face, Fallon thought for a moment, his brow furrowed with eyes that grew slit-like...then after a few seconds his eyebrows arched, eyes opened wider and he rattled off, "well besides The Eternals: Sebitar, Yurax, Bailen, Necasio and Waelos there is Nalet, Cerlayne, Blaith, Rythas, and Ferdelon. Of them, I think Bailen and Waelos and Blaithe are available, I believe Necasio is off on a personal mission and may even be seperating from the Oath."
"Let's not forget Pontle the Conjurer" interjected the elven Forrestal!
"Oh yes and Pontle. Other guilds we might be able to call upon are the Pride of the Sabertooth, Lilira and Rhoquinn would most certainly oblige the call. Then there is those of Crimson Sigil, Order of the Wyrm, Errant De'Orc, and the Honest Lyre," continues Fallon.
"Okay, working backwards, from the Honest Lyre I know Betandor Battlebard, he's here on Evermeet, Gurns, Wrinde and Lirblie. Thyril Raetharn is not yet ready for dragon battles. From Errant De'Orc we can maybe call on Catyalya and the SoulWeaver Tanalles, both clerics, perhaps Alaindril Dawnsong the Sorcerer. Daseral and Gindipple are not yet strong enough. From Order of the Wyrm: Thslmir, Kobei, Mirn, Caracal, Rika, Lnarb, Kalax, Diac, Taserea and Jnar... of them, I'm thinking Mirn the Monk, Lnarb the Copper Dragon and Gnome onjurer and perhaps Diac may be available."
"You don't think Kobei would answer the call," asks the Forrestal?
"I'm sure he would if he could, but he has recently fallen ill, and the Priests are unsure....we shall just keep him always in our prayers," answered my mother with a soft and caring melancholic reply.
I remembered one of the few times I had met the Greatest of Bards...a chance meeting while sitting with Keren and Glump the Bear, in the northwesterly part of the Glade. He had come to speak with Keren on some matter and stayed and played for a while. His skill was truly enthralling and his kindness and generosity shall I never forget. As I reflected, my parents continued with their roster.
"Of the Crimson Sigil I'm thinking the Paladins Rithar and Dirithyl; of the Pride ex-leader Maelgwyn, Labako, Nuna Wolfstone, Byrim, Graxl Staghorn, Brog and Thuro. Of them only Labako, Nuna, Byrim and Graxl are candidates."
"I'm sorry but Nuna is not an option."
"Why not?" asked my father?
"Haven't you heard she and her sister Cebia and Tortan Darkraven attempted, miserably, to takeover the Pride, not mention the lot of them have been outcast for involvement with the Shabay Winterchill soul exchange crime...they were last seen being tracked by an ENORMOUS!! Ice Bear..the same one belived to have ripped asunder Turt's wife," inquisited my mother?
The conversation about assembling the proper team went on for just a short while longer, then both my parents extracted each small bejewelled conchshells inlaid with several metals. They seemingly used these devices of obvious magic to contact the others and arrange a couple gathering places on the mainland from which the others could be brought to Evermeet. As they all came through the moonwell in a rush, and some through multicolored portals, and a few through black rifts in the air itself, even the Forrestal present used a magical horn to call out the names of elves, "Liosa, Lorinan, Tirindel, Lauriala L'Holian, Fenmarel Mestarine!", and many others...if they would answer the call known knew, but as the group formed up of mighty adventurers, I recall Bailen stepping through the well first, followed by Bridin and her husband Zaris, Mirn, Lnarb, Betandor, Blaithe, Cerlayne, Asamoth, Ramish, Ardanna and Essete, Vanarii and Cardolan, Alby and Elisten, Roan cae Rwellynne and Kor Fallenbane, even Adriorn Darkcloak and his adopted son Danilo, who was too young to fight dragons but would keep company with me as I would implore endlessly about his very beautiful step-sister Ishadrial (who obviously inherited much of her good looks from her mother Anasie). Also joining the party were Dayn, Qualith, the Paladins of the Crimson Sigil, the venerable but deadly Ischanne Anokkus, Silverast Rubicyn, Jorus Ba'Tiryn, Lithius Silverstorm, Waelos, Arlaisia, Carandras MistDancer, and Azralek Silvermist, even the High Shadow Counselor joined them and Flyne Daydawn (the Ashen Avenger of Kyos) a reknowned elven warrior, and the great dwarven warriors Thruar and Caflor.
Needless to say it was quite an awesome spectacle to see such a collection of power, all preparing to do battle, spelling one another with mighty protections, donning magnificient armors and magical accoutrements and wielding glorious weapons. Although we had to watch from afar and sit still, we did our part, Danilo and I, for it was a mighty battle and lasted for quite some time! The dragon was fierce and breathed cold and frost and layed down awesome spells. Some of the heroes fell, but the clerics were mighty as well, and breathed life back into them with powerfully granted spells from their gods and the battle raged on for most of the afternoon. And in the end, they were victorius. We emerged from our shelter, in a small copse of ash....ran up to the dragon and stuck our blades in its neck...planted our small feet upon its bloody head and held high our heads, as if we slew the beast just the two of us. Of course this drew a roar of laughter from the real heroes and slayers of the ancient white. Then we had the grandest feast I ever witnessed in my life. It was the dwarves who insisted on not wasting the meat. And many came from Leuthilspar and creatures from throughout the Glade came attracted by the smell of roasting meat. Now, a dragon that old has hardly any tender meet upon it, cept for the tail, which is the only part most of the elves would nibble on. Soon kegs of ale and mead, casks of brandy and rum, bottles of wine from all over Faerun were flowing freely. The swaure last several days and there were lots of scraps for the wild creatures of the Glade. Even the old dwarf in the cabin came out....for he and Bailen had some business about a cloudy key or some such thing as I accidently overheard. Keren and Glump came too, the old wizard from the Swirling Vortex and of course my uncle and all of Larallyn were there. But that battle was a sight...a sight I shall never forget.

It was soon after that when my official Ranger Training began. I think my mother always knew I would follow mt father's footsteps, but I think she always secretly wondered and desired if I would turn toward her Druidic teachings. As I grew up, I was not only taught how to track, use a sword, and especially a bow, but I was taught many things from my mother when we had our own outtings into the Glade. I learned of herbs and roots, the properties of different flowers and berries, she taught me that all the animals had their own languages, and some could be conversed with and even tamed and befriended. I learned that even the trees had a language and spoke to one another. And I learned to communicate with flora and fauna of the forests. My dad and a couple elven Forrestals taught me to whittle and carve useful objects from the fallen wood and trees that littered the Glades floor. I was taught how to tame and ride the wild horses and train them as war mounts fit for battle. Of course a majority of the time I spent practicing my swordsmanship and archery skill, as well as dabbling with a powerful dark oaken crossbow my uncle gifted me. Once I became adept at most of the basics and had formed a rudimentary knowledge of the skills of the proffession, I started my official training under the Master Ranger at the guild in Leuthilspar. The guild itself is just east of the giant oak north of City Center, revered as the Shrine of Peace. It stood before the Great Gates that led to the Moon Palace where Queen Amaurieil presided over Evermeet.

My earliest adventures we not so grandeur in retrospect...but at the time I was elated with the big city, back then City Center was as busy as Three West or the Great Fountain of Waterdeep. There was much hustle and bustle, and elven and half-elven adventurers of all levels could be found in Leuth. Like most Iniates, I spent my first days inside the city, honing my meager skills on feral Elven cats and Kooshie dogs. And of course honed up on a variety of weapon arts practiced upon the newest captured cell of drow raiders, that were held in the local jail. Torutured and beaten down and suffering from the injuries of capture and interrogation, they were easy targets for those of us that were fledgling adventurers, however they did provide a basic exsposure and rudimentary knowledge of the Elven's arch-enemies, and prepare us for future encounters with the "hated" drow.

Chapter Two

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