A Strange Encounter

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A Strange Encounter

Postby Idrial Denias » Tue Jun 05, 2007 2:54 pm

The Vision at the Oasis:

It was dark and cold in the desert night as hoofbeats sounded in the distance. A dark figure emerged in the distance, shrouded in flames. It turned suddenly, and began to chant in some strange language. Another figure appeared, a bright light shining out before him as he rode upon a great warhorse. The mounted man drew closer, a gleaming blade visible in his hands as the horse charged forward......

The figure finished the incantation, and a strange black dagger appeared in his hands. He quickly
held up his free hand, and a burst of flames spewed forth towards the mounted man. The man held up the blade and moved towards the light held by the mounted man......

The flames struck Idrial with a ferocity, knocking him from his horse Silverhoof. The horse made a sickly sound as it turned about and placed itself infront of Idrial and the flames. Idrial crawled to his feet quickly and looked around for the dark figure. "Show yourself defiler, how dare you slay those children. Criminal you will meet the same fate as they did," he shouted into the darkness. He saw a glimmer to his right, turning just in time to feel the sharp pain in his side. Idrial swung Justicara with all his might, bringing his blade down on the right shoulder of the figure.......

He watched as the knight scrambled to his feet. Moving carefully and in the depth of magical shadows, he closed to his right. He looked down at the dark runed blade, hoping that it would do its deed. He drew ever so closer, holding his breath as he got just close enough. He thrust out quickly, the spell breaking as he placed the dagger in the holy mans side. "For the Dark One.", it was the last words he spoke as a burning sensation filled his right side.

Justicara moved clean through the figures right side, taking his shoulder and arm with it. Idrial did not even hesitate as he spun around and thrust the tip of the sword into the mans chest. The blade flared brilliantly, and the figure screamed as his soul and body suffered in unison. The figures eyes shut and his head tilted backwards, in one smooth motion Idrial drew the blade from his chest. It was then that Idrial noticed the tip of the dagger, stuck deep in his right side. Darkness settled in around him, as he grasped his side and prayed.Light shone from his hands and the wound began to close, but the blade flared a dark red. Pain erupted in every muscle, Idrial shook violently and fell to the ground. The darkness took over, everything went blank......

Idrial sat up and screamed. He looked around and realized he was at the oasis now. He could no longer feel the pain, but the blade was still deep within his side. The air shimmered infront of him, and a figure appeared. Idrial squinted his eyes in disbelief, trying to focus on what was before him. It looked like some old man, in a cloak. He looked closer at the sleeves of the robes, and noticed one simply was draped at the mans side. Thefigure held up its hand.

Idrial blinked again, and the figure was gone. Now he was no longer sitting next to the oasis, he was near some cliff. He tried to get his bearings, but everything around him was blurry. He could just make out a walled city in the distance, a dark cloud hanging overhead. Idrial looked on in horror as he watched what had to be a zombie, feasting on a dead mans flesh. Everything around him blurred again, and now he was sitting on what must have been a cloud. He looked down to see a sea of darkness, moving slowly across the land. Then he realized that it was not the sea, but yet troops of some sort. A gleam of light caught his attention as he saw a figure upon a
hill, holding up a shining sword. The sword dropped to point towards the dark flow of troops before it, and suddenly others emerged from behind the hill, charging forward. The image faded away quickly, and Idrial became dizzy as he once again stared at the figure. It pointed a finger at him, then it was gone.....

Idrial sat up violently and screamed. Buzzards flew off in every direction, hovering in the sky overhead. Idrial sat up and darkness began to surround his head once again. He felt at his side, pain erupted once again. Idrial began to scream, but instead emitted only a wince of agony and a muffled sound. He placed his hand before him, and saw the darkened blood upon it. He lifted a plate from his armor, and looked at the wound. The veins around it had become visible, and blackened. Idrial chanted some soft words, and a glow appeared around the wound. The pain
resided a little, but he noticed no change in the color of his veins. Slowly he rose to his feet, and began to wander towards the city of Calimport. He heard a sound behind him, and swung around with Justicara held outward.

Silverhoof trotted up to him slowly, and nuzzled his face. The horse was burnt badly on one side, all the hair had been singed away. "You poor thing, let me see if I can fix that for you", Idrial spoke, his voice crackled. He placed his hands on the beasts side and they began to glow softly, the burns began to fade away. When he removed his hands from the horses side, the scars had vanished completely. Idrial pulled himself onto the horses back, and slouched forward. The horse whinied, and lurched forward in a slow gallop towards the city.....

The High Priest of Torm could not believe his eyes as he saw the warhorse stop infront of the temple. He rushed down to the front doors, and swung them wide open. "Idrial, what in Torm's name has happened to you friend?", he asked. When Idrial did not respond, but laid upon the horses back, the Priest took the reigns and led the horse inside. He motioned to two of the altar boys, and they rushed to the horses side and removed Idrial carefully. One of the young men could simply not hold up his wieght, and Idrial crashed to the ground with a loud clank. The High
Priest knelt beside him and began to pray fervently. The altar boys backed away, and waited to be repremanded. They returned to their duties when they realized the priest was busy.....

Idrial awoke on the floor, infront of the Altar. He began to sit up, when a hand came over his chest and held him down.

"Don't move now, it took all my energy to fix you up. Though I assume you will always suffer pain from that wound. Some sort of blade from the abyss I think Idrial, what where you fighting?", the High Priest asked.

"Some... wizard of sorts... I don't really know. I witnessed him kill a young child and his mother, so I chased him down.", Idrial laid there and began to collect his thoughts.

"You are lucky to be alive knight of Tyr", The High Priest spoke gently as he stood up and returned to the altar. "You need to be more carefully Idrial, or I will be performing your burial." The Priest went back to preparing the altar for a ritual.

"I think... I had a dream....it was very strange...", Idrial broke the silence suddenly.

"A dream.... everyone has dreams Idrial, strange ones even," the priest replied as he set began to burn sage.

"No, I think I saw him in it.......," Idrial grew suddenly silent as he looked over at the High Priest.

"Him.... don't tell me you think you saw your Lord in a dream?", He didn't even look up from his sage as he spoke.

Idrial laid there silent for a long time, his own mind wandering deeply as he thought. He let out a long sigh and closed his eyes to rest.

"Tell me your dream Idrial," the priest said finally, breaking the silence. "Don't leave out a single detail Idrial"

Idrial opened his eyes as he laid on the floor, and recalled his dream. "I woke up in a scream, but I wasn't at the spot I fell. I was at the same spot that I received the Justicara, the oasis outside the city....."

"Go on Idrial, I don't have all day", the priest said impatiently.

Idrial continued, " I examined my wound, even touched it. But I felt no blood nor pain, when I looked up the air began to change infront of my eyes. Shift in some strange way, and I could barely make out the figure of a man, with one arm. When he held up his arm, everything changed. I was instantly sitting on the edge of a cliff. I saw a city, surrounded by walls, a dark cloud hung overhead. Then I could see some vile creature eating a man, whom was dead." Idrial stopped for a moment as pain filled his side, then he continued " As soon as I witnessed such, I was suddenly in the clouds...looking down at a vast army of some sort, marching towards this hill. On top of this hill, was a man holding a brightly glowing sword. He pointed the sword at this army, and figures appeared from behind him. It was like seeing some battlefield charge."

The High Priest had stopped what he was doing, and was now staring at Idrial. For a few moments he just stood there in the silence looking at the knight that lay on the ground. "By Torm," He said as he walked over to Idrial. "That doesn't sound like any normal dream to me Idrial. There was indeed some sort of divination to such a dream, perhaps a sight of something to come, or that could come. Or maybe something that already happened, I do not know. You should go
seek out your Lords High Priest, and tell him this dream. It just sounds like something you should ponder upon Idrial."

Idrial looked up at the High Priest, "So do you think this is some sign?"

The High Priest did not answer, he only nodded and stood to return to his work. "Seek out the High Priest of Tyr, I have something that I need given to him anyhow," The priest said sternly as he reached in his robe pocket. He produced a wrapped bundle of sage and set it down on the table next to the altar. The priest stooped over the table and took an inked quill from a bottle on the table. He began to write something on a piece of parchment: 'You might know Idrial Denias.
He has had a dream that I think might have some meaning. Also, here is your sage I promised you.'

Idrial sat up and looked over at the Priest, "Ofcourse, I think I owe you one anyhow."

The Priest walked over to Idrial and rolled up the parchment along the way. He slipped the parchment under the two strings that held the bundle together. "No, now you owe me two Idrial, if you haven't forgotten. I have not, and it has been 80 years. Take this bundle of sage to the High Priest of Tyr. Ohh and Idrial?"

Idrial stood up and took the bundle, looking around for his backpack. "Yes?"

"Don't get killed, and don't you dare lose that package!" The Priest turned back to his duties.

Idrial looked found his backpack leaning against the wall, and placed the bundle inside it. He felt his side and realized that the blade was still there. "Ofcourse, I will make sure he gets it.... as for me being alive when it happens... only Tyr knows"
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