The Arrival of Idrial Denias

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Idrial Denias
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The Arrival of Idrial Denias

Postby Idrial Denias » Tue Jun 05, 2007 2:48 pm

Idrial's Background (Since Toril)

The cavern was damp and cold, as the hazel eyes opened once again. He peered around the cavern carefully, considering his surroundings. It had been so long, since he had entered the caves outside the village. Wandering in the darkness for what seemed like an eternity exhaustion had settled in, he laid down to rest. A deep sleep had come over the man, whom was sworn to the Lord Tyr. The words he had spoken those many years ago seemed to echo in his head as he dreamed. "My life for you, I swear I shall not rest untill it is done." It seemed so long ago he had taken his oath, but they years had eluded him.

He stirred uneasily, his senses returning to him as he awoke. 'How long have I been asleep this time?', he thought to himself. His eyes began to focus again in the utter darkness of the caverns. He had been in this darkness for so long, he could almost see in it. His entire body ached in pain, as he slowly rose to his feet. A sudden lust for water came upon him, his mouth was dry. The only sound was that of his stomach as it begged him for food. He dropped to his knees clutching his stomach, and began to pray.

"Tyr.... Tyr.... have I been forsaken after all this time? I wonder thee, how long have I slept. My stomach aches for food, my body lusts for water. I have taken this path in faith, believing this was your desire of
me, please help."

He finished his prayer and laid back, resting his head against a stone. For what seemed like hours he did not move. Suddenly, a soft glow filled the air around him. 'Eat', he heard within his head. A soft flash of light, and two loaves of bread appeared infront of him. He could not contain himself at the sight, he took them quickly and began to devour the food. He felt around on the ground for the crumbs that had fallen, picking them up when he felt them. Sometimes they where but small pebbles of rock, but mostly soft pieces of bread. 'Drink', again the same voice within his mind. His looked around himself, peering into the darkness. Suddenly, he began to hear trinkling water nearby. He began to crawl towards the sound, feeling his way with his hands in the darkness. Wetness, his hands where wet, water! He stooped down and began to lick it up with his tongue, sucking at the water.

Hours passed and the man sat next to the now silent water. He could just barely see his reflection in the water. His face was sunken, the skin dry and peeling. "I look awful", he stated. With great effort, he made it on his feet. He was trying to remember which way he came from, when he saw the marks from when he fell with exhaustion. "Must be this way," he said to himself as he began walking forward. He used his arms to feel his way along the walls in the pitch black. Hours passed, suddenly he collided with a wall!

"A dead end, this just isnt going too well," he collapsed to the floor and began to cry. "Why did I come here?" He beat his hands against the wall infront of him, a warm sticky substance began to ooze on them. The man
leaned against the wall to his right, sobbing and praying. A rumble filled the cavern, the entire earth began to shake. Dust and rock began to fill the air around him, then a blinding light filled the entire cavern. He began to crawl towards it, coughing and weezing on the dust. He could feel the heat beat down upon him as he crawled out into the humid air. He covered his eyes, it was just so bright he could not see. "By the gods, I can not even begin to believe this!"

"Hey mister wake up!", a sound echoed in the darkness!

Stirring he began to open his eyes, it was bright but he could tell he must have been inside. He squinted his eyes and looked at the little boy staring back at him. Turning his head he caught glimpse of a robed man,
making his way towards the bed. "Where am I?", he asked.

The robed man made his way next to the bed and uttered a prayer. A soft glow sank into the body of the man upon the bed. "You are in my house, Idrial....", the robed man said.

"How... did...", Idrial stammered in disbelief.

"What know your name," the robed man replied, "Why it came to me in a dream, I saw some ragged creature crawling through a tunnel. The name Idrial seemed to just, filled my head when I awoke."

Idrial slowly sat up in the bed and looked at the robed man more carefully. The man was aged, grey hair and a long grey beard. Upon his robe was the symbol of Torm, and he carried a small emblem of the God in his hand. "Where am I?", Idrial asked the man.

"This is Calimport," the old man replied, "You are resting in my house, I am a priest of the temple here. What in Torms' name where you doing within the earth?It was quite strange to watch you crawl out of the opening in the ground. I was about to mistake you for some drow, and end your life quickly." The old man sat down in a chair near the bed and observed Idrial.

"I was travelling north, when I heard a voice that told me to enter a cave. I was told, it was the will of Tyr. So I entered the spine of the world. I have no clue how long I have been wandering in the darkness, but the light hurts my eyes. It was the end of fall when I entered.", Idrial replied.

"Fall.... well it is winter now", the old man said softly, "from the looks of you, I would say you have been down there longer than one year. I spent alot of time praying over you, trying to nurse you back to health. My boy here spent alot of time forcing food and water down your gullet. I think you should go out and get some fresh air, now that you are awake. Anyhow, I must go to the temple now. You are quite strange, you have a good air about you, but I don't quite trust you." The old man then rose from the chair and left the room.

Idrial lurched his legs over the side of the bed untill they met the ground. He quickly looked himself over. He was still wearing the same shirt he wore in the caves, but cleaned. The pants he wore where entirely new, and made of leather. He stood on his feet, and stumbled out of the door. The boy led him to the entrance of the house, and locked the door as Idrial left. Idrial looked up at the sky, squinting his eyes to block out the sun. "So this is where you would have me hmmm...", he began to walk towards some tents to his west.

Suddenly he saw something that caught his eye, movement outside of the city. He followed his instict and moved towards the edge of the city, looking out into a vast desert. There it was again, a sparkle in the distance. Idrial began to wander out into the desert, coverin g his mouth with his hand. He walked on and on for hours, the blistering sun beating down on his uncovered head. His long brown hair began to shuffle as a warm breeze picked up. Glimmer, a reflection of light in the distance. Idrial made his way towards this shimmer of light near the horizon, staggering under the blistering heat. "What am I doing?", he asked himself. In the distance he could see what looked like an oasis, surrounded by trees. Idrial broke out in a full run, charging the water as he leaped into it. He swam in the oasis as he drank deeply of the water. He looked around as he floated back towards the sand, no one was around.

Idrial climbed out of the water and fell on his knees. "Thank you Tyr, forgive me for ever doubting you", he prayed. Very alarmingly, a flash of light filled the sky above him. A beam of light shot down onto sand infront of Idrial. He looked up and saw a flash of reflected light high in the sky. Shock filled his mind, as a great sword fell out of the sky and landed in the sand, blade first. The blade was nearly four feet long, and of a design Idrial had never seen in his day. It was surrounded by a soft light, and seemed to hum softly before him. Idrial stood up cautiously, looking
around for some strange warrior to come for his blade. The sword seemed so inviting, and Idrial stepped towards it. He clasped the hilt firmly, a brief burst of energy flowed through his entire body as he did. Idrial drew the sword from the dirt and held it before him, examing the blade with awe. Suddenly, he knew, as if by some divination of sorts.

"Justicara....." he stammered, "I swear Lord Tyr, I shall not rest untill it is done," he repeated his oath that he spoke from so long ago. He rose to his feet and began to walk north, driven by some strange force within.
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